Red Lights on Ring Doorbell: How To Solve it in Easy Ways

ring doorbell flashing red?

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We all know that our home is our “Comfort and Safe Place,” a place where we feel protected and cared for. But since you never know what’s on the other side of a door, answering one, particularly when you’re home alone, can always become dangerous without Ring Doorbells.

Now is the time when a Ring doorbell is needed for your smart home security. Another benefit of developing technology is seeing what is behind the door. You can watch who is on your front porch even when you are away from home.

Ring Doorbell raises the bar for smart home surveillance with its full complement of functions. It has motion detector capabilities, live video footage, and even an IR night vision function for usage at night. But things can get difficult if you need help understanding how the ring doorbell technology operates.

The smart Ring doorbell flashing red light on their gadgets has recently become the subject of user inquiries. The situation is not at all concerning. It merely serves as a signal about how the device is doing. In this post, we’ll explain what your Ring doorbell device’s flashing red light means. So, keep reading!

Why is my Ring Doorbell Light Flashing Red?

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The ring doorbells run on a rechargeable or replaceable battery, like any other electronic device. Sometimes the ring doorbell is hardwired. The ring doorbell’s battery is running low, which indicates a flashing solid red light. Depending on your model, you can change the battery or recharge it. If your device has a recharge feature, you will notice the red light turning into a blue circle when the battery has reached 100%.

How to charge the Ring video doorbell in detail:

  • You can lift the face plate by releasing the screw at the doorbell’s base.

  • You now need to remove the device’s battery. The battery can be taken out of the slot by pressing the release button.

  • Use the battery’s charging port to attach a micro-USB charger.

  • When the light flashes green, the ring doorbell will be fully charged. Reinstall the battery inside the gadget.

  • Return the face plate to the doorbell’s initial location after a brief interval, then screw it in place.

  • The ring doorbell at your home is ready to ring.

  • The battery indication is not the three red dots on the ring doorbell, but rather the red circular ring.

Why does your Ring doorbell have three red dot lights on it?

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If your smart Doorbell displays three solid red dots lights, your night vision function is enabled. There is no need to be alarmed. When these are flashing red lights, the ring doorbell uses infrared waves, and the camera begins rolling when it detects any activity in the immediate area to capture in low light.

This captures surveillance footage in complete darkness or at night using infrared cameras on your device.

These three lights may occasionally be on all day, commonly occurs when the camera is configured to operate continuously.

By navigating to the infrared camera settings in the Ring app on your smartphone and switching it to “Auto,” you may adjust this.

This enables your device to automatically switch between the cameras when it detects unfavorable ambient light sources.

Change the infrared settings

You can try the following to change the infrared setting on your Ring Doorbell:

  • Make sure the Ring app is downloaded and set up on your smartphone.

  • While the app is open, look for the three dots in the top right corner.

  • Now locate the device for which you want to change the settings by opening the device settings.

  • You can adjust your infrared settings by selecting the device settings option under the video settings page when you click on the gear icon next to the device.

Make use of the 30-Day Free Trial

Although it might seem obvious, keeping this choice in mind is crucial. Because of this, you’ll have 30 days to decide if you want to spend the time (or money) to record each person who rings your bell.

You might discover that your neighborhood is rather safe or nobody knocks on your door other than visitors you’ve invited in or the mailman.

Use the built-in screen recording on your phone

The more recent Samsung phones, tablets, and contemporary smartphones all offer a screen recording certain features. Therefore, the following time Ring Video Doorbell notifies you, you can start a screen recording.

If a stranger or a spooky person rings your doorbell and you want to check them out later or report the recording to the authorities, you can do this. The only drawback to this approach is that, despite being free, it only functions if you notice the alert.

Freely capture it on your laptop or desktop

After installing a free screen recording tool on your computer, you must log in to Ring’s official website. After installing a free screen recording tool on your computer, all you have to do is log into Ring’s official website.

When you arrive home, it will be exhausting to see the full feed, and the recording will take up a lot of space. You can therefore check your smartphone for updates and go to the specific times of the day when you get alerts. You can then restart for the following day or the following night after finishing this step and delete the screen recording preview tile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ#1: What do the different patterns of blue light on the ring doorbell indicate?

When the device is charging, consumers will notice a flashing blue light in front of their Ring doorbell. However, if you are certain that the battery pack is full, there can be several causes for the light to be on. Additionally, the different patterns you see will aid your comprehension of the issue. Let’s look at some flashing blue light the device can make and what they imply.

  • If you notice that the blue light is spinning or the led ring spins blue, you have just hit the doorbell button.

  • The blue light is rising; this type denotes wi-fi network connectivity for the doorbell.

  • The blue light is briefly flickering on and off; if you notice this pattern, the camera on the Ring doorbell is starting to work. You’re dealing with the camera’s setup button if it keeps happening.

  • The ring doorbell displays a solid blue light flashing at all times, indicating that the speakers are active.

  • A white light circle appears after a few brief blue flashes in the ring doorbell, indicating that the device has just undergone a factory reset.

FAQ#2: How to save video playback from Ring Doorbell without a subscription?

You can pay for a subscription as part of the service to have the Ring Doorbell record every time a noteworthy event occurs, such as visitors at your door or cars driving by.

However, there are ways to acquire the complete ring doorbell without paying a monthly fee, despite the fact that the entire service can be pricey. Since there are workarounds you may apply to obtain a Ring doorbell recording for free, you don’t need to pay for it.


The Ring Video Doorbell has several LED indications to notify you and provide information about the device’s status. The device’s ring flashes patterns in various colors, including blue, white, red, and green.

When the battery level is red or has a low battery, it’s time to charge the device immediately. To avoid confusion with the three red dots indicating the use of the IR night vision mode camera, various models or designs are available depending on your needs and financial situation. It is a one-time investment that will pay out in the long run and be convenient. Our research will help you understand your ring doorbell’s red lights.

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