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Looking for a new TV that’ll look perfect in your home and deciding which one to buy are complicated decisions. After all, it will be the main point of interest in your room that everyone’ll use.

Along with the decision to choose a shape and size of a TV, you must select a brand. When buying a TV or any other electronic device in general, Samsung almost always comes to mind. Samsung has an amazing track record of providing the best electronic devices and some of the finest TV screens in the industry.

When buying a new TV, you must know the sizes and dimensions of the TV before purchasing one. Samsung has a huge variety of TVs, all varying in weight and size.

This article will help you learn all the dimensions and sizes of Samsung TVs so you know which one will look the best in your home.

An Overview of Samsung TV’s Varying Sizes

Samsung TVs offer a huge variety in varying sizes. When you’re purchasing a TV, several important factors must be considered. Factors such as the screen type, resolution, HDR technology, curvature, etc. However, when you’re choosing which Samsung TV or any other TV to get, dimensions are even more important than the size.

It’s necessary to select the proper size of the TV screen you’re buying so it can easily fit in the space you’re placing it on. However, knowing about dimensions is also very important, as it can get pretty confusing if you’re unaware.

An Overview of Samsung TV Dimensions

 The three dimensions you need to consider when getting a new TV are height, width, and length. If you purchase your TV keeping these dimensions in mind, you can place your TV perfectly in the desired location without any problems.

Understanding Samsung TV Dimensions

All TVs have a specific screen size for which they’re known for. For example, a 65-inch TV will be 65 inches in screen size, and this distance is measured diagonally from corner to the other corner of the screen. The screen size of a TV confuses many people, and they mistakenly think the number of the screen size is the TV’s actual size.

A TV that is 65 inches doesn’t mean the height or width of the TV would be 65 inches. This is simply the screen’s measurement without including the stand or trim of the TV.

The average dimension for 65-inch TVs is 58 inches wide x 32 inches tall x 2 inches deep. It’s also helpful to know that not all TVs of the same screen size will have the same overall size. For example, the size of a Samsung 65-inch smart TV will be different from the size of a 65-inch LG smart TV. Not all of them are same.

How Do I Measure the Screen Size of My Samsung TV?

You can use any regular measuring tape or stick to measure the screen size of your Samsung TV. To get an accurate diagonal length of your screen size, you’ve to first measure your TV from the upper left-hand corner to the lower right corner. The number of inches it tells you will be the screen size of your Samsung TV.

Samsung TV Sizes (Including Width & Height)

The following sizes are the screen sizes that Samsung is currently selling:

Screen Size (inches) Width Height
32 28.7’’ 17’’
40 34.9’’ 19.6’’
42 20.5’’ 36.5’’
43 37.4’’ 21.5’’
48 42.36’’ 24.56’’
49 43.3’’ 28.2’’
50 43.6″ 24.5’’
55 47.63’’ 27.96’’
60 53.68’’ 33.57’’
65 57.1’’ 36.3’’
70 61.8’’ 37’’
75 65.7’’ 37.95″
98 86’’ 48.8’’

Small Samsung TVs

If you want a TV that you want to fit in a small place, then Samsung TVs in smaller sizes will be perfect for you. Any 32 inch TV or even smaller than that is considered small. Although it is not common for Samsung TVs to be smaller than 32 inches, they are great if you place them in a smaller area where you’ll be sitting a couple of feet from.

Samsung 32-inch TVs

With a 32 inch TV occupies less space while high picture quality is received. 32 inch TVs are ideal for compact bedrooms and living rooms. The dimensions of these TVs are 43.3 cm in height and 73 cm in width, and this is 28.7″ and 17″ in inches.

A good example of a 32 inch TV is the Samsung Q50R. Samsung Q50R is a highly recommended TV with some of the best characteristics. This Samsung TV has a broad viewing angle, QLED 4K UHD resolution, and an HDR display supported by a 4K UHD Processor.

Samsung 40-Inch TVs

Even though it’s not as small as the 32 inch model, it still qualifies as small. A good example of a Samsung 40-inch TV is the Samsung N5200 which is 49.8 cm in height and 88.6 cm in width with full HD 1080p resolution. This TV is perfect for bedrooms and student residences.

Samsung 42-Inch TV

A Samsung 42 inch TV is approximately 20.5 inches and 36.5 inches in height and width. These TVs are great if minute details are very important to you.

Samsung 43-Inch TV

This TV is 21.5 inches in height and 37.4 inches in width. 43 inch Samsung TVs are quite the superior option among smaller TVs.

Midsize Samsung TVs

If you want to purchase a TV for more activities than just watching television, a midsize Samsung TV would be great. Larger screens are great for playing video games, watching YouTube, using streaming services, etc. A midsize TV is the best for a room of average size.

Samsung 48-Inch TV

The Samsung 48 inch TVs measure 62.4 cm in height and 107.61 cm in width. The finer details and higher resolution are very clear on these TVs.

Samsung 49 Inch TV

Larger Samsung TVs are best suited for an immersive experience. The TV diagonally measures 49 inches and is 43.3 inches wide and 28.2 inches tall.

Samsung 50 Inch TV

If you want a 4k display with amazing visuals, then the Samsung 50 inch TV is for you. A 50 inch Samsung TV has a width of 24.5 inches and a height of 43.6 inches. The Samsung TU8000 4K UHD TV is a good example of this size.

Large Samsung TVs

Everyone loves larger screens as everything on a bigger screen looks so much better compared to smaller sizes. Big TVs have screens larger than 55 inches and have a high 4k resolution display.

Samsung 55 Inch TV

These TVs display around 27.96 inches in height and a screen size of 55 inches by 47.63 inches.

Samsung 60-Inch TV

This TV has a 136.36 cm wide screen and an 85.28 cm height. You can easily notice the detail in the quality is amazing in these TVs.

Samsung 65 Inch TV

The dimensions of the 65-inch Samsung TV are 36.3 inches high, 57.1 inches wide, and 11.2 inches thick.

Samsung 70-Inch TV

70-inch 4K TVs offer a very large screen of immense visual quality, between 65 and 75 inches.

Enormous Samsung TVs

samsung wall tv

Enormous TVs are what you need when you have a very large space and you want to give your room a very immersive experience. These TVs are usually 4k or 8k.

Samsung 85-Inch TV

The size of an 85-inch TV may vary depending on the model. However, the average length and width of Samsung 85-inch TVS are 74.1 and 41.7 inches. A good example is the SAMSUNG 85-Inch Class Neo QLED 8K QN900A which also has a built-in Alexa. With a voice assistant, you basically just have to tell the TV what you want to watch.

Samsung 98-Inch TV

A laser television, with 18.2 x 86 inches size, makes up a Samsung 98-inch TV. With this TV, you basically have a home theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS

How wide is a 50 inch Samsung TV?

A 50-inch Samsung TV has a width of 24.5 inches and a height of 43.6 inches.

What is the actual size of a 65-inch Samsung TV?

The size of a 65 inch Samsung TV is 36.3 inches high, 57.1 inches wide, and 11.2 inches thick.


When purchasing a TV, the dimensions are very important. By choosing the proper dimensions according to the area where you’ll place the TV, your TV will look perfect with the area and room you placed it in. In this guide, we discussed Samsung TV dimensions so you can purchase the perfect TV for your home.

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