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Amazon Fire Stick

Imagine your Wi-fi is not working, and you’ve tried fixing your router but nothing seems to be working. You plan on watching movies on the Fire stick but will you be able to watch them without an internet connection?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do with the Fire Stick if you don’t have a working internet connection. That said, there are a few things you can use your Fire tv stick for even if you don’t have an internet connection and in this article, we will discuss them.

Does the Fire Tv Stick Need the Internet to Work?

All of the applications on the Amazon fire tv stick need an internet connection to work. If you don’t have a stable internet connection, you will be unable to play games, download videos or stream tv shows from streaming platforms on the Fire Stick.

Without an internet connection, you will also be unable to mirror your personal device’s screen or cast content from your mobile phone on the Amazon Fire tv stick.

There are many ways you can connect the Amazon Fire tv stick to the internet. One is through the Ethernet cable. You can connect one end of the cable to the router and the other end to your Fire Stick device. The other way is through the Wi-fi network and the third method is through a personal mobile hotspot.

Is there anything you can do on the Fire Stick without Internet Access?

While you will be more limited when you don’t have an internet connection, there are still a few things you can do on the Fire tv Stick:

Play videos from a USB stick OR watch Pre-download Content

USB Stick

Do you want to download movies or your favorite tv shows and watch them later? While you will need the internet to initiate the downloads, later, you can play the content offline.

However, to download content, you must install a media player application such as VLC. You can download the VLC application from the Amazon app store. Here is how you can download the VLC media player application:

Step 1

Go to the Fire tv Stick application and look for the ‘Find’ option.

Step 2

Look for the VLC application.

Step 3

Install the VLC application for the Amazon Fire Tv stick.

Step 4

Open the previously downloaded VLC app, and when asked, allow the app to access photographs, files, and media.

Step 5

On the screen, you will see a popup window. This window will ask if you want to add a storage device to the media library. You must press the ‘Yes’ option on the window.

Step 6

Now, you can browse the Fire Stick video content through the VLC application.

You will also need to download a downloader application. This application will enable you to download content on the Fire Tv stick which you can play later on your laptop, phone, or smart tv screen.

On the other hand, if you have content such as movies and tv shows on a USB stick, you can play them on the Fire Stick tv device. Since you have pre-downloaded the content on an external device, you won’t require internet access.

However, you will require a USB splitter and adapter. The adapter will enable you to connect the Amazon Fire Stick to power through the Micro USB port and then connect a USB stick to the device.

Then, you can put the Micro USB cable of the Fire Stick in the Micro USB port in the adapter to connect to a power source. The Amazon Fire Tv Stick will instantly recognize the adapter and will allow you to open content through a file explorer.

Mirror or Project Devices to your Fire Tv Cube or Stick

Project on Screen

If you have a LAN (Local Area Network connection) you connect project your screen from a device to your Fire Tv Cube or Stick. Here is the process:

Projecting the Fire Tv Stick with Windows 10

Step 1

The first step is to find the Action center on your Windows device. You can find the action center at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2

Then click the ‘Expand’ option.

Step 3

Once you press expand, you will then need to select ‘Project’.

Step 4

After pressing the project option, you need to choose this: Connect to a wireless display.

Step 5

Now, choose the Fire Tv Stick.

Step 6

A screen will appear on your device.

Step 7

However, if a screen doesn’t appear, go to the settings.

Step 8

Select the ‘Display and Sounds option’.

Step 9

Then, press this option: Enable display mirroring, and the screen will appear on your device.

Play Offline Games

While you won’t be able to play multiplayer android games since there isn’t an active internet connection, you can still play offline games on the Fire TV stick.

There are a wide array of games you can choose from the Amazon app store. Some of our favorite games are Dino T-Rex and Shark World.

However, you must download these games when your device is connected to the internet. Once the game is on your device, you can play it offline. You will be able to connect your video game controller via a wired or Bluetooth connection.

Set up a Hotspot Connection

If you have cellular internet, you can use a portable router or your smartphone to create a Hotspot connection and connect your Amazon Fire Tv stick to an active internet connection. Here are some steps you should take to set up a hotspot connection:

Step 1

Go to the settings on your mobile phone, and activate the mobile hotspot feature. You can also go to the drop-down menu and press the hotspot icon.

Step 2

On your Fire Tv Stick, go to the settings section and choose Network.

Step 3

Choose your mobile phone’s hotspot.

Step 4

Enter the password for your hotspot and then press select.

The Fire Stick will confirm when it reaches a connection, and then you can use the device. However, you should know that the Amazon Fire Tv stick will use the data bandwidth of your phone, which can cost you a lot of money.

Use Kodi

Kodi is one of the most popular streaming platforms for Tv shows and movies. You can download and install Kodi on your Fire Tv Stick device. Kodi will enable you to download your favorite content directly to the Amazon Fire tv stick device.

You can also watch movies and Tv shows offline on Kodi. In fact, you can use all the features on Kodi offline except for the media library. If you can download all the movies and Tv shows in advance, you can watch content on Kodi later.

Use Miracast

Your Fire Stick Tv device should be compatible with Miracast, and if it supports Miracast, you can mirror your smartphone through the Fire Stick.

For instance, if you are watching content on an Apple device, you can send the content to the smart tv screen where your Fire Tv stick is connected.

However, the drawback here is that Miracast only functions on selected smartphone devices, usually those that have Android 4.2 software or higher.

Subscribe to the Freetime Unlimited Service

Freetime Unlimited is a 12-month, affordable service, that is perfect for kids and works with an active internet connection. Adults and children can watch movies, play games and read books that they have previously downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a monthly Fee for the Amazon Fire Tv Stick?

No! There is no monthly fee associated with the Amazon Fire Tv stick device. You will only need to pay for the device once. However, in some cases, the IOS and Android apps may charge a subscription fee for the services they offer.

How to connect the Fire Stick Tv device to an Internet Connection?

It is straightforward to connect the Fire Stick Tv device to an internet connection. With the help of the Amazon Fire Tv stick remote, go to the settings section. In the settings, pick Network.

Your Fire Stick device will automatically detect nearby Wi-Fi connections. Select a Wi Fi network and your device will have a stable internet connection.

What are the Free Channels on the Amazon Fire Tv Stick?

There are many free channels that the Amazon Fire Tv Stick supports such as Pluto Tv, Xumo, Plex and Tubi. Two of the best free kids channels on the Fire Tv Stick are GoNoodle and PBSKids.


The Amazon Fire Tv stick is an amazing device, and you can use it to stream different forms of content. While to use all the functions of the Fire Stick, you will need an internet connection, the device is still handy without active internet.

In this article, we have discussed several things which you can do when your Fire Stick TV device is not connected to the internet. You can also create an Hotspot connection and connect your device with your smartphone, if you don’t have a Wireless internet connection.

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