A Beginners Guide On How To Reset Nest Doorbell

how to reset nest doorbell

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how to reset nest doorbell

Nest Doorbells are among the best smart home devices available on the market, but that doesn’t mean you will never need to factory reset or restart your device.

While there can be various reasons why users may want to reset their Nest Doorbell, but most users don’t know how to reset or restart the device. In this article, we will discuss how to reset the Nest Doorbell and the different types of reset options that you can use.

The Method for Resetting a Nest Doorbell

Hard Reset

A hard reset is a full reset of the Nest Doorbell, as it will erase all the configurations and settings. Users typically perform a hard reset on their Nest Doorbell when it experiences technical problems such as crashing, freezing, or other firmware issues. Here is how you can hard reset your device:

  • The first step is to remove your Nest Doorbell from the power source.

  • The reset button is on the back of the device, below the USB port. It is a very small button, so you will need a paper clip to press it.

  • Press and hold the factory reset button for about fifteen seconds.

  • At ten seconds, the status light on the Doorbell will blink four times, and you will hear a countdown tone.

  • The status light will be ready at twelve seconds and turn solid yellow. The Doorbell will begin the factory reset process, and you will receive a confirmation tone.

  • Then, release the reset button and wait for the doorbell to restart. This step may take a few minutes.

  • The next thing to do is to connect the Nest Doorbell to a power source.

  • After the factory reset procedure, your doorbell will appear offline in the Nest app and Google Home app.

Troubleshooting Advice

If your device is not responding after the hard reset, you can contact the Nest support team or try performing a factory reset.

Soft Reset

This is a milder form of a reset, and it will only restart your Nest Doorbell device. Users usually perform a soft reset on their Nest Doorbell when the device is unresponsive. Here is how you can perform a soft reset:

  • Go to the Nest app on your computer or iPhone, or Android device.

  • Sign in to your Nest account.

  • In the Nest app, go to the settings menu.

  • Choose the restart option from the menu, and your device will restart.

Troubleshooting Advice

If your device is not responding after a soft reset, you can either reach out to the Nest support team or try a hard reset.

Factory Reset

A factory reset is a full reset of a device; it deletes all the configurations and settings and returns the device to its original form. Users typically perform a factory reset due to technical issues that a soft or hard reset cannot solve. Here is how you can do a factory reset on the Nest Doorbell:

  • Remove the Nest Doorbell from the power source.

  • With the help of a paper clip or a pen, press and hold the device’s reset button for fifteen seconds.

  • Then, release the button and wait for the Doorbell to restart. This step will take time, as it typically takes a minute or two.

  • Reconnect the device to its power adapter.

  • The next step is to set up the Nest Doorbell.

Troubleshooting Advice

If your device remains unresponsive after the factory resetting process, your best option is to contact the Nest support team.

What to do after Resetting the Nest Doorbell?

After you have reset your device, you will need to set it up. Here are some steps that can be helpful for you:

  • On your tablet or smartphone, open the Nest app and select your particular doorbell from the list of devices.

  • In the app, follow the instructions and connect the device to your Wifi network. You may need to enter the name and password of your Wifi network.

  • Test the Nest Doorbell by pressing the button in the front. You should also verify the device to receive notifications on your tablet or phone.

  • If you have signed up for a Nest Aware subscription, ensure the subscription is active and configure any notification or recording settings you want for your Nest Doorbell.

Once you have followed these simple steps, your Nest Doorbell will be ready to use again.

Should you make any Preparations before Resetting the Nest Doorbell?

You should always make some preparations before resetting your device. Here is what you need:


  • smartphone or a computer with internet connectivity.

  • It is mandatory to have a Nest account.

Backup your Information

Before resetting your Nest Doorbell, you must back up valuable information, such as settings configurations or saved video clips.

Disconnect the Nest Doorbell

Before resetting the device, you must remove it from a power source. This step is necessary because it will ensure there are no interruptions during the restarting process.

Prepare a New Nest Doorbell Device

If you plan on resetting your device because you are selling it or giving it to someone, you must prepare it for the new recipient. This could include configuring the device for the recipient’s requirements or setting up a new Nest account.

When should you Reset your Nest Doorbell Device?

nest doorbell reset

If you are experiencing problems with the Nest Doorbell device, you can resolve the issues by resetting the device. Here are some situations in which it is ideal to go for a reset:

  • If you are having problems connecting your Nest Doorbell to a Wifi network, you can go for a reset of the device. Resetting the device and going through the reset procedure can help you establish a stable Wifi connection.

  • If your Nest doorbell is not recording video properly or isn’t detecting motion, it could be happening due to a hardware or software glitch. In this case, resetting the device is the best option for you.

  • If you are experiencing unusual behavior from your device, such as it giving away strange alerts or false alarms. In this situation, resetting the Nest Doorbell can help clear out any glitches or bugs that could’ve been causing the issue.

What to do if resetting the Nest Doorbell doesn’t Work?

If you have tried a factory reset and soft reset, and are still facing problems with the Doorbell, then it’s time to take a pause and see what else can be causing the problems.

Has it been Colder than Usual?

The Nest Doorbell only works if it is warmer than -20 Degrees Celsius outside. If you are using a wired Nest Doorbell or a Nest cam outdoor device, then the batteries won’t be able to charge if it is colder than 0 Degrees Celsius.

Do you have a strong and stable Wifi Network?

You must ensure you are connected to a 2.4 GHZ Wifi band. You can also download a testing application that will help you measure the Wifi network’s signal.

You should also ensure that you are pressing the rest button of your device for at least fifteen seconds, or the restart process will not initiate. If your device is still not restarting, ensure it is 100 % charged; if it isn’t, then restart it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the key differences between a factory, soft and hard reset?

A soft reset can only restart the Nest Doorbell, whereas a hard reset will delete all the configurations and settings of the device. However, a factory reset deletes all the settings, such as the camera’s entire video history, and returns the device to its default settings.

How long can the reset Process take for the Nest Doorbell?

The length of the reset process varies on the type of reset a user performs. A soft reset generally doesn’t take more than a few seconds; however, a factory reset and a hard reset can take a few minutes.

What to do if the Nest Doorbell doesn’t connect to a Wifi Network?

If your Nest Doorbell device is unable to connect to a Wifi network, you should try out these troubleshooting tips:

  • First, you must ensure your Wifi connection is working properly.

  • Check that your Nest Doorbell is within range of the Wifi network.

  • Ensure you have kept your Wifi network hidden.

  • Restart the Nest Doorbell and see if it connects to the Wifi network.


Restarting a Nest Doorbell is a straightforward process that can help you solve almost all the issues with the device. It doesn’t matter which type of reset you go for; the solutions outlined in this article will help you get your device back on track.

However, it is important to understand that if you go for a hard or factory reset, it will erase all your settings and configurations from the device.

It is essential to save all your settings before restarting the Nest Doorbell. If you encounter any issues in the restart procedure, you should immediately contact the Nest customer support team.

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