Vizio TV Not Turning On? Simple Fixes You Can Try

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It was a long tiring day, and you are looking forward to returning home and unwinding in front of your Vizio TV. But to your disappointment, you are presented with a blank screen, and the TV just would not turn on.

While this can be a frustrating situation, it is not uncommon. Vizio TVs not turning on is possibly one of the most common issues users face. This is more likely to happen if you have not used your TV in a while or changed its location.

There are a few reasons why this situation may occur, and in almost all instances, a quick fix may help resolve the issue.

Continue reading this space to learn how to fix the problem and get your TV working again.

What to do if Vizio TV not turning on- A Helpful Guide

Vizio TVs are among the top-of-the-line smart TVs known for their budgeted prices, high picture quality, and outstanding performance. However, the brand has its share of issues, and the TV not turning on is one of them.

This problem may occur in different Vizio TV models. In most cases, the TV may not turn on due to a faulty cord, power supply issues, or firmware problem, etc.

Before assuming the worst or attempting anything else to fix Vizio TV, see if a simple reset can resolve the problem.

Unplug the Vizio TV from the power source and wait a while before turning it on. If the TV turns on, it means an end to your woes, but if not, it is time to explore other options to see why the Vizio TV won’t turn on.

Check the Power indicator light

Before you attempt troubleshooting, you must first determine if the Vizio TV is getting any power or not. The power indicator light is located in the left or center of the TV within the Vizio logo.

Turn on your TV by pressing the power button located on the TV’s back panel or the bottom of the power light. If the light on the logo flash and changes to white from amber, you must wait at least two minutes. If the light on the Vizio logo continues to flash, it indicates that the TV cannot turn on, and a hardware issue may be the underlying reason for this.

If the red indicator light is on, it means that the Vizio TV is in Standby mode. The latest Vizio TV models are equipped with LED standby lights which fade when the TV is powered on. However, if the TV’s standby light turns off right away and does not fade, it means that the TV is not receiving power.

Alternatively, if you see the blue indicator light but with a black screen, it could mean that the TV is powered on, but it is either on another input screen or there is some issue with the backlight. If there is an issue with the backlight, you must get it checked by a technician.

On the other hand, if there is no light at all, it implies that the TV is not getting power for some reason.

Power Cycle your Vizio TV

If there are any power issues rendering the TV incapable of turning on, Vizio TV power cycling may help resolve the problem. Turn off the Vizio TV and detach the power cable from its power source.

Press the TV’s power button and hold it for at least fifteen seconds to drain any residual power and discharge the capacitors. Once some time has elapsed, plug the TV back into the power outlet to see if the TV turns on.

Check the Vizio Remote

The next test you can run is on the Vizio TV remote control. But first, you must ensure that the remote sensor is working. The sensor is usually located on the bottom left or right corner of the Vizio TV, and it is important to ensure that no obstacles prevent the TV sensor from receiving remote signals.

If there is no issue with the sensor, check to see if the remote batteries need to be changed. If they are drained or dead, you may need to replace them. You may also need to check your remote to ensure the remote is functioning correctly.

Begin with power cycling the TV’s remote. To do this, first, remove the remote control’s batteries and press the buttons on the remote control once at least to remove residual power. Now put back the batteries into the remote and check to see if it is working properly.

Sometimes, there may be an issue with the remote control you are using. If you have another Vizio TV, try using its remote to see if the issue was with the original Vizio TV remote. If you do not have a spare TV remote, you can easily get a replacement from Amazon.

Alternatively, you can work around the situation by trying to turn on your TV without remote. There are various options that you can try, even in the absence of a remote.

Test the Power Supply and Source

If you suspect there is some problem with the power supply, you must test it and resolve the problem since power supply issues can impact the TV’s performance, and the Vizio TV won’t turn on.

To test the power supply, unplug the TV’s power cord. Use a multimeter and test the AC voltage in the power outlet. Ideally, the voltage must be between 110 and 120 volts; if not, it indicates a problem with the power outlet.

Next, you must test the DC voltage, which should ideally be between 12 and 24 volts. However, if that is not the case, it indicates a problem with the power supply.

Now rule out the possibility of continuity between live wires and the ground. If there is continuity, something may cause a short circuit, and you may have to replace the power supply board. At times, the breaker box may trip, and the power supply for the power supply board may be cut.

At the same time, if you are using a surge protector or a power strip, ensure that the surge protector or power strip is on and working fine. If you suspect a problem, remove the power cable from its surge protector and plug the TV without it into the power source.

You can also double-check the power outlet by plugging another device, like a lamp or your cellphone charger, into it and ensure that it is in perfect working order. If there is a problem with the outlet, you can plug the TV into a different electrical outlet.

However, if the power supply works fine, it is time to try another alternative.

Inspect the Power Cord

You may not pay much attention to it, but checking the power cable may be the very fix you need to get your Vizio TV back on. An impaired or loose power cord may hinder the power supply, and the Vizio TV won’t turn on.

To rule out this possibility, closely inspect the Vizio TV’s power cable to see if there is any damage. If the problem is a damaged power cord, you can change it to see if the TV turns on.

At the same time, you may also want to ensure that the TV’s power cable is plugged in securely into the outlet and the input source. Even a slightly loose connection can interrupt the power supply. Even if the TV is apparently connected properly, it may not be the case. If you have children or pets in the house, a loose wire can be a fairly common occurrence.

Therefore, just to be safe, unplug the cord and plug it back in, even if it seems that the cord was plugged in properly in the first place.

You may also want to check the possibility of a blown fuse so you can replace it if required. Check the back of your Vizio TV and inspect the wires going to or from the TV to ensure everything is in working order. In case of a loose wire, use a screwdriver to tighten it. If there is a blown fuse, it may need replacement.

Check the Input and HDMI Connection

vizio hdmi

If all is well with the power cord, you may want to check the HDMI connection. If the HDMI cable is loose, all you need to do is unplug it and insert the plug back in. However, if there is some problem with the HDMI port, the problem may still be there.

Before attempting anything else, clean the port with rubbing alcohol using a cotton swab. If cleaning the port does not help, you will need to replace for HDMI port from Vizio.

At times, the only reason your TV won’t turn on is that you have used the wrong input or source channel. For instance, if a cable box is connected to the HDMI 2 at the back of the TV instead of the HDMI 1 channel, your TV may appear off.

If there is no input button on your Vizio remote, use the buttons on the TV to change to the correct input source.

Disable the Sleep Timer in the Vizio TV Settings

If the sleep timer in your Vizio TV is enabled and set for a certain time or interval, it may interfere with the TV’s power modules and cause it to turn off. In this case, simply disabling the TV’s sleep timer from the settings can solve the issue.

To disable the sleep timer, open the Vizio TV settings and navigate to Timers. Disable the sleep timer in the settings and also the Auto Power Off option. Now restart the TV and see if the issue has been resolved.

Check Vizio TV’s Mute Screen Feature

The operating system of some Vizio TV models is equipped with a Mute Screen function that turns the screen off when you are running audio applications, for instance, iHeart, Spotify, etc.

The feature renders the TV screen blank for the duration of the audio app being run in the background.

If your Vizio TV is incorporated with this feature and is the reason why the Vizio TV won’t turn on, you can turn this feature off. For this purpose, press the remote control’s mute button and hold it there for around four to five seconds.

If the Mute Screen feature was the reason for your TV not turning on, turning the feature off via the mute button will resolve the issue.

Test for Firmware Updates

Firmware updates may be one reason why the Vizio TV won’t turn on. If the firmware of the Vizio TV is outdated, it may not turn on from the remote, the power button, or any other means. In such an instance, updating the Vizio TV’s firmware to the latest edition may fix the problem.

Check to see if any firmware updates are available for your Vizio TV model. These updates are intended to enhance the features and improve the functionality of the Vizio TV, hence improving its performance and resolving any issues.

To find your TV model’s firmware updates, go to the Vizio support center and enter your TV’s model number. Once you find your model, look for any available firmware updates for your TV.

If there are any, download them to a USB flash drive to transfer them to the TV and follow the instructions on the TV screen to install the available updates. Once the updates are installed, restart the TV to see if the problem has been fixed, and it turns back on.

Do Factory Reset on Vizio TV

vizio tv reset

If you have exhausted all other options and your TV still won’t turn on, you can try a factory reset. Doing so may solve any software issues or glitches of the Vizio TV and restore it to the default setup.

However, you must remember that if you opt for a factory reset, all the previous account data, downloads or installed apps will be removed, and you will need to set the TV up from scratch.

Here is how you can perform a factory reset on a Vizio TV.

  • Firstly ensure that the TV is connected to a functional power source.

  • Remove any gadget that is connected to the TV, including various streaming devices, routers or speakers, etc.

  • Now press the TV’s power button.

  • Find the volume and input buttons on the TV. They are located in the back of the TV or its bottom panel. However, if you are unable to find the buttons, refer to the TV’s user manual to locate and identify them.

  • Once you locate the buttons, hold them down simultaneously for at least ten to fifteen seconds.

  • Once the requisite time has elapsed, release the buttons and keep pressing the input button for another ten seconds. Doing so will initiate the factory reset protocol.

  • Once the factory reset is complete, the TV will restart.

Contact Vizio Customer Support

Ideally, one of the above suggestions should work, and your TV will be fixed. However, if none of these tips suffice, it implies an underlying issue requiring external assistance.

Hence, if you are sure you have exhausted all the solutions and the problem remains unresolved, you must contact Vizio Customer Support to get professional help.

There is a strong likelihood that some internal components inside the TV have malfunctioned and may need to be repaired or replaced. While this is not common, it can happen sometimes, and professional assistance will help resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Vizio TV have a Reset button?

Vizio TVs do not have a physical reset button.

What to do if the Vizio TV turns on but its screen is black?

If the Vizio TV has a black screen despite turning on, there may be some problem with the backlight or T-con board.

How can the picture quality on a Vizio TV be improved?

You can improve the picture quality on a Vizio TV by adjusting the backlight or the contrast or brightness levels from the settings menu on your TV.


The first step to fixing a Vizio TV that won’t turn on is to determine its underlying reason. Once you correctly identify the problem, you can fix it. The best way forward is to begin with, the simple and obvious issues that have a stronger likelihood of happening and only move to the more advanced fixes once you have ruled out the simpler issues.

We have provided multiple fixes in this article, including basic and advanced fixes, and you may successfully be able to resolve the problem by trying one of these.

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