Ring Doorbell Hardwired Not Charging – 9 ways to troubleshoot

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Tips to troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Hardwired Ring Doorbell:

  • Check the Ring doorbell Wires

  • Inspect the Chime

  • Clean the Contacts

  • Check the Ring Doorbell Transformer

  • Test the Doorbell

  • Check the Device Health Icon

  • Use the Correct USB Power Source

  • Check the Wiring for Loose Wires

  • Check the Power Supply

What is the Ring Video Doorbell?

  • Camera Quality: 1080p HD

  • Field of View: 160° diagonal

  • Night Vision: infrared LEDs

  • Motion Detection: adjustable up to 30 feet

  • Live View: on demand and motion-activated

  • Audio: two-way audio with noise cancellation

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n 2.4Ghz)

  • Power: rechargeable battery or hardwired

  • Dimensions: 4.5” x 1.85” x 0.8”

  • Operating Temperature: -5°F to 120°F (-20.5°C to 48.5°C)

  • Storage: Cloud video recording with optional plans starting at $3/month

  • Warranty: limited one-year warranty

Ring Doorbell is a line of Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbells developed by Ring. These doorbells allow users to see and interact with visitors at their door using their smartphone, tablet, computer or the Ring app. The original Ring Video Doorbell and the Ring Pro Power Kit, both feature a two-way audio feature so users can communicate with visitors, a motion sensor to detect visitors, and the ability to record video footage. All Ring devices are available to purchase on Amazon.

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What to Do When Your Hardwired Ring Doorbell Is Not Charging?

When your hardwired device is not charging, it can be a source of frustration and inconvenience. There can be various causes for a Ring Doorbell not charging, from a power supply problem or a defective battery to a malfunctioning doorbell transformer.

Knowing how to troubleshoot a non-charging doorbell can help you determine the source of the issue so you can fix it. In this article, we will explore the possible causes for a Ring Doorbell not charging and the steps you can take to get your Ring Doorbell or other Ring devices up and running again with a new Ring battery or power supply.

What Causes a Ring Doorbell Not to Charge?

One of the most common causes is the lack of a strong connection or weak wi fi between the Ring Doorbell and the power source. This could be due to faulty wiring, an incorrect transformer size, a defective power adapter, a damaged Ring Doorbell, or an incompatible power supply.

Additionally, the battery life, charging contacts, and a circuit breaker may also contribute to a Ring Doorbell not charging. If any of these components are not working properly, or if the new doorbell transformer is not sized properly, the Ring Doorbell will not be able to charge.

Troubleshooting a Ring Doorbell Not Charging:

Troubleshooting your device can be tricky. First, check the voltage supplied. If it’s too low, it won’t charge.

Check the power indicator, battery drain and tickle charge if needed. Then, check the Ring Pro system and transformer voltage. Make sure the integrated battery is charged and the Ring Doorbell is ringing correctly. If all else fails, contact Ring Support or you can go to the Ring Website, just Click Here.

Reasons to Choose Hardwiring over Battery Power:

One of the main reasons to choose hardwiring over battery power for a Ring device is the amount of power it can provide. A hardwired doorbell can provide a more reliable and consistent power supply than a battery-powered one, making it a great choice for Ring devices.

Additionally, hardwiring is often more compatible with a battery-powered option. With a hardwired doorbell, you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or charging the device.

To hardwire a Ring device, you need a compatible power supply, a hardwired doorbell, and a micro USB cable. This makes it easy to install and maintain a Ring device without having to worry about battery life.

What Are the Disadvantages of Hardwiring?

One of the main drawbacks of hardwiring a Ring Doorbell is the extra cost, time, and electrical data needed to ensure proper function with electric current flow and received signal strength indicator. Additionally, the Ring Doorbell needs to remain connected to an external power source at all times.

How to Install a Ring Hardwired Ring Doorbell?

Installing a Doorbell hardwired requires that you have access to junction box. It is important to ensure that you have enough power data, as well as a properly functioning electrical current flow, in order for your Ring Doorbell will function properly.

Once you have confirmed these elements, a professional electrician can then install your hardwired doorbells. This includes connecting the two screw terminals with electrical tape and mounting the mounting plate to your front door, as well as wiring the terminal box using wire nuts.

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure that the receive signal strength indicator is at an acceptable level, and that the hardwired connection and transformer voltage section are power supply compatible. As part of the installation, two wires should be connected to the Ring Doorbell in order to provide a trickle charge and ensure the poor power indicator does not light up.

Once you have confirmed these elements, a professional electrician can then install your Doorbell hardwired.

Examining the Potential Causes of a Dead Hardwired Ring Doorbell Battery:

1. Incorrect Installation: If you did not follow the instructions for installing the hardwired Ring doorbell battery correctly, it may not be charging correctly. Additionally, the charger contacts and battery charger contacts may not be connecting properly, preventing the battery from powering the device.

2. Low Voltage: If your home’s power supply is not providing enough voltage to the battery, it may not be able to power the battery powered doorbell. Additionally, a low battery may not be able to power the device.

3. Battery Malfunction: The battery itself may be malfunctioning due to dirty contacts, or a defective part.

4. Poor Connections: If the battery is not properly connected to the doorbell or the power supply, it may not be able to power the device.

5. Incorrect Wiring: If you have wired the battery up incorrectly, it will not be able to power the device. Additionally, an external charger or the Ring app may not be able to provide the battery with the correct power information.

Ways to Prevent the Malfunctioning Hardwired Doorbells

1. Check the Voltage: Make sure your home’s power supply is providing enough voltage to the Ring doorbell battery.

2. Check the Connections: Make sure the battery and the doorbell are properly connected and that the charger contacts and battery contacts are connecting properly.

3. Check the Wiring: Make sure the wiring is correct and that the Ring app is providing the correct power information to the battery.

4. Clean the Contacts: Make sure the contacts on the battery are clean and free of any dirt or debris.

5. Monitor the Battery Level: Make sure to monitor the battery level and recharge it when necessary.


FAQ#1: What can I do if the Ring Hardwired Ring Doorbell is not charging?

Firstly, check the power source and make sure it is working correctly. If the power source is working correctly, try disconnecting the power cable and reconnecting it firmly. If the issue persists, try resetting the device. If resetting the device does not help, try replacing the power cable and adapter.

FAQ#2: What should I do if the Ring Hardwired Ring Doorbell is not responding?

If the Hardwired doorbell is not responding, try resetting the device. If that does not work, try disconnecting the power cable and reconnecting it firmly. If the issue persists, try replacing the power cable and adapter

FAQ#3: How can I improve the battery life of my Hardwired Ring Doorbell?

You can improve the battery health of your Doorbell Hardwired by ensuring that the device is properly charging. You can also reduce the video quality and motion detection settings to conserve battery health. Additionally, you can use the Ring app to switch off the ‘Live View’ option when not in use.


In conclusion, the Ring Doorbell Hardwired is a convenient and reliable device that can be used to secure your smart home. If the device is not charging or not responding, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue. Additionally, you can improve the battery health of the Hardwired Ring Doorbell by using the Ring app to reduce the video quality, motion detection settings, and switch off the ‘Live View’ option when not in use.

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