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The quickest and easiest way to turn off the Ring doorbell without app: 

To turn off your Ring doorbell without using the app, you can simply press and hold the button on the front of the doorbell until the light on the front turns off.

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate the button on the front of your Ring doorbell.

  2. Press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds.

  3. The light on the front of the doorbell will start to flash, and then turn off. This indicates that the device has been turned off.

If you want to turn the Ring doorbell back on, press and release the button again. The device will power up and connect to your Wi-Fi network. Note that turning off the Ring doorbell will also disable any motion detection or video recording features until it is turned back on.

Most Ring cameras have a physical button that you can use to turn them on and off. However, the exact location and appearance of the button may vary depending on the specific model of the camera.

For example, the Ring Video Doorbell has a button on the front of the device, while the Ring Stick Up Cam has a button on the back of the device. Some Ring cameras, such as the Ring Floodlight Cam, may have multiple buttons for different functions.

If you’re unsure where the button is located on your Ring camera, you can refer to the user manual or contact Ring support for assistance.


Ring doorbells are one of the most popular devices for smart home security. We have benefited from the innovative motion detection recording system as it protects our house from the unknown.

But one of the biggest annoyances people find about Ring doorbells is how difficult it is to turn off without the Ring App.

But don’t fret. We got you!

This article will show you different creative, obvious, and practical ways to turn off your Ring Doorbells without necessarily using your Ring App. Here we go!

Using the Modes to Turn Off Ring Doorbells without the Ring App

Before we look at how to turn off your Ring Camera without a Ring Account, let us first look at one practical way to tweak a few things on your Ring App so it would appear turned off even though it is not necessarily so.

One of the best ways to temporarily disable your Ring Camera is using Ring’s various camera modes. Here are a few modes that you can consider.

Modes to Turn Off Ring Doorbells Alerts and Motion Detection

The best way to disable the ring alerts or to customize them to your liking is by maximizing the modes on your phone. Here are the modes you can choose and the best times to use them.

#1 Disarmed Mode

Disarmed mode is in the Ring App Motion Settings

One of the biggest annoyances you will experience is receiving alerts on the App when your indoor Ring Camera detects your movements around your house. The Disarmed Mode on the Ring App turns off motion detection while you are in your house or walking outside your home.

Here is how to turn on Disarmed Mode:

    • Click the three lines on the top left corner of your Ring App.

    • Click the Device Settings, and find the Ring Doorbell camera you want to disarm.

    • Under Device Health, toggle switch Disarmed Mode to remove the motion alerts on your device.

The best part about the Disarmed Mode is how easy it is to enable modes when you are about to leave your home.

#2 Home Mode

The Home Mode keeps your front camera enabled while disabling your Ring Security Camera inside your home. The Ring cam does not necessarily disable the camera but removes any annoying alerts on your phone.

This Mode is optimal if you are expecting guests to arrive or expecting any deliveries. This Mode still allows you to interact with those outside and give them directions on what to do next.

Here are the simple steps to disabling the alerts on your Ring camera temporarily:

    • In the Ring App select the three lines in the top left corner.

    • Find Devices and find the Ring Camera settings options

    • Find Home Mode and toggle it off.

Once in Home Mode, you will not see any video recording inside your home. Although your Ring devices will stop recording, they will still detect motion outside your home.

#3 Away Mode

The Ring Camera is accessible on all the devices, providing excellent motion detection

The most important of the modes features is the Away Mode. The Away Mode provides motion notifications whenever something enters the motion zones. As the opposite of the Disarmed Mode, the camera looks closely at anything within its vicinity and sends alerts immediately to your Ring app.

However, this mode can also become annoying if you do not set the recording settings right. For example, an extra sensitive camera will always send notifications on your phone whenever it detects the rustling of the wind or stray dogs around you, or even cars driving by.

On the other hand, setting the sensitivity too low might not detect potential threats to your home.

Nevertheless, you can still disable the Ring Video Doorbell camera recording using the App.

Here is a step-by-step guide to disable motion detection and motion alerts:

    • In the Ring App tap Devices and find Away Mode.

    • Toggle off the Away Mode so that your Ring Camera disables motion detection.

The best part about the modes feature is selecting two or more mode settings. Just do not forget to tap the modes option when you are ready to start recording again.

Other Ways that Disables Ring Doorbells

Ring Camera has different camera mods powered by strong internet connection

We know that the various Ring Devices have different features that disable recording temporarily. But the Ring Camera will still record motion even when the Mode is at its off position.

Unfortunately, there is not a single camera that can completely disable the Ring Doorbell. If you want to turn off the Ring Doorbell, you might need to go to external lengths to achieve it. Here are a few ways to stop your Ring Camera from recording.

Turn Off the Electrical Panel

Every Ring device is powered by electricity, and you must put a physical barrier against the motion detection system to turn off your Ring cameras. One of the more unconventional ways to remove your Ring doorbell is to turn off the house’s electrical panel.

The electrical panel will immediately remove the electricity around your house. The Ring Camera will stop recording and cease sending you motion alerts if there is no internet connection.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that turning your Ring Camera back on would be significantly harder. If you have a plug in Ring Camera, it would still take a bit of rebooting before you could turn on motion recording again.

Although there is no impact on the Ring camera lens, the motion sensor will be significantly hindered.

Remove WiFi Signal from the Ring App

Aside from using the different Ring Camera modes, you can also turn off motion recording by turning off the wi fi on the Ring App.

If you open the Ring app, you can access one camera you want to disable camera recording.

Click on Wi Fi and find your home’s internet connected to your Ring Camera. You can toggle the wi fi disable feature to turn off the camera connection from the wi fi.

By doing this, you only disable the Ring camera temporarily, and you can toggle them back on when you are about to leave. However, you will not be able to enjoy the cloud based recording feature of the Ring camera.

There will no longer be any shared user access if anyone else has access to your Ring Cameras.

Although you will not technically disable motion detection, there is a high likelihood that the camera will also not be able to record motion on its local storage.

Turning Ring Doorbells Off Manually

Consider turning off your Ring Cameras manually if all the recommended things do not work. This step entails going to the Ring camera and turning it off manually.

If you have a Ring Doorbell Pro, you can press the button on the right side of the Ring camera to turn it off. If you have Ring Pro, you can turn off your Ring camera in the general settings tile just above the configure modes. Just make sure to tap save before leaving the app.

Even if you have a Ring stick camera, the button will also be on the right side, depending on the camera model.

Just make sure to turn on motion detection on the Ring camera before leaving your home. If you turn off Ring camera, you will be unable to use the camera’s motion schedule. The camera’s recording behavior will also be affected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

#1 How Do I Turn Off all the Ring Doorbells in my Home?

Most of the changes will come from the mode settings in the hamburger icon when you open the Ring App. To turn off the Ring cameras, tap the disable modes function. To turn them back on, tap modes again and find the right one.

By turning them on, you can return to the camera’s default settings and adjust your settings to their normal levels.

#2 Can I Turn Off the Ring Doorbells without my Parents Knowing?

It is most likely that your parents already have access to all the cameras on their phones. If you want to turn off the Ring cameras, you might want to use the Wi-Fi disable function on their phones. You can also turn off the Ring camera manually, but your parents will immediately notice something’s off when they find no notifications on their phone.

#3 Is it Safe to Turn Off Ring Motion Recording?

If you do not turn off Ring camera forcefully with your electrical panel, then all the other modes are relatively safer.

But if you want to play it safely, setting a motion schedule is the best way. A motion schedule will still not record videos on your phone and will not send you annoying alerts and notifications.


There are many ways to turn off your camera without the Ring App, and all you need to do is to click the button on the side of the camera to turn it off. Aside from turning off the camera, you can use the different camera modes to adjust the kind of recording you want and where you want the camera to record.

To play it safe, you can also turn off the internet connection on the App so that none of the videos would go to your phone. Or changing the recording schedule is also best so that your Ring doorbell will only record during a set time.

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