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Roku TV Power Button Location

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The top Roku Smart TVs perfectly combine aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation. However, one thing about these amazing Smart TVs that can be a bit annoying is their power button has very odd placements, and they’re almost hidden! So if your Roku TV remote got lost or is not working, you would be wondering how your TV would turn on.

You don’t have to worry if your Roku TV’s remote is lost or not working. There is still a way to turn your TV on. A Roku TV’s power button is often placed in hidden places, such as the bottom of the TV.

 In this article, we will talk about the power button of your Roku TV and where you can locate it on your TV. We will also discuss other ways to turn your TV on without a Roku TV remote.

Finding The Power Button on a Roku TV

If you find yourself without a Roku remote, don’t worry! You can still turn on your TV using the power button located on the TV itself.

The specific placement of the power button on your TV will depend on the model of your Roku TV. Here are the four primary areas to check. Remember to face the front of the TV when following the directions.

Middle, Underneath

The most common location for the power button on a Roku TV is right beneath the center of the TV. It might be well hidden, and many people are unaware of its presence.

Depending on your TV model, the power button might be slightly forward or further back on the underside. Take your hand and reach underneath the TV to explore until you find it.

Back of TV, Right-hand Side

If you’ve searched high and low and still can’t find the power button, chances are it’s located on the back right-hand side of the TV.

Roku seems to have a knack for placing their power buttons in tricky and somewhat inconvenient spots.

Move the TV slightly away from the wall and inspect the back right side. You should be able to spot a small power button there. If it’s not immediately visible, consider using a flashlight to aid your search. And just to be thorough, if you don’t find it on the back right side, check the back left side as well.

Back of TV, Left-hand Side

Gently move the TV away from the wall and focus your attention on the back left side. Look for a small power button in that area.

Front left, underneath

Check the front left underside of your Roku TV with your hand. You should come across the receiver (the device that interacts with your remote). Right behind the receiver, you’ll find a very small power button. It’s incredibly easy to overlook, so make sure to press around that area until you see the TV turning on and off.

How to turn a Roku TV on without using a remote

Misplacing a remote is a common occurrence for many people. If your remote has been lost or isn’t working, finding it can be quite frustrating. Luckily, there are many ways you can turn your Roku TV on without a remote.

The most direct and straightforward way is to find and press the physical power button on your Roku TV. The button can be located on the side panel, back panel, or bottom center of your TV. You can also use the Roku app to turn your TV on or off without using a remote.

By Pressing the Physical Power Button

The most straightforward and easiest way to turn off or on your TV without a remote is simply by pressing the physical power button. However, the button on Roku TVs is basically hidden as it’s always placed in inconspicuous places, so it’s a bit annoying to find where it is.

The reason for these hidden power buttons is that the design trend among Smart TVs, especially Roku TVs, is to place the power button where it isn’t directly visible. As Roku TVs are made by many varying manufacturers, finding the power button also varies. Sometimes the power button is found on the back of the TV behind a flap or on the sides.

Panel Designs of Roku TVs

The panel design of your smart TV model matters when you’re powering it off. Roku TVs have seven-panel designs. Following are the types of panel designs and how you can turn each one-off or on.

  1. If the TV has a single button, short press to turn it on and long press for turning the TV off.
  2. If your TV has three buttons, long or short press the middle button to turn it on and long press for turning it off.
  3. If your Roku TV has a gameplay-style joystick, press the middle button for standby mode and power it on. There won’t be a power-off button.
  4. In case of four buttons, short press to turn the TV on or off.
  5. In case of five or seven buttons, short press to turn the TV on or off. (The order of buttons can vary in each model). 

Power on using the Roku app on your smartphone

When a remote stops working or is lost, a smart TV stops being smart. However, this isn’t the case, as there are a few other ways you can turn your TV on, even if your remote is lost or broken.

The most straightforward way, as mentioned above, is by finding and pressing the physical power button. If, for any reason, you can’t find the power button on your Roku TV, you can still turn your TV on or off by using the Roku mobile app from your phone.  

To turn your Roku TV on or off by using a Roku app, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Google Play store or Apple app store, search for the Roku app, and download it on your mobile.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, you can search for nearby Roku devices. Your Roku Smart TV will appear on the list of available Roku devices.
  3. Select it, and the app will connect to your TV.
  4. Once your Roku TV is connected to the app, you can start using the Roku app in place of a physical remote for your Roku TV.

By Using a Universal TV Remote

Yes, a universal TV remote can also turn on or off a Roku TV but ensure the remote you’re using is compatible with your TV, as not all universal TV remotes pair with Roku TVs.

There are also universal remotes that are replicas of original Roku remotes. These universal remotes won’t have any pairing concerns and will not need setting up.

tcl roku

Other Ways to Operate Roku TV without Remote

The common ways to operate a Roku TV without remote, as mentioned earlier, are by finding and pressing the power button, using a universal remote, or operating your Smart Roku TV with a Roku app from your smartphone. Besides these methods, there’s one more way that you can turn your TV on or off without a TV remote.

Using a PS4 Controller

If you have a TCL Roku TV, you can use a PS4 controller to turn your TCL TV off or on. This method might excite you if you’re a gamer whose main hobby is to sit on the couch and play your favorite video games. With a PS4 controller, you not only can play games but also can operate your smart TV as well.

To use a PS4 controller to turn your TV on or off, check if the Roku TV supports HDMI CEC. This is mainly a function that lets you use a single TV remote to turn any gadgets connected to the TV’s HDMI ports on or off.

Your smart TV must support this function if you want to operate your TV with a PS4 controller. You can check your TV handbook or search on the internet if your TV supports HDMI CEC.

To operate your TCL Smart TV:

  1. Go to “settings” of your TV.
  2. Go to “General.”
  3. Click “OK.”
  4. This feature is now turned on.

To turn your HDMI CEC on:

  1. Turn on HDMI CEC on your TV.
  2. Turn on HDMI CEC on the PS4.
  3. The TV will now turn on.
  4. To turn your TV on, turn your PS4 on first.

How Do I Get My Hisense Roku TV to Work Without a Remote?   

If you have a Hisense Roku TV, the same methods mentioned earlier will be applied to operate it without a remote control. The most common method would be to find and press the power button on your Hisense Roku TV.

 Hisense Roku TV has had varying power button layouts, and each layout has changed over multiple Hisense tv models. In a Hisense Smart Roku TV, the power button can be on the ride side, left side, or on the bottom of the Hisense TV. Other methods, as mentioned earlier, include using the Roku TV app on your smartphone or using a universal phone.


Do all TCL TVs have a power button?

Yes, like all smart Roku TVs, your TCL Roku TV also has a power button for manually turning the TV on/off. The power button on TCL Roku TVs is placed on the bottom or the mid-right side of the back of the TCL Roku TV.

Why Is The Button Hard To Find?  

Because of the aesthetic and the design, it is hard to find the power button on modern Smart Roku TVS. Roku TVs are designed to be artistic, sleek, and slim, so the power button is placed somewhere that is not easily visible.

How do I manually turn on my Roku TV?

You can manually turn on/off your Roku TV by finding and pressing the power button, using the Roku TV app on your smartphone, or by using a universal remote control.

Final Thoughts

TV remotes can easily get misplaced or sometimes stop working, and in case this happens, operating a smart Roku TV without remote seems difficult because its buttons are basically hidden. Roku TVs are well known to have odd button placements mainly because of their specific design and finding them can be quite frustrating for some.

Luckily, every Roku TV comes equipped with a button layout; you just have to locate it. The power buttons can be on the bottom center, side, or back of the smart TV. And if you’re too tired to find the button, you can just use the Roku app to turn your Roku TV on.

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