10 Best Smartwatches Under $50: Affordable Wearables for Every Budget

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FITVII Fitness Tracker

GRV Smartwatch

Yihou Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

Popglory Smartwatch

Blackview Smartwatch

  • Battery Life up to 10 days 

  • Fitness Tracking Capable

  • Sends Messages Easily

  • Battery life up to 7 days 

  • Activity Monitoring

  • Perfect for outdoor workouts

  • Battery Life up to 7 days

  • Wide range of sports modes

  • Swim Tracking and Smart Alert 

  • Battery Life up to 5 days

  • Voice command activated

  • Full color touchscreen display

  • Battery Life up to 10 days 

  • Best for achieving fitness goals

  • Intricate health monitoring system

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Smart gear and wearables have revolutionized the way we interact with technology on a daily basis, and smartwatches are no exception.

With an increasing number of affordable options available, owning a smartwatch has become more accessible than ever. Whether you’re looking for fitness tracking, notifications, or simply a stylish accessory, there are plenty of great smartwatches under $50 that offer both form and function.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best options on the market, so you can find the perfect smartwatch to fit your needs and budget.

Our Favorite Budget Smart Watch: FITVII Fitness Tracker

Excellent Smartwatch when it comes to battery and sports modes

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $47.99

  • Battery life: 10 days

  • Fitness tracking capabilities, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring

  • Able to send text messages

The FITVII fitness tracker has a unique style, unique watch bands and a wide range of features that make it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts. It looks like a Tinwoo smart watch, especially the heart rate monitor, pedometer, and a calorie counter to help users track their progress and set fitness goals.

It also has a sleep monitor to track sleep quality and is water-resistant for use during swimming or other water sports.

Enable to help keeping track your fitness levels


  • Responsive heart rate monitoring, pedometer, and calorie counter

  • Numerous fitness feature to choose from

  • Very reasonable price, budget friendly smartwatch

  • Water resistance

  • Sports modes

  • Enable to track how many calories and including blood pressure and blood oxygen


  • No built-in GPS

  • Limited battery health


Next Best Option Under $50: GRV Smartwatch

The Best cheap smartwatches for sports and good battery life

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $29.99

  • Battery life: 7 days

  • Able to answer calls, sms messages and notifications

  • Work up to 7 days or remain 30 days standby

  • Activity monitoring

  • Outdoor exercise and sport modes

The GRV smartwatch for iOS & Android phones is a great choice for those who want a watch that looks good and performs well. It is designed to be comfortable and stylish, with a variety of watch faces and straps to choose from.

It also has a host of all the features, including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, music playback, health and fitness and more. It is the only smartwatch that has an analog clock on this list.

It is water resistant and has a long battery life of up to 5-7 days, making it a great choice for those who want a watch that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

It has a GPS system to track your route and location, a heart rate monitors to check your vital signs, and a music player to keep you motivated.

The watch also has a range of notifications, such as reminders and alerts, and is water-resistant.

It has app notifications


  • Stylish and durable design

  • HD OLED display

  • Extended battery life

  • Fitness tracking functions, heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking

  • It has an analog clock

  • Built-in microphone and speaker for making and receiving calls

  • Notifications for calls, messages and other alerts

  • Sports modes

  • Social media notifications & social sites


  • Limited compatibility with iOS devices

  • Lack of third-party apps

  • Limited functionality compared to other smartwatches


A Close Runner Up: Yihou Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

It's also the best Smartwatch and one of the most budget Smartwatches noth

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $38.99

  • Battery life: 7 days

  • Provides a wide range of fitness of tracking features

  • Includes a step count, calories burned and sleep tracker

  • Has a Mountain climbing function

  • It also has a swim tracking and smart alert

It feels like FITVII & Tinwoo smart watch as well, The Yihou Fitness Tracker Smart watch has a 0.96-inch color LCD display, a built-in heart rate monitor, and an IP68 waterproof rating.

It also has a long battery life that can last up to 10 days and can sync with iOS & Android smartphones to track your daily activities.

The Yihou Fitness Smartwatch is a powerful and versatile device. It features a range of sensors and tracking modes to help you monitor your physical activity and progress.

The watch is equipped with heart rate, and sleep monitoring, as well as a variety of activity tracking modes such as running, walking, and cycling.

It also has a color touchscreen display, allowing you to view your data and receive notifications.



  • 0.96-inch color LCD display

  • Built-in heart rate monitors

  • IP68 waterproof rating

  • Long battery life of up to 10 days

  • Fits for Android users

  • Wide range of fitness tracking feature

  • Multiple sports modes

  • Remote camera shutter and music control feature

  • Has seven different sports modes


  • Limited compatibility with some device

  • No built-in GPS feature


Popglory smartwatch

You can get modern smartwatches in affordable price

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $45.99

  • Battery life: 5 days

  • Smartwatch features a range of features such as activity monitoring

  • Voice command

  • Full-color touchscreen display

  • Alarm clocks, blood pressure

  • Other apps including sports modes

  • It gives4 accurate information including the weather updates and notifications

The Popglory smart watch is a feature-rich device with a sleek modern and minimalist design.

It supports a range of apps, including health data, notifications, weather forecasts, music playback, and music control.

This watch is complete with all its heart rate monitoring, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity.

This allows you to accurately track your daily steps and record your workouts. The Popglory Smartwatch also includes a range of customization options, so you can change the look and feel of your device

You can choose from a variety of watch faces, straps, and colors.

The Popglory Smartwatch is also water-resistant and dustproof, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

It has a lengthy battery life, as well as a low power mode to help conserve energy. Furthermore, the device is equipped with a microphone for hands-free calls, text messages, and voice commands.

It has AI voice control and female cycle record.


  • Stylish and modern design

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear

  • Play music

  • Accurate health tracking feature

  • Great battery life

  • GPS Tracker

  • Waterproof design and dustproof

  • Variety of apps and smart features

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Cheap smart watch price

  • Comes with a range of feature such as a heart rate monitors, step counter, sleep monitor, and reminders

  • Can be used to make and answer incoming calls

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS phones


  • Limited app availability

  • Limited customization options

  • Limited data storage

  • Limited compatibility with third-party apps

  • Limited customer service support


Blackview Smartwatch

Blackview is the one of the budget watch option of all time.

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $31.43

  • Battery Health: 10 days

  • It helps you to get a deep sleep

  • Helps you to achieve your fitness goal.

  • Has a health monitoring, fitness trackers and you can normal use everyday

The Blackview is an affordable smartwatch device that offers a range of features and functions designed to help you stay connected and motivated..

It has an OLED display that is waterproof from 5 to 50 meters, while offering heart rate monitoring, a functional sleep tracker and even notifications from your smartphone.

The Blackview smart watch has a stylish design that looks great on your wrist. It has a sleek and modern look that will appeal to everyone.

It offers a wide range of feature that make it a great choice for tracking your health goals.

You can use the heart rate monitor to stay on top of your heart health, and the sleep tracking feature will help you get better rest.

The Blackview smart watch also has many other features that make it a great choice for those who are looking for a device that can keep them connected and motivated.

It has a long battery health so you don’t have to worry about charging it constantly, and it also has a variety of notifications that keep you informed.

It has a screen brightness


  • Activity tracker/fast walking

  • Sleep monitor

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Waterproof design up to 50 meters

  • Receive phone calls and text messages

  • Sleep activity

  • Standby mode

  • Bright display

  • Smart alerts


  • Limited battery life

  • No built-in GPS

  • Limited app selection


XPICR Smartwatch

This Smartwatch is easy setup.

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $49.99

  • Battery life: 10 days

  • 1.4 inch IPS LCD touchscreen display w/240×240 resolution

  • It has heart rate monitoring, sleep monitor, pedometer and other features

  • Built-in pedometer

  • Able to recieve text messages and answer incoming calls

The DXPICR Smart Watch has many advantages.

For starters, It has a 1.4-inch LCD display with customizable watch faces and notifications that allows you to stay informed and connected.

The watch also has a built-in microphone and speakers where you can take calls easily from your wrist.

DXPICR Smart Watch has a long list of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a smartwatch.

With its long battery health, and all the normal functions, it is perfect for tracking your activity and sleep.

It is also a great companion for outdoor activities because of its water-resistance and dust-proof design.

The DXPICR Smart Watch is compatible with iOS & Android devices and can be connected via Bluetooth.

This allows you to sync your data, such as fitness and sleep data, with your phone. You can also download and install apps to your watch to control other aspects of your life. The DXPICR Smartwatch is the perfect smartwatch choice.

It has a lot of sports modes like other brands.


  • Long battery health of up to 10 days

  • It has a watch face and brightness adjustment

  • Heart rate monitors, sleep monitors and pedometer

  • Water-resistant and dust-proof

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS device

  • Has a social media/ social sites

  • Watch feature

  • It has several sports mode

  • Accurately tracks your daily activities

  • Has digital clock faces


  • No GPS tracking

  • Limited app and watch face selection

  • Limited feature not like other watches


EURANS Smartwatch

Compatible with apple health smartwatch

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $29.99

  • Battery life: 7 days

  • Advance activity tracking, step counting, distance tracking, calorie monitoring, and sleep tracker.

  • Aluminum alloy frame

EURANS Smartwatch is a high end smartwatch featuring a 1.3 inch AMOLED display, 5 ATM water resistance, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and up to 7-day battery life.

EURANS Smartwatch offers a variety of features to keep users connected and informed, including smart notifications from social media, music control, and a Find My Phone feature.

The watch is compatible with iOS smartphones and Android devices, and has a built-in microphone and speaker for hands-free calls like most Smartwatches has.

The watch also includes advanced feature such as tracking, a barometer for altitude tracking, and an altimeter for altitude tracking.

It can access all your social notifications on your other devices.


  • 5 ATM water resistance

  • Distance Covered

  • Up to 7-day battery life

  • Activity tracking capabilities

  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphone

  • Built-in microphone and speaker

  • Smart Notifications from social media

  • Music control

  • Find My Phone feature

  • Standby mode


  • No GPS

  • Limited app selection

  • Limited customization options

  • Limited storage capacity

  • Relatively slow processor


Amazfit Band 7 Fitness & Health Tracker

This watch helps you monitor your different sports activity

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $44.99

  • Battery life: 14 days

  • Ability to track stress levels

  • Has a built-in music storage

  • Can control your phone’s camera remotely

  • Built in alexa

  • 120 sports modes

The Amazfit Band 7 Fitness and Health Tracker is a great device for those who are looking to track their health and fitnesses goal. It is water-resistant, has a long 10-day battery life, and offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring.

This watch also comes with advanced sleep and stress tracking features like a VO2 max measurement and SpO2 monitoring.

This fitness tracker will help you stay on top of your fitness goal, with more than 110 exercise modes available.

With this device, you will be able to monitor your physical activity more accurately and easily.

The Amazfit Band 7 Fitness and Health Tracker is a great device to assist any fitness enthusiast in achieving their fitness goals.

With its advanced tracking feature and menstrual cycle tracking, the Amazfit Band 7 is the perfect device for anyone looking to stay fit and healthy.

Fitness tracker smartwatch includes the heart and blood oxygen monitoring.


  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring

  • Blood oxygen saturation detection

  • Sleep monitoring

  • Menstrual cycle tracking

  • Has the same feature such as Amazfit BIP s lite smartwatch

  • Up to 14 days of battery life

  • Water resistance up to 50 meters

  • Range of sports tracking modes

  • Track stress and blood oxygen levels

  • Built-in music player

  • Notifications

  • Remotely control your phone’s camera

  • Sports modes

  • Able to track how fast walking you are

  • Active zone minutes


  • Limited display capabilities

  • No built-in GPS

  • Limited customization options


AGPTEK Smartwatch

AGPTEK has the best features of any of these watches.

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $36.79

  • Battery life: 10 days

  • It has multiple functions including a step counter, remote camera control, sedentary reminder, alarm clock and many more features

  • 8 sports modes

The AGPTEK smartwatch comes with a range of features designed to help improve your lifestyle.

It has an integrated pedometer that tracks your daily steps and calorie burn, as well as a heart rate monitoring that provides real-time data.

Additionally, it has a reminder to help keep you active and a stopwatch to help with your workout routine.

The AGPTEK smartwatch also has a range of connectivity options. It can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to access notifications and phone calls.

You can also easily sync your data with the AGPTEK app and access a range of features such as goal setting, the sleep tracker and heart rate monitoring.

The AGPTEK Smartwatch is designed to be robust and stylish for those on a super tight budget. It has a stainless steel frame with a silicone band and is available in a range of colors.

It is also designed to be comfortable to wear, with an ergonomic design and soft, adjustable straps.

This watch has a reasonable prices because of it's meta specification


  • Long battery health

  • Waterproof

  • Activity tracking and sleep monitoring

  • Multiple functions

  • Bluetooth connection

  • Has a lot of sport modes

  • Always on display

  • Scratch resistant

  • Smartphone notifications


  • Limited functionality

  • No built-in GPS

  • Small display size


Fitpolo Smartwatch

One of the device works well.

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Specification and Features

  • Price: $39.99

  • Battery life: 10 days

  • Incoming call, text messages and app notifications

  • 24/7 Activity tracking

  • Sedentary reminder

  • Weather forecasts

  • Wider compatibility

The Fitpolo Smartwatch is equipped with a powerful processor, an accelerometer and a barometer, making it capable of tracking your steps, calories burned and other activities with accuracy.

It also features a heart-rate monitor so you can easily monitor your heart rate during workouts and other activities.

The watch also offers several other features like the sleep tracker and various breathing exercises.

Fitpolo Smartwatch is an innovative new device that is designed to make fitness tracking easier and more convenient for users.

It features a slim and lightweight design, a high-resolution display, and a variety of sensors that make tracking your fitness goals easier than ever before.

You can watch easy because of the full screen and new features. It also has different sports modes.


  • Customizable watch face

  • Step and calorie monitoring

  • Smart alarm clock

  • Has a companion app

  • Accessible sedentary alert


  • Limited third-party app compatibility

  • No sim card slot (almost all of them)

  • Limited customization options

  • Limited battery life for heavy use

  • Limited range of feature

  • More Expensive smartwatch compared to others

  • Not compatible with iOS devices


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: What features can I expect from a smartwatch under $50?

Generally, these smartwatch will have basic features such as step and sleep trackers, notifications from your smartphone, and basic fitness tracking capability.

FAQ #2: How long will the battery life last?

You shouldn’t expect a very durable battery in smartwatches at this budget. Battery life for a smart watch under $50 will vary depending on the specific model.

Generally, you can expect a battery life of up to a few days when using the basic features.

However, if you use more advanced feature such as GPS or heart rate monitoring, battery life can be significantly reduced.

FAQ #3: What kind of operating system do these smartwatches use?

Most smartwatches under $50 will use either a proprietary operating system or a version of Android. This will depend on the specific model you choose.

Generally, proprietary operating systems are designed to be more user-friendly and may have fewer features than Android-based smartwatches.



In conclusion, smartwatches have become an essential accessory for anyone looking to stay connected and track their fitness goals on the go. With our guide to the best smartwatches under $50, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the convenience and functionality of these wearables. From the sleek and simple designs to the more feature-packed options, there’s a smartwatch for every budget and lifestyle. So go ahead and take your pick from our list, and join the millions of people who are reaping the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.


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