Can Alexa Read a PDF? Yes, but follow these steps first…

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Echo Show 10 with Alexa

How Alexa Can Read A PDF Document:


    • Convert PDF to Epub or Mobi using Calibre browser

    • Use the Kindle App after converting your PDF to Ebook

What is the Alexa App?

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The Alexa app is an app that allows hands-free, voice-controlled services through devices that are compatible with Alexa. Despite it’s many features, you might also wonder, “can Alexa read a PDF?”

It does not take a lot of skill to learn how to use Alexa.

Additionally, the app answers your questions, lets you create shopping lists, get news updates, and even learn the definitions of any word.

You can also access location, do your job better, find a reference to something, and mostly read articles.

You can play music, play a podcast, or play movies on other devices as well.

However, it is more than making Alexa read. In a few seconds, you can receive responses to your commands through Alexa skill.

In this article, we answer this pressing question so you can maximize your Alexa as much as possible.

How to make Alexa read a PDF File by Using a Different Browser

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 You can use different browsers to format your Kindle books to the right format such as converting PDFs to MOBI for the Kindle device.

An example of a browser that you can use to format your Kindle books is Calibre. Calibre allows you to convert PDF to Epub or even MOBI and other formats.

How can Alexa read through my Kindle Library and Kindle Device?

Echo Show 8 1st Generation, 2019 device

Kindle as an app is very essential in making Alexa read your documents and any other file. You don’t need to look at a screen nor tap anything because of voice commands.

You may access or read audiobooks through Alexa in a few seconds.

Make sure to first convert your files to the right format.

The Kindle library can be used on several devices. Alexa can detect the file or the document as long as PDFs are in Ebook format.

So how, then, does Alexa allow this through the screen of a gadget? As long as the text is published. You can play the audio simply by commanding Alexa with your voice!

Simply ask Alexa to start reading from your files. It’s like having a phone with Siri. Or having an Android phone with Bixby.

You can say, “Alexa, read [Title of the Book/Chapter/Article Title].”

The image that you create for Alexa gets noticed without having to tap anything.

For an article, it is essential to know the article index number as well to either convert the article for Kindle so you can start reading through Kindle.

Another way of reading through the use of Alexa is by turning on the Kindle assistive reader. This allows the app to have text-to-speech capabilities.

In the Kindle App, you can also start by opening the app, going to books and then tapping the book you want to read. This is if you don’t feel like using your voice to command Alexa to read to you.

The Benefits of making Alexa read PDF documents

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More importantly, Alexa can help you read chapter by chapter without getting you overwhelmed. You no longer need a Kindle nor a Kindle library to become a reader.

Being a reader also means a change of matter such as audio.

More so, if you are a person with a disability, this becomes convenient for you because you don’t have to look at paper or a screen in to read.

Alexa can write your idea as well and save it. So if you’re a writer, you can read a PDF file or listen to it too for more convenience.

If the total chapter count is high, then it will be faster to receive message through listening. For an audio-based reader, it becomes more of a personal experience for their favorite books.

Additionally, you can also save time by no longer needing to go through dragging pages of an article or book.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Alexa read EPUB books as well?

Absolutely! Aside from PDF and any other document on Kindle, as long as you purchase the file through Kindle or the Amazon store.

2. Can Alexa read Wikipedia articles?

As long as you use the voice command to command Alexa to do it, then it can read Wikipedia articles as a file or a Kindle book.

She reads smoothly and with an easy-to-understand voice at a pace that is easy to follow too.

3. Can Alexa read a News Article?

Just as well as how she can read anything through Kindle and Wikipedia as well!

The voice commands that you may use are “Alexa, play the news” or if you want a shorter summary of the news, then you can say “Alexa, play Flash Briefing”.

Asking her to “play the news” gives a more in-depth summary of the news. It’s basically a longer version of the news.


Alexa can indeed read PDF and other files for you.

Since the Alexa app can serve as a Kindle too, you can save your eyes the trouble and multitask even while listening to your Ebooks.

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