How To Reset Amazon Fire Stick Without Remote

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How to Reset Amazon Fire Stick

  • Use the Amazon Fire Stick App to reset your device fully.
  • You can use Alexa’s audio feature to reset the remote control.
  • Use other devices like another remote or a mouse or keyboard to reset the Fire Stick. 


Amazon Fire Stick, keyboards, mouse, alexa for reset

You can reset your Amazon Fire Stick without your remote control. 

However, if your Fire TV remote gets lost, damaged, or hidden by the family cat, enjoying your Amazon TV (and those factory defaults) can become a chore.

This article will help you reset your Fire Stick without a remote! With just a few simple suggestions involving the Fire TV app, Alexa, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth mouse, USB mouse, USB keyboard, TV remote, and even an HDMI-CEC-enabled remote, you can finally get the most out of your Fire TV device and happily stay glued to your Fire TV screen!

We highly recommend reading the article in full to become more acquainted with the Amazon Fire TV app, quickly factory reset Fire TVs, and take advantage of other features and settings. All you need is a reliable internet connection through your same wi fi network!

Why Reset Fire Stick without a remote?

reset of fire tv

Getting a new Fire Stick remote for your Fire TV can be a hassle! Fortunately, Amazon allows Fire TV users to factory reset their devices without a Fire TV remote. This proves useful and convenient when your Fire TV Stick keeps crashing or continues to be unresponsive.

Fire TV users have also reported other concerns, such as connection issues or safely connecting the device to a new Amazon product.

There are many other reasons to go for a Fire TV factory reset. If you have similar concerns on how to factory reset the Firestick without a remote, we got you!

Five best ways to reset firestick without remote

1. Use the mobile Fire TV App to Reset Your Remote

fire tv mobile app, Amazon Fire Stick App

The Fire TV app is arguably the best and most convenient way to factory reset the Fire Stick without a replacement remote!

Whether you have Apple or Android devices, factory resetting will be a breeze once you start downloading the Fire TV app from the App Store or Play Store!

The Fire app contains all of the important features of the Fire TV remote! After installing the app, make sure that your phone and the Fire TV are connected to the same wifi. This is necessary for your Fire TV stick to reset to factory defaults.

After you establish the connection, the Fire TV app will function as the remote control itself. You may access the Fire TV settings on the screen by clicking on the top left-corner settings symbol.

Here are the next steps:


    • Choose “My Fire TV” option on the screen instructions.

    • A menu with the option to “Reset to Factory Defaults” will display.

    • Reset your browser by clicking it. About two to five minutes pass during the reset.

If you don’t want to get a new remote, the Fire TV app will help you to reset firestick without a remote.

2. Reset Firestick without a remote control by asking Alexa to do it

alexa for reset

Giving the Fire Stick TV a reset command through Alexa is also one of the simplest ways to reset it without a remote control.

You only need to ask Alexa what to do, and it will automatically reset itself.

When you connect your Fire TV to the Alexa app, you can find on your screen your compatible Alexa devices.

Here are the commands for Alexa:


    • Go to Settings Menu

    • Select My Fire TV

    • Find Devices

    • Select Firestick

    • Go to Factory Reset Default

    • Confirm Reset

3.  Connect Mouse or Keyboard to Reset Amazon Fire Stick 

keyboard and mouse for reset

Another way to reset the Amazon Fire Stick without remote control if you’ve lost or misplaced yours is to simply connect or pair a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard device with it. Although it gives you less control than the other alternatives, this one can still be useful occasionally for the reset process.

You’ll need to use the Fire TV app on your phone or tablet at this stage, of course. However, you can set up anything for a future time when you need it.

Here are the processes for resetting the Fire stick using the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse:


    • Sync your Bluetooth device with a Fire Stick on your screen that requires the settings.

    • After being connected, select Controllers

    • Click Bluetooth Devices

    • Then choose Other Bluetooth Devices

    • Select Add Bluetooth Devices from the settings menu

    • The accessible Bluetooth devices will be found by your Fire Stick and shown on the screen.

    • From the list, choose your Bluetooth device.

    • The “My Fire TV” option can then be accessed using the mouse or keyboard.

    • Select the device you want to reset to factory defaults.

4. Use the Normal TV Remote to Reset Your Fire TV

normal remote

The remote from your TV might work to operate your Fire stick. To control any HDMI-connected device, you will need a TV remote that supports HDMI-CEC.

Most of the TV brands will already allow you to use your TV remote right away. If it’s not, take the following actions:


    • First, select the menu tools tab on the screen instructions.

    • Next, look for the HDMI-CEC option, and activate HDMI-CEC.

    • Third, your TV remote will function as a Fire TV remote after HDMI-CEC mode has been enabled.

    • Pick Device from the menu, click Reset to Factory Defaults

    • Click Reset to confirm.

5. Using USB keyboard and Mouse to Reset Amazon Fire TV Stick

usb keyboards and mouse for reset

When all else fails, this approach is also useful. You can use USB keyboards and USB mouse to reset the Amazon Fire Stick without using a remote.

For USB keyboard:


    • No matter if you are using a wireless or wired keyboard, the first step is to insert it into the USB port on the TV.

    • By pressing the “Escape” and “Right Arrow” keys at the same time and holding them down for 15 seconds, the reset settings are then made available.

    • An option for a hard reset will be visible on the screen. Reset will begin after you click it. The Fire Stick will automatically reset if you don’t choose reset.

For the Mouse:


    • The first step is just the same as the USB keyboard’s initial procedure. Just insert it on the USB port on the TV.

    • Next is you will navigate the settings on your TV.

    • Select “My Fire TV”.

    • Select Reset to factory defaults

    • And lastly, select Reset on your TV.

After that the USB Keyboard or mouse will be removed successfully after the reboot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

#1 How to factory reset the fire stick to defaults without using any settings menu

amazon firestick

Usually, having slight malfunctions are normal and solvable by the factory reset. 

Be aware that performing factory reset will remove your registration in the amazon account and it will appear as if you have purchased a new one.

You will need to collect to your Wi Fi and specify your AWS security credentials to determine and approve your access.

We can use remote control buttons as an alternative to the settings menu. First, press and hold the right and back buttons on your remote control for at least 10 seconds or longer and click reset. To finish the procedure, follow the displayed instructions on the full screen.

#2 Will my app run on Amazon Fire TV?

app for amazon tv

Yes! Your app will most likely function and connect on a Smart TV if it functions on Fire TV. Your app needs to be compatible with Amazon TV device requirements.

Your software must adhere to the Content Policy for the Amazon Appstore. Additionally, Amazon advises that you test your app independently and submit an update from latest posts if you run into any issues after you connect it.


Resetting your Fire Stick without an app is a straightforward process that can help you troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing with your smart home entertainment setup. Whether you need to start from scratch or simply want to clear out any unwanted data, resetting your Fire Stick is a quick and easy solution. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to reset your device in no time and get back to enjoying all of your favorite content. 

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