How to Find Lost AirPods that are Offline and Dead?

Find dead or lost airpods


Apple’s AirPods are one of the most popular accessories in recent times, and it may be hard to find better earbuds for your Apple devices. It is because they stand out from the rest due to their robustness, portability, and excellent sound quality.

For regular users, AirPods have become a quintessential accessory without which they find it hard to function. In such a case, losing AirPods can be highly distressing, particularly if they are offline or dead.

One may wonder if locating their exact location in such an instance is even possible. The good news is while it may be hard to get out of the conundrum, it is not entirely impossible. In this article, we offer some useful tips through which you can locate AirPods despite being offline and dead. Let’s have a look.

What does Dead or Offline AirPods Mean?

Before we delve into how to find dead or offline AirPods, let’s first understand what offline or dead AirPods really mean. Lost AirPods could mean losing one or both earpieces or both the earpieces in their charging case.

Offline or dead AirPods could indicate that the AirPods are out of the range of the iDevice or are out of charging. In this case, the Find My App is the most helpful tool. However, if Find My App is unable to locate the AirPods, you may receive a notification of No Location Found in this case.

Thus to find the most recent location of the AirPods, your best chance is with Find My App. Continue reading to find out how to find lost AirPods with the Find My App.

Use Find My App

apple find my app

The first and foremost suggestion would be to use the Find My App. It is most likely your best bet to find lost AirPods. Apple’s Find My App is not only helpful in locating AirPods but can also be used to trace the location of other Apple devices, even when they are offline. You can use the Find My App to track the devices via a linked iCloud account.

If you have lost both or one of your AirPods outside of the charging case, you can use the Find My App to find the precise and estimated location of the AirPods within a range of 30 to 60 feet via Bluetooth and GPS data.

However, it is pertinent to note that you will only get the last known location data of the AirPods through the Find My App if they are offline or dead. The only scenario where you can find the current location data of the AirPods is if they still have some battery life.

Here is how you can use the Find My App to learn the last known location of your AirPods.

  • Open Find My App on your iPhone from the utilities in the App menu

  • Now open the Devices tab to navigate to your AirPods

  • Check your AirPods battery level and their last known location

If your AirPods are still within the Bluetooth range and there is some remaining battery life, you may be able to locate them. However, if your AirPods have been missing for a long period, the app will display an offline message reflecting the same. In this case, the Find My App will not display the missing AirPods last location information.

Finding Dead AirPods within Bluetooth Range

There can be two instances in the case of dead AirPods; they may be in or out of the Bluetooth range.

If the AirPods die within the Bluetooth range, you can use the Find My App to find their last known location. Unless someone has removed the AirPods before you can get to them, there is a good chance you will find them.

Finding Dead AirPods out of Bluetooth Range

If you happen to lose when the AirPods are dead and out of Bluetooth range, finding them may be a little more challenging. In this case, the Find My App may not be the best solution. You will have to resort to jogging your memory to find the missing AirPods last location or rely on your detective skills and try to find them.

When can I use Find My App to locate missing AirPods

The average battery life of a fully charged AirPod depends on the variant. In the case of second-generation AirPods, the average listening time of a fully-charged AirPods device is 24 hours, while for third-generation AirPods, the duration extends to 30 hours.

Therefore, if you happen to misplace the AirPods and they were turned on for a prolonged period, there is a high probability that the AirPods battery has died.

Hence, the Find My App works only when you have a charged pair of AirPods, and you happen to lose them outside of the charging case. On the other hand, offline or dead AirPods are tedious to find via Find My App as it needs to use a Bluetooth connection to locate them. If the AirPods were offline for a short duration, you could use the last known location to locate them.

On the other hand, if they were lost for a long time, you may have trouble locating them using the app. In this case, you will be left with no choice but to find them manually.

How to Find Dead AirPods manually

dead airpods

As a last resort, you may need to retrace your steps to try and locate the lost AirPods. It may be hard to remember small details like when was the last time you last saw or used the AirPods. However, given the circumstances, that may be the best option.

While finding lost AirPods may be stressing you out, it is important not to fret. Just take a deep breath and try and remember when you last knew where your AirPods were. Search the place carefully where you normally put them when your are not using them. It could be anywhere; your nightstand, study table drawers, car, gym shorts or jacket pockets, etc.

If you cannot remember right away where you might have misplaced the AirPods, give it some time. Try diverting your mind; turn on Netflix or listen to music, and it may eventually come back to you.

However, if, despite trying hard to find AirPods, you are unable to locate them, you could always buy a new pair. It could be your chance to get the upgrade you had been vying for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to avoid losing my AirPods?

Finding offline or dead AirPods can be very hard, so adopting preventive measures is pertinent. One of the best things to avoid losing your AirPods is to put them inside the AirPods charging case when you are not using them.

Another recommendation is to get Apple AirTag. It is a tracking device that will help you track the Airpods when they’re dead or offline Airpods.

What is considered out of range for AirPods?

The optimal range for AirPods is considered to be 30 to 60 feet. Beyond this range, the audio quality may be compromised. You may also be able to track their location within this range via Bluetooth.

How can I find dead AirPods?

If you lose AirPods that are dead, you may be able to track their last location when they were connected. If the AirPods are not charged, out of Bluetooth range, or inside their case with cover closed, use Apple’s Find My App to get their last known location.

How can I put AirPods into Lost Mode? 

To put your AirPods in Lost Mode, open Find My App and navigate to the Devices tab. Select AirPods and click activate. You will be prompted to enter your phone number after clicking on Continue, after which you can activate Notify When Found.


For the avid user, losing your AirPods can be your worst fear come true. While their portability is their main characteristic and helps you make the best out of your iPhone, this very trait makes them prone to losing as well.

We hope this guide was useful in helping you find lost AirPods when they’re dead or offline. To avoid losing your AirPods, it is best to keep them inside case when not in use or invest in a tracking device.

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