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Is Fitbit Charge 5 Waterproof?

Is Fitbit Charge 5 Waterproof? Everything You Need to Know

If you’re considering getting a Fitbit Charge 5, you may be wondering whether it’s waterproof. After all, you don’t want to risk damaging your fitness tracker during water-based activities(or other times you get wet). In this article, we’ll explore whether the Fitbit Charge 5 is water resistant and can withstand submersion(complete or partial) in water.

Smartwatch CrossFit

Best Fitness Tracker for Crossfit in 2023

When it comes to finding the best fitness tracker for CrossFit, there are a few key features that you should look for. CrossFit is a high-intensity workout that involves a combination of weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics. Therefore, a good fitness tracker for CrossFit should be able to track a wide range of activities and provide accurate data on your performance.

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