How to use Airbnb Smart Lock?

Using AirBNB Smart Locks

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Travelers always prefer automatic self-check-in, and the pandemic had solidified its place in rentals such as VRBO and Airbnb. The contactless self-check-in experience of smart locks can offer countless advantages to the host and guests.

However, if you need to learn how to use the Airbnb smart lock, then we are here to help you out. In this article, we will guide you on how to use these smart locks. We will also briefly list the best Airbnb smart locks.

How does Airbnb work with a Smart Lock?

The Airbnb smart lock uses a security pin code that you can activate, delete and generate remotely through a smart device. With the help of this pin code, guests can easily access your property.

A smart lock is one of the most secure and convenient door locks. You can easily change the lock code manually and remotely control the smart lock from your smartphone through an app.

To setup automated Access to your Airbnb property for guests with a smart lock, follow these steps to let your guests access the rental property:

Connect the Airbnb and smart Lock accounts

The first step is to connect two accounts. Go to the smart lock app and choose the ‘Works With’ tab. Then, choose Airbnb, and choose the ‘Connect to Airbnb’ option. Then, you will be asked to enter your Airbnb account details. As a host, you will see all your Airbnb listings.

Pair your Airbnb locks with the Listings

The next step is to pair the locks with all your Airbnb vacation rental listings. If you have more than one smart lock on your property, select only the August smart locks that you want to make available to Airbnb guests.

Choose the type of Access

There are two ways you can facilitate Access to the Airbnb rental for your Airbnb guests: Keypad or smart lock app access.

How can the guests access the Smart Lock on your Property?

airbnb smart lock

Access through the August smart lock App

The guest will receive a message from Airbnb with instructions to download the August smart lock pro application, create a new account and then connect it to the Airbnb account. Then, the guests can view all the latest reservations in the app.

Guests can also use the smart lock app to lock or unlock the door during their rental period. However, once the guest reservation ends, their Access will be automatically revoked.

Access through the Keypad

Some apps, such as the August smart lock app, also send a personal entry code with a message to the guest once their reservation is confirmed. However, the code will only be valid during the period of reservation.

If the reservation time or date has been changed, the time period of the code will also change accordingly, but the entry smart lock code will remain the same. If the reservation is canceled for some reason, the pin will be deactivated.

Things to remember about Keypad access

If you enable optional August smart keypad access on the smart lock, the application will automatically generate a random personal entry pin for the guests. Once you enable the keypad feature from the app, guests will not be required to download the smart lock application.

However, you can still provide your Airbnb guests with both app and keypad access by enabling both options. We also recommend the host enable the one-touch lock function so guests can lock the front door once they leave home.

What is the best way to communicate the Self Check-in Instructions to Airbnb Guests?

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Add Self Check-in Instructions in the Airbnb List

Before your guests arrive at the location, they should be prepared for the self-check-in process. The good thing about Airbnb is that it lets the host turn the self-check-in feature from their listing.

If this option is on, your guests will get an automated message with all the check-in details. To add the self-check-in feature to your list, all you need to do is this:

  • Go to, the listings section, and choose your listings.

  • Then, an Edit option is next to Guest Resources; please press it.

  • In the directions section, click Add self-check-in.

  • Pick the way the Airbnb guests will be able to access the listings.

  • To add instructions, follow the Airbnb instructions.

Develop an Airbnb message with Detailed instructions for Check-in

It is always a good idea to send your Airbnb guests a personalized message that contains all the necessary information. This is a useful message because it allows the host to interact with the guests and show them they are ready for their arrival.

This message is also the perfect way to encourage Airbnb guests to inform you of issues at the beginning of the stay. This will also give you the opportunity to address those problems or cater to special requests to get a five-star rating. To create this message, you must include the following information:

  • The address of your house or apartment.

  • A photograph of what your property looks like.

  • Access codes for the smart lock to open the doors.

Set an automatic Self-Check-in Message Template

To avoid confusing the guests by communicating the same instructions repeatedly, you develop a message template and send it to every guest visiting your property. Here is what the template should look like:

  • Guest Name

  • Full Address

  • Property Name

  • Wi-fi password

  • Lockbox passcode

  • Your Name

Develop a House Manual

If you are in person to offer your Airbnb guests a tour of your property, there is a good chance your guests will only remember a little. For the guests, it is an overload of information after a long trip.

Instead, you can create a brief house manual that will enable your guests to read the instructions when convenient.

Which types of Smart Locks are compatible with Airbnb?

Here are the types of smart locks that work well with Airbnb:

Bluetooth Smart lock

The Bluetooth smart lock provides remote Access and is considered safer than other smart lock varieties. Bluetooth devices also burn through the battery slower than Wi-fi devices. However, the slight drawback of Bluetooth smart locks is that they have a low range.

If you want to control the smart lock remotely, you must buy a smart hub for your device. Your smartphone must be close to the smart lock to lock the door, making it tougher to unpair an already paired smartphone.

Wi-Fi Smart Locks

Wi-fi smart locks offer remote locking and unlocking, so you can technically open your front door from a different country. You can also watch your guests from the video and open the front door.

You can also develop temporary access pin codes with these devices and can set a time limit, so after a certain time period, the access codes will expire. Most Wi-fi smart locks come with automatic locking functions, so you don’t have to worry about your guests being locked outside the house.

However, while you don’t need physical keys when you have a Wi-fi smart lock, this device has some drawbacks, and we will address them. Firstly, the battery life of Wi-fi smart locks is much shorter than other smart locks.

If the internet at your place is down for some odd reason, the lock will work with the previously set up access pin codes, but you won’t be able to set up a new code. Lastly, Wi-fi smart locks are more expensive than other locks.

Z Wave Smart Lock

Now let’s discuss the Z Wave smart locks. A Z Wave smart lock, like other Z Wave devices, is incapable of directly connecting with a smartphone, and you need a hub compatible with your Z Wave to operate this smart lock.

If you want to connect your smart lock remotely, you must add Wi-fi, so it is better to opt for a different smart lock than a Z Wave lock.

What are the best Smart Locks for Airbnb?

Here are some Airbnb smart locks models that you can opt for:

Yale Assure Lock

This smart lock is probably the best smart lock for Airbnb because it is the best option for fixing your short-term rental luxe factor. This product has an exceptional keypad and a mobile app that can easily connect to your smartphone.

This product also comes with an August Wi-fi bridge and includes the connected by August module. This smart lock offers remote Access so that you can control the lock from anywhere, and you can also use it as a sliding door smart lock.

Remote Lock OpenEdge 550 L

While this is a quality smart lock, we were more impressed by its software than its functioning. This product works with several PMS (Property management software) solutions, making it a perfect choice for hosting and managing rentals.

This product is also compatible with different booking engines, such as HomeAway and VRBO, so you can also go beyond Airbnb. We would like to highlight a few good things about this product’s hardware.

Firstly, the handle levers don’t have a deadbolt; however, a deadbolt version is available on the market. This smart lock has a large code capacity of 3,500, so you can assign unique pins to anyone.

Wyze Lock Bolt

This smart lock is the only one on this short list that is without remote Access via native Airbnb support or Wifi, but it is such a good smart lock that we were unable to ignore it. This smart lock is perfect for two varieties of Airbnb rentals: spare-room rentals and off-grid cabins.

This also has an affordable smart lock, a fingerprint scanner, and a classy free-key design. However, this product doesn’t have Wifi connectivity, as it instead uses Bluetooth.

However, it still offers remote Access, as you can connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth. So, why is this smart lock a good fit for off-grid cabins and spare room rentals? There is a good chance you may not find Wi-fi connectivity in these places, and this smart lock will enable you to share your access pin codes with your guests manually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a Smart Lock better than a Lockbox?

If you are not a fan of using a smart lock, you can opt for the lockbox; however, is a lockbox better than a smart lock? Firstly, a lockbox is more affordable than a smart lock, so you can buy one and install it quickly.

A lock box is also easier to install than a smart lock, yes, you will need to set up a combination through the instructions manual, but that’s a little hard work. However, the cons of the lockbox outweigh the pros by a long margin.

A lockbox can only work with keys, so what do you do if your guests run away with the keys? There isn’t much you can do, and you must purchase a new lockbox. A lockbox has limited space, so there is a fixed amount of keys you can put in a typical lockbox.

There are many Airbnbs and lockboxes, so you better differentiate yours, or it will get lost. Weather can also have a role to play; if it gets cold or rains, the lockbox will get stuck outside, and there won’t be anything you can do about it.

How can the Guests get inside the Property if the Smart Lock’s battery dies?

You must keep up with your smart lock’s low battery alerts. You will need to make a habit of checking the lock’s battery levels constantly. However, what if you need to check the battery levels and the smart lock fails you? Here is what you need to do to avoid this issue:

Backup Batteries

These batteries are the most useful for keyless locks. However, depending on the smart lock, you might need a USB cable connected to power back or a nine-volt battery. You should keep these batteries close to your smart lock.

Backup Keys

Backups are great if the smart lock fails despite having new batteries. The good news is that most modern smart locks have key Access.


In this article, our focus was on how to use Airbnb smart lock. We explained how you could use this smart lock and also discussed how you create an instructions guide for your guests.

We have shared a list of some of the best Airbnb smart locks on the market, so you will get the product you were looking for.

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