What is Alexa Playback Restricted?

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What is Alexa Playback Restricted?

If you own an Amazon Alexa device and keep getting this error; playback is restricted, the playback is limited, or you can only view it under certain circumstances, such as an age limit or as a paid member. Don’t worry, because we have got you covered.

In this article, not only will we discuss the reasons behind this issue, but we will also give you solutions that will help you help solve the issue.

How to fix the Alexa Playback Restricted Issue

Update the Alexa App


Alexa app

When was the last time you updated the Alexa application? Amazon frequently updates the software of its products; there is a chance that your Alexa application needs an update.

Also, if you are using other apps, such as the Spotify app with Alexa, you need to ensure that the app has the latest software. The best method of updating the apps is to go to the app store, search for an application and then press the update button.

Another way of updating applications is to go into the About/Settings menu of each application and check the version you are using. If you are using an older version, click the update button, and you are ready. 

Once you have updated your Alexa and Spotify apps, try connecting them and ask Alexa to play your favorite music.

Alexa cannot understand the Command

How many Amazon Alexa do you have in your home? One or more than one? Let’s say you have more than one.

You give Alexa a command such as ‘Alexa play Spotify’ that confuses the Alexa devices. These devices cannot understand what you are trying to say to them. This is the reason why all the devices will go quiet and won’t respond to your command

Poor Internet Connection or Alexa isn’t connected to the Internet

The main reason why Alexa is showing this error: Playback restricted, is either because it isn’t connected to the internet, or there is a poor internet connection. If there is a poor internet connection, you won’t be able to play your music on Amazon Alexa.

Please ensure you have a good internet speed and that the Echo dot is connected to a stable internet connection. Try checking the internet speed by commanding Alexa to play your music on other devices.

You can ask your internet provider to improve the internet speed. To ensure the speed of the internet is not the main issue, increase the bandwidth and try again.

Power Cycle the Amazon Echo Device

Alexa Echo

If you still have trouble playing music on your Amazon Alexa device, try restarting or power cycling the device.

You can do this by unplugging the Amazon Echo device from its power source for thirty seconds and then plugging it back in. Once the Echo device is on, try to play music.

Check the Compatibility of Spotify and Amazon Alexa

Many people in different countries face the playback issue as Spotify still needs to configure its free account service.

So, you live in a country except for India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, and New Zealand. In that case, you must upgrade to the correct Spotify account, the paid account. However, the good news is that the Spotify app is constantly adding new countries.

The Amazon Echo is on Mute

The main reason why Amazon Alexa may have a playback-restricted issue is that the Amazon Echo speakers are on mute. You can easily mute the Amazon Echo devices, and if there is a red indicator on the speakers, it means they are on silent.

To unmute the device, press and hold the microphone button and Amazon Alexa firmly for two seconds. Once the speakers are unmuted, you can increase their volume from the Amazon Alexa app or by pressing the volume buttons on the Alexa device.

Check the Echo Device Name

You should ensure that you have picked a suitable device. Sometimes, the problem could be more genuine, and you can encounter a ‘Playback restricted’ issue due to human error. It is best to check the name of the Echo device.

Clearing the cache can also be helpful, especially when Alexa is not playing Spotify music. Here is how you can clear the cache on both IOS and Android devices.


·    Go to the settings menu

·    Press the Spotify option

·    Press the ‘Offload App’ option


·    Go to the settings menu and pick the Spotify app

·    Click Spotify and Storage

·    Press the ‘Clear Cache’ option

Remove the Amazon Echo Speakers

When Spotify music is connected to Echo speakers, it will show a sign on Amazon Alexa. However, if the sign doesn’t appear on Alexa, Spotify doesn’t have a connection with Alexa.

However, if Alexa is showing a sign, then you must forget Alexa from the Spotify app. Here is how you can do this:

·    First, sign in to your account on Spotify

·    Go to the settings menu

·    Remove Alexa from the Spotify application

Now, restart your smartphone and try to connect the Alexa app to the Spotify app

Make Spotify your Default Alexa Music Player


If nothing else works, the next step is to make Spotify the default player on the Amazon Alexa app. This is what you need to do:

·    Open the Amazon Alexa application on your smartphone

·    Go to the settings menu, then to music and media, and finally to default services

·    Press the toggle option next to Spotify, and ensure it is on

Restart your Smartphone or Computer

This is a simple step, but it will only work sometimes. However, restarting a device is sometimes the only way to eliminate this issue. You can restart your phone or computer and turn it on after 15 to 30 seconds.

Once your device is back on, connect it to the Alexa app and see if it is working properly.

Connect the right Spotify Account

Some people have different Spotify accounts, such as Spotify premium or free accounts. However, regardless of your Spotify account, you must ensure it is connected properly to Alexa. 

Turn off the Shuffle Feature on the Spotify App

To help fix this problem, try to turn off the shuffle feature on the Spotify application. Some Spotify users have suggested that keeping the shuffle feature on can cause problems with the Echo speakers. To display this feature on the Spotify app, follow these steps:

·    Open the Spotify application on your smartphone

·    Go to the ‘Now Playing’ option

·    To display the shuffle feature, press the shuffle option

Check the Echo Login Status


Sometimes, you users can be accidentally logged out of your Spotify account. However, this would mean that you can’t access your podcasts and music on Alexa. Check your account login status on the Alexa app.

This step is necessary to prevent discrepancies between the accounts you use on two applications. To verify if you are signed in on both the Spotify and Alexa apps, do this:

·    Go to the Alexa app settings menu, and then choose preferences

·    Pick Spotify from the Podcasts and music options

·    Through the Alexa music settings, link the Spotify account

Inspect the Spotify Playlist name

You can easily listen to your favorite podcasts and music with Spotify and Alexa integration. Since Alexa is always listening, you should structure a clear command for the device. To play a playlist on Alexa, say: Alexa, play this playlist.

You don’t have to add me in the command, as this can confuse Alexa, and the device will say it cannot play the playlist. Here is an essential list of Alexa commands for Spotify:

·    Pause or Stop

·    Resume or Play

·    Stop Shuffle or Shuffle

Restart your Amazon Alexa Device

If you need help with the above-mentioned steps, the last thing you can do is restart your Amazon Alexa device. 

However, before restarting the device, ensure you know how to set up Alexa because this process will delete all the custom settings. To completely reset the Amazon Alexa device, follow these simple steps:

·    First, open the Alexa app on your smartphone

·    Go to the settings menu

·    Go to the devices option

·    Reset to factory default

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to connect Spotify to Amazon Alexa without the Application?

To connect Spotify to Amazon Alexa without the application, you will need to take guidance from your browser. Go to your web browser, search for Alexa, and then follow the guidelines.

How to link Spotify to Alexa?

Here is how you can link Spotify to Alexa:

·    First, on your Android or IOS phone, open the Alexa app

·    Then, go to the settings menu

·    Scroll down in the settings menu and go to the music and podcasts option

·    Under the Spotify option, toggle the switch on

·    Then, you will need to sign in to your Spotify account

How to connect the Alexa app to the Spotify App on iPhone?

You need to do this to connect Alexa to Spotify on an iPhone device:

·    First, with your Amazon Alexa account, log in to Spotify

·    When you are logged in, press the menu button and choose settings

·    Press the music and podcasts option and then press the linked services option

·    When prompted, go to Spotify and enter your login credentials


In this article, our focus was on providing solutions for the playback-restricted issue on Alexa. Not only did we provide several solutions, but we also explained why you might encounter this issue.

This article will give you much-needed clarity and prevent you from wasting money by purchasing a new Alexa device.

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