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There can be several reasons why your Insignia TV remote has stopped working. These reasons can be dead batteries, a remote that needs to be fixed, a stuck button, or even a software glitch. To fix an Insignia Smart TV remote, you will have to perform several troubleshooting steps.

Insignia is a US-based TV brand, and the company provides a wide range of TV models ranging from standard TVs to 4K HDR models. One model, Insignia TVs, comes with is an integrated Amazon Fire TV. With the Amazon Fire TV, the Insignia Fire TV can access the internet and stream content. This Smart TV has several features like parental controls and voice control.

Remotes often get broken or stop working, and this is the same with Insignia TV remotes. If your Insignia Fire TV remote has stopped working, there could be several reasons, such as you accidentally broke it, the fault with the batteries, or only the power button could’ve stopped working.

Fixing your Insignia Smart TV remote not working issue can be frustrating, but in this article, we will help you figure out why your Smart TV remote has stopped operating.

Why your Insignia TV remote has stopped working?

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Before getting to the solution of fixing your Insignia TV remote, you must understand the possible reasons why your Insignia TV remote has stopped working. Following are the possible reasons why your Insignia TV remote could’ve stopped working.

  • Your Insignia Fire TV isn’t connected to the internet and requires a reset.

  • You need to pair your Smart TV remote to your Insignia TV again. The TV and the remote could have a poor signal connection, and re-pairing will fix it.

  • Water has gotten inside your remote. This can be frustrating if it’s true.

  • You probably dropped the remote way too many times, resulting in the remote being broken from within.

  • The receiver of your Fire TV device is getting blocked by something, resulting in your remote not being able to send signals to the Smart TV.

  • Your remote has been exposed to high heat exposure, resulting in internal damage.

  • Your remote’s sensor button is too dirty, and many dirt particles have gotten inside.

After figuring out what is wrong with your Insignia Fire TV remote, you can start looking for solutions. Ensure you fix the remote according to its issue.

How to Fix an Insignia Fire TV Remote when it has stopped working?

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After you know the exact problem of why your Insignia Fire TV remote has stopped working, you can fix the issue accordingly. Check the above-mentioned possible reasons and see which issue is likely to be the case. Following are the methods of fixing your Insignia TV remote.

Solution 1: The Batteries in your Remote are dead

The first and most possible reason your Insignia TV remote has stopped working is because the remote’s batteries are drained. Batteries are the main source of electric power that makes your remote function, and if they’re dead or used, your remote will stop operating.

For proper functioning, good batteries are essential. Fixing this issue is simple; you only have to get new batteries. Get long-lasting batteries, as they’ll help a lot. If you want to avoid changing your remote’s batteries repeatedly, try to get rechargeable batteries so you only have to recharge if they get drained.

What type of batteries are used for Insignia Fire TV remotes?

Insignia AAA batteries are the best for Insignia Fire remotes. Its alkaline chemistry delivers the highest charge for usage of items like TV remote controls.

How to replace batteries in Insignia TV remotes

Replacing batteries in an insignia TV remote is the same as replacing in a regular remote. 

  1. Open the battery compartment on the back panel of the remote.

  2. Remove the old batteries from the battery compartment.

  3. Put the new batteries in.

Solution 2: A Simple Reset on your Remote

In case there aren’t any new batteries available or the present batteries don’t need to be replaced in the first place, you can fix your Insignia TV remote with a reset. This may sound a bit too simple, but it works most of the time.

How to do a simple reset

  1. Turn your Insignia TV remote and open the back cover.

  2. Take out the remote’s batteries.

  3. Wait for two or three minutes.

  4. Put the batteries back in the remote.

Check your remote and press some buttons to see if it’s working. If it works, then that’s great! You only have to get new batteries, as this is more of a temporary solution.

This is a simple method that hardly takes any time. If this doesn’t work, don’t worry; we have other ways to fix your Insignia Fire TV remote.

Solution 3: Reset your Insignia Fire TV remote to Default Settings

Resetting your Insignia Fire TV remote to default settings is another easy way to fix the issue. When you reset your remote to default settings, it goes back to its initial state.

How to manually reset your Insignia TV remote to default settings

Follow the steps below to reset your Insignia remote to default settings.

  1. Find and press the “home” button on your remote.

  2. Hold the button for a few seconds and then release.

  3. Find and press the menu button.

  4. Press it nine times. It’s helpful if the batteries are removed when doing this.

  5. Unplug your Insignia TV and wait for a minute.

  6. Plug back your Insignia TV and put the batteries back in your Insignia TV remote.

  7. Once the home screen shows, hold the “home” button.

Solution 4: Re-pair Insignia Fire TV remote

One common reason for an Insignia remote not working is that the remote is not paired with the TV. If you have already paired your remote to your TV, but it still isn’t working, then you must re-pair the remote to the TV again.

How to re-pair Insignia TV remote to the TV

Follow the steps below to re-pair your Insignia remote with the Insignia Fire TV again.

  1. At the back of the remote, below the batteries section, you can find the “Pair” button.

  2. Press the pair button and hold for a couple of seconds.

  3. If the pair button strategy doesn’t work, find the “home” button and hold it for thirty seconds.

  4. The third strategy is to hold the “back button,” “Menu” button, and left “navigation” button all at the same time for thirty seconds.

After your Insignia Fire TV remote has successfully been re paired with the TV, check if the issue has been solved.

Solution 5: Reset your Insignia Fire TV to Factory Default Settings

Sometimes, it’s not your TV remote’s fault that it isn’t working, but it’s your TV’s fault, and a reset to factory defaults will possibly fix the issue. When you reset your TV to factory settings, it will bring the TV back to its default settings.

How to reset your Insignia Fire TV to Default settings

For resetting Insignia TVs, you have to download Insignia Remote App. Resetting an Insignia TV to default settings will make it brand new.

  1. Turn your Insignia Fire TV on and navigate to the TV’s settings. The setting will have a cog icon.

  2. After going to settings, click on “My Fire TV.”

  3. Find and select the option “Reset to factory default.”

  4. After clicking reset, your Insignia TV will return to its default settings.

After resetting your Insignia remote, check if it works. You’ll have to pair it again with your Insignia Fire TV. Keep in mind that resetting the Smart TV to default settings removes all apps and personal data.

Solution 6: Try To Fix your Remote Sensor

Another reason for your Insignia Fire TV remote to not work is that the remote’s sensor is dirty. Check your remote sensor to see if there’s any dust inside it. You can fix your remote sensor through two methods.

  • By power Cycling Insignia TV.

  • By cleaning the Insignia TV’s sensor.

How to Power Cycle Insignia TV

It is very straightforward to power cycle your Insignia Fire TV. In simple words, power cycling an Insignia Fire TV means turning it off and back on again.

Follow the steps below to power cycle your Insignia Fire TV.

  1. Turn your TV off, unplug it from the power outlet, and leave it unplugged for a minute.

  2. Press the power button for one minute.

  3. Release it.

  4. Now, plug the TV back into the power source and check if your remote works.

How to clean the TV sensor

If your sensor is dirty, then it can’t catch any signals from other TV devices. It is important to clean the TV’s sensor for at least two weeks. Clean the sensor, connect it to the remote, and check if your remote is working now.

Solution 7: Get a New Insignia Fire TV remote

If all the above solutions seem unable to sort out your Insignia TV remote issue, then your Insignia remote control is not working because it’s defective and has damaged internal components.

Damage such as high heat exposure or water can ruin a remote. Therefore, simply buy a new remote control to fix the issue.


How to Control your TV without a TV Remote?

You can download the Insignia Fire app to operate your TV without a remote. You can get the app from the app store or Google Play, and you will have to use Screen Mirror to control your TV remotely.

Why isn’t my insignia TV remote working?

There can be a couple of reasons why your Insignia remote isn’t working. The batteries in your remote must’ve drained, your TV isn’t connected to your remote, your remote needs to repair with your TV again, or your remote is just broken inside.  


A TV remote is a necessary device for operating your TV, and when it stops working, it can be pretty frustrating to figure out what happened. As mentioned in this article, there are several reasons why your remote stopped working, and for each reason, there is a solution for fixing it.


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