22 Best Z Wave Devices in 2023

Best Z-Wave Devices

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Enbrighten Z Wave Smart Rocker Light Switch

UltraPro Z Wave Plus Smart Light Switch

Kwikset Smart Code Smart Lock

Zooz Z Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15

  • Hands-free control

  • Three alarm systems

  • Samsung smart things hub

  • voice control

  • Three-way ready light switches

  • Full home coverage

  • Support for Alexa

  • Repeater functionality

  • Easy to install

  • Easily rekey

  • 30+ programmable codes

  • Direct notification

  • 45-degree angled

  • Working temperature range

  • Smart Z Wave power switch

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If you are interested in smart home devices and home systems, there is a chance you are probably familiar with Z-wave-supported devices and network. The Z wave network is a perfect substitute for Wi-Fi-enabled home systems.

The Z wave devices operate on a special Z, which are controlled by the Z wave controller. However, now that you know what a Z wave device is, which ones are the best? In this article, we will list the best Z wave devices, enabling you to purchase the one that suits your requirements.

The Top Z Wave Devices on the Market

Best Z-Wave Smart Lock: SCHLAGE BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt


SCHLAGE is a top brand in the market and is popular for producing high-quality smart door locks and security systems. This smart deadbolt works with the Z wave system and even if you have a dedicated home system, it won’t provide you full security unless you have a Z wave smart lock.

This product offers several key security features that perfectly suit a smart deadbolt. The first thing you will notice is that this device has a digital display. There is a numeric panel, and you will need to enter a pin code to unlock this lock.

The pin is only known to the owner, but you can change the pin as per your requirements. Apart from the digital display, this product has several alarm systems built into the deadbolt. Basically, there are three alarm systems for different activities.

As soon as this Z device detects activity, it will instantly alert the owner. In an intruder or stranger tries to tamper with the deadbolt, the Z device will generate a fifteen-second alarm that will be enough to alarm the owner.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It has a digital code for additional security

  • It is a great addition to your home security setup

  • It has a warranty period of three years

Slight Drawback

  • An expensive smart device

Best Z-Wave Smart Switch: Enbrighten Z Wave Smart Rocker Light Switch

In every household, light switches are common electrical devices. Enbrighten has introduced a smart light switch in the market, that works with the Z Wave network. By installing Z Wave switches in your household, you can easily connect devices to your Z Wave controller and provide the controller with a decent range.

Despite being a smart light switch, this is a basic device and has a quick installation process. These smart rocker light switches are also compatible with other smart devices such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

This product also supports a wide array of Z Wave controllers such as Vera, Honeywell, Wink, and Samsung Smart things. Therefore, compatibility is not an issue with this product. However, along with voice control, you can also control this light switch from your smartphone through an app.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It has an impressive range of 150 feet

  • Each light switch can work as a repeater for Z Waves

  • It offers remote access through a smartphone app

Slight Drawback

  • This product is more expensive than other basic light switches

UltraPro Z Wave Plus Smart Light Switch

UltraPro is a brand that is popular for making highly affordable Z Wave smart devices. The company also manufactures good quality smart light switches that you can easily install in your house.

The Ultra Pro Z Wave Plus smart light switches might be the best budget-friendly smart light switches on the market. This product offers a wide array of smart features, which are perfect for all home security systems or setups.

These smart light switch work on the SimpleWire technology, which makes the product sustainable for houses. You can also easily install this smart switch anywhere in your house. UltraPro has done a good job of making this device over 200 % more compact than its other smart devices.

This product comes with QuickFit support, which means you can even install over light switch boxes. Another impressive feature of this smart light switch is that it has voice control capabilities, and includes support for both Google Assistant and Alexa.

Why we think its Great

  • It has voice-control capabilities

  • This switch is easy to install and replace

  • It comes with QuickFit and SimpleWire technology

Slight Drawback

  • You may need an add-on light switch for three-way circuits

Kwikset Smart Code Smart Lock

You can even access this smart lock through a smartphone app and include this product in your smart home system. While this lock comes with a keyhole, you don’t need a key to operate it as you just new a pin code, which you can put via the digital panel on the lock or through your smartphone and operate this smart lock.

This device can also work as a sensor for other smart devices. Once you activate this smart lock, it will provide valuable feedback to the Z Wave controller about your arrival in the house which can turn on the air conditioner, air purifier and other smart devices.

Also, if you feel like this smart lock has been compromised, you can rekey the product with three easy steps. 

Why we think its Great

  • It offers remote access and wireless connectivity

  • It can work via a smartphone

  • You can use this device to control other smart devices

Slight Drawback

  • It has a lackluster code system

Zooz Z Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15

ZooZ has introduced a unique Z Wave device in the market. This is a power switch that will enable you to connect any external device for smart features and effective energy monitoring. This is the perfect Z Wave device for those that need a secure and safe connection option for heavy-duty devices such as water heaters, microwaves and refrigerators.

This product can easily support over 110 volts of electrical power, and due to the 45-degree angled plus design, you can easily put two of these switches on a single switchboard.

While this device offers a secure connection to smart devices, it also has basic repeater functionality for Z Wave devices. This product also comes with AES signal encryption which will keep your signal encrypted and secure.

This device offers a durable design that can withstand temperatures in the range of 14 to 104 Degrees Fahrenheit. This ZooZ smart power switch is also ETL certified, so your connected smart devices will be safe in case of electrical problems such as a surge.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It comes with a 12-month warranty

  • It has a sturdy design that can withstand extreme temperature levels

  • Easy to install the product

Slight Drawback

  • It has a limited smart functionality

Kwikset Convert Z Wave Plus Lock


Kwikset regularly produces a wide array of smart lock products that are compatible with the Z Wave network. Here is another smart lock from Kwikset that has Z Wave network compatibility. This is the perfect option for those that want a smart lock with remote access.

This is a comparatively compact smart lock and it can even convert your existing deadbolt system into a smart lock. This will enable you to have keyless or remote access to the lock from your smartphone through an app. 

However, since this lock works through a smartphone app, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can operate this lock from literally any location.

The best thing about the Kwikset Convert Z Wave Plus Lock is that it is compatible with a range of Kwikset Schlage, Baldwin, and Weiser deadbolts. You can also enable the automatic lock function in this smart lock, which will automatically lock the door 30 seconds after it was unlocked.

However, please ensure you are carrying your smartphone when you leave your house, or this lock will lock you out of your house.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It comes with a 12-month warranty

  • It provides remote access to the house

  • You can control this lock through your smartphone

Slight Drawback

  • It doesn’t offer a pin code unlocking option

  • Slightly expensive

Best Z Wave Smart Fire Alarm: First Alert Z Wave Smart Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

First Alert has been one of the most reliable and popular brands in the market since its inception in 1958. The brand’s large product range consists of high-quality products such as smart home devices, safes, fire extinguishers, and alarms.

This Z Wave smart detector and carbon monoxide alarm runs on batteries and can help protect you and your loved ones from dangerous accidents. This product has been specifically designed with certified Z wave systems and a ring alarm security system.

This means that this product will offer you mobile alerts if there is an emergency in your house. This 2-in-1 product has a tamper-resistant battery door, a photoelectric smoke sensing chamber, and an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor and silence option.

This product is also easy and safe to install and has passed all the ICC codes. The best thing about this smart detector and carbon monoxide alarm is that it comes with a seven-year warranty. 

Why we think it’s Great

  • It is a battery-powered smart home device

  • It has a compact design

  • It comes with a seven-year warranty

Slight Drawback

  • It has fewer smart features than other smart home devices

  • Its construction is worse than other Z Wave devices

FIBARO Double Switch 2 Z Wave Plus Smart


If you have installed all the essential Z Wave home devices in your household, you must also install a remote relay to monitor energy. This is a great Z Wave Fibaro remote relay, and you can use it for two devices at once.

You can also easily install this switch in an electrical outlet to make it compatible with the Z Wave system or just place it in an existing light switch box. This product can work with a wide array of light switches and offers desirable results.

You can also control the FIBARO Double Switch 2 Z Wave Plus Smart through your mobile phone via a smartphone app. This product is Z Wave certified and comes with a 12-month warranty.

Why we think its Great

  • It offers an advanced microprocessor control

  • You can use this device with different light switches

  • It offers unmatched wireless functionality

Slight Drawback

  • It is not compatible with the Apple Homekit

Best Z-Wave Motion Sensor: Ecolink Z-Wave Motion Sensor


The Ecolink Z Wave motion sensor is a smart security device, that works with most top brands and is compatible with Zwave and Smartthing devices. This motion sensor will keep your house safe and it will trigger an alarm if an intruder enters your home.

This product also has an automation feature and offers pet immunity of over 55 pounds. This means that this motion sensor eliminates false alarms from the pets. This device comes with a five year warranty and is easy to install.

The best thing about this compact product is that you can either mount it on your wall or place it somewhere else in your house.

Why we think its Great

  • It is a powerful home security system

  • It is compatible with all types of Z wave home devices

  • Easy to use and install the product

Slight Drawback

  • It doesn’t offer as much smart features as other devices

Aeotec Z Stick Gen 5 Z Wave Hub Z Wave Plus

The Aeotec Z Stick Gen 5 Z Wave Hub Z Wave Plus is one of the best Z Wave devices on the market. This product offers desirable results and the best thing about this device is its compatibility.

The Aeotec Z Stick Gen 5 Hub is compatible with all smart home devices. On top of that, this smart hub device can offer a range of 492 feet, which is more than what most security hubs can offer.

While this device is not directly compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you will need a third-party application to use them, it is capable of controlling more than 232 devices at a time.

This tiny but powerful device works well with different operating systems such as Raspberry Pi 4, Linux, Mac, and Windows. Lastly, this product comes with a 12-month warranty, so you won’t have to spend money on repairs.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It offers superb performance

  • It is a compact and powerful smart hub device

  • It is compatible with all Z Wave devices

Slight Drawback

  • It doesn’t offer direct support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Best Z-Wave Smart Hub: Ezlo Plus Smart Home Hub

Ezlo Plus

While Ezlo is a fairly new brand in the market and is a great option for those who are looking for a reliable and highly durable smart hub device. This is reliable product is also perfect for long-term use and is quite versatile as it supports both Z Wave and Zigbee devices.

Apart from the versatility, we are also impressed by this product’s compatibility. The Ezlo Plus Smart home device is compatible with IOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Not only can you operate this smart home hub from your smartphone like iPhone through an app, but you can also control it through voice commands.

While this product is a compact form factor and lacks range rating, it is still a great pick thanks largely to the three-year warranty that accompanies the product. This warranty is much longer than other Z Wave devices since most of them come with only a 12-month warranty.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It is a highly affordable and versatile product.

  • It is compact and small with USB connectivity.

  • It offers a good performance in terms of its range.

Slight Drawback

  • It doesn’t come with a range rating.

  • It lacks the advanced features that other Z Wave devices have.

August Smart Lock Pro

Unlike other Z Waves security hubs, August is a manufacturer of smart locks and offers a complete kit of a hub and lock that work on other smart home devices. Not only do you get a quality smart lock, but this device is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

This versatile device can also work with other Z Wave devices, making it a perfect option for those who have many Z Wave home devices in their home. However, there is one drawback of this product that we need to highlight, and that is the only 15 feet range. 

Most Z Wave smart home devices such as security hubs offer a range of 100 feet or more. However, if a short-range product works for you, you can invest in the August Smart Lock Pro. However, when it comes to reliability, this product offers a 12-month warranty, which will prevent you from spending extra on repairs.

Why we think its Great

  • It is an incredibly sturdy product

  • It is an easy-to-use smart security hub

  • It is compatible with several home devices

Slight Drawback

  • The network range is only fifteen feet

HomeSeer HT G3 Pi Smart Home Hub


HomeSeer is a top brand in the market and is popular for producing high-quality Z Wave hubs. This is a highly versatile product becomes it offers remote access and is compatible with Android and IOS phones.

To control this hub from your smartphone, you just need to install an app on your phone. However, in addition to remote access, this product also offers locally managed automation for reliability, security, and quick performance.

This is a perfect option for those people who want to purchase a customizable home security hub, since this product is based on Raspberry Pi. This product also works well with other smart home technologies such as Hubitat, Wi-Fi, Chromecast, Tesla Powerwall, and more.

The best thing about this product is that it offers voice control. You can easily connect this device with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It is also compatible with products and services with IFTTT and Node-Red. Lastly, in addition to all the cool stuff this product offers, you will also get a 12-month warranty.

Why we think its Great

  • It offers support for Alexa and Google Assistant

  • It offers camera management

  • It comes with a decent warranty

Slight Drawback

  • There is no range rating mentioned on the product

  • An expensive smart home security hub

Leviton Z Wave Smart Light Switch


You can easily connect the Leviton Z Wave smart light switch to a Z Wave hub such as Wink or Smart things, to establish a remote control connection. This will enable you to easily control the lights not only when you are home but also when you are away.

This smart light switch is compatible with a wide array of light bulbs, including CFL and LED bulbs. This means, that you don’t need to worry whether your bulb will work with the Leviton Z Wave smart light switch or not. 

To install this smart light switch, you must have a neutral wire. However, if you are not sure what this wire is, it is better to hire a professional such as an electrician. You can also control this smart light switch with the help of voice commands.

This is an amazing feature, as you don’t have to use your hands to operate this product. This smart light switch also has a multi-locating switching feature, which enables the user to control the lights from several locations at a time.

Most customers that have used this product have praised the easy setup and installation procedure. The switch generally works seamlessly with smart home systems such as Ring Alarm Z wave, Vivint Security, and Samsung smart things.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It supports voice commands

  • It comes in various colors to match the decor

  • It has a large wireless range

Slight Drawback

  • It may not be compatible with all kinds of wiring setups or lightening fixtures

  • Some customers have complained about the reliability of this product

GE Enbrighten Z Wave Plus Smart Light Dimmer

Before you purchase the GE Enbrigthen Z Wave Plus smart light dimmer, it is essential to know that it is compatible with your smart home system. However, if this product is compatible with your smart home system, you just need a few tools and wires and install them on the wall.

This product comes with SimpleWire technology and has a QuickFit design, and you can easily put it even in the smallest of light boxes.

This light dimmer comes with auto line load sensing terminals that can detect the line and the off-ground ports are compatible with multi-switch setups. The good news is that this dimmer can work with all kinds of bulbs, such as Halogen, CFL, and LED.

There are also many ways you can control this device. You can operate it through voice commands. You can use your voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control this device.

You can also operate the GE Enbrigthen Z Wave Plus smart light dimmer with your smartphone through an app. Lastly, there is also manual operation, so you can operate the dimmer with your fingers. 

As far as the design of this product is concerned, it comes with light almond and white paddles, but there are also other colors available. This device makes it extremely easy to create a cohesive look around the house and replace existing light switches. You can even customize the lighting with this product, and adjust it to suit your home decor.

Why we think it’s Great

  • Easy to install and use

  • It is compatible with different bulbs

  • It offers various control options

Slight Drawback

  • It is not compatible with non-Z Wave hubs

  • Some users have complained about poor customer support

Aeotec WallMote Quad Remote

Aeotec WallMote Quad

The Aeotec Wallmote Quad remote is one of the best Z Wave device on the market. This device has a simple and sleek design and will enable you to control up to sixteen different devices and scenes.

You will get an easy-to-control and haptic response product that is powered by lithium-ion batteries. However, the best part about this product is the installation as it incredibly easy to install.

This is a multipurpose product because not only are you get a remote controller, but you are also getting a wall switch. Whether you want to control the lights from a room or your couch, you an easily do that with this device.

This product is also compatible with other Z Wave devices, so if you have other devices at home, you can easily connect it to this switch. The Aeotec WallMote Quad also has Z Wave certification. 

Why we think its Great

  • It is compatible with all Z Wave gateways

  • It comes with a rechargeable battery

  • It can control over sixteen scenes

Slight Drawback

  • Some users have complained about this device not connecting properly with other smart home devices.

VeraSecure Z Wave Controller

Vera Control VeraSecure

This product will present you with a great opportunity, as now you can connect all the smart home devices from a single computer or mobile phone. With the highly efficient app, you can quickly set the ideal temperature, set schedules and coordinate switches.

The software of the VeraSecure Z controller has an intuitive and modern design, which makes the product easy to use. You can easily access this device’s software from your personal computer or smartphone.

This product has a responsive display, that can report light and temperature levels throughout the house. It is also straightforward to install this device and it comes with pre-configured settings, which makes the setup process even easier.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It supports more than a thousand Wi-fi protocols and devices

  • It comes with pre-configured settings

  • It has a responsive display

Slight Drawback

  • To design complex scenes, you will need professionals

Logitech Harmony Hub Extender

Logitech Harmony Home Hub Extender

The Harmony Hub Extender is one of the most flexible and versatile products on this list. This device is compatible with all home theater systems and can also turn your phone or tablet into a universal remote.

Imagine you can’t find your home theater remote, and you have the Logitech Harmony Hub Extender, you won’t have anything to worry about. The compatibility list of this product is huge as it can work with over 6000 brands and 27,000 devices.

The Harmony Hub Extender is extremely easy to set up and you can even control this device through a smartphone app. This hub is capable of controlling a wide array of devices, such as lights, plugs, blinds sensors, thermostats, and more. 

Why we think it’s Great

  • This product offers superb device compatibility

  • It offers support for all home theater systems

  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa

Slight Drawback

  • You will need to buy two of these to control Z-wave devices

  • This is an expensive product

GE Z Wave 40 AMP Wireless Controller

Before you purchase this product, it is important to remember that not every area in your house can become automatic due tot his wireless controller. However, with that out of the way, this is the perfect device if you automate devices with heavy loads such as automatic cleaners and doors.

The control of this wireless controller is weatherproof, so it doesn’t matter how harsh the weather is, it will have no effect on this product. This wireless controller has a simple with large buttons and indicators for easy operation.

The controller also has enough left over space to house wire. This is a good feature, as you won’t have to carry additional wire when using this product. Since you will probably deal with large load and currents, it is best to contact a electrician to install this product.

This device is also perfect for automating garage doors, after heaters and swimming pools. Once you have installed this controller, you can begin the automation process.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It has a weatherproof casing

  • Simple and robust design

  • Easy to operate

Slight Drawback

  • You will need a Z Wave hub to operate this device

  • Only a electrician can install this controller

Aeotec Smart Controller

Aeotec Smart Home Hub

The Aeotec smart controller is a quality product, is compatible with Zigbee and Z Wave devices. This product has the ability to connect with all three protocols, which is great because they are the main connectivity protocols in the automation industry.

This product has a minimalistic design, which can easily fit all types of home decor. Overall, this product is definitely much better than the previous versions and one of the reasons why it is better is that it offers wireless connectivity.

Many users, who have been using the Aeotec smart controller have stated that is the best way to get a DIY smart house. You can also control this device from your smartphone, but for that, you must download an app. 

Why We think it’s Great

  • It has a minimalistic design

  • Functional and intuitive app

  • It has Wi-fi connectivity

Slight Drawback

  • It doesn’t come with a battery backup

Zooz Z Wave Plus Outdoor Motion Detector

The Zooz Z Wave Plus Outdoor motion detector is the first Z Wave outdoor motion detector that enables the user to automate outdoor lighting and remote monitor the sensor’s activity. This product comes with advanced settings for Lux reports and motion sensitivity.

This motion sensor can provide low battery alerts, it has tamper protection and can provide motion detection of over 20 feet. You can also power this device with a USB cable, and it is easy to install with auto-inclusion. This outdoor motion detector is compatible Vira, Fibaro, Hubtat and HomeSeer.

Why we think it’s Great

  • Hacker proof outdoor home sensor

  • It can offer motion detection of over 20 feet

  • You can even charge with a USB cable

Sight Drawback

  • It is not compatible with Z Wave alarm panels

Trane Z Wave Thermostat


This is a simple Z wave smart thermostat it is easy to install and has minimal functions. This product can work for you if you have a simple setup However if you have a complex smart home setup, you should look for a more advanced thermostat.

This device is compatible with most HVAC systems but it is essential to check your HVAC system and see if it is compatible with this thermostat or not. This product will enable you to set up four scheduling options for every day.

You will also get several customization options with this thermostat that will ensure your house is cooled or heated as per your requirements. This thermostat runs on a c wire instead of batteries, and you can easily install this product without the help of a professional. 

Why we think it’s Great

  • It is compatible with Alexa

  • It comes with scheduling options

  • User-friendly interface

Slight Drawback

  • It runs on a C wire instead of batteries

  • No backup or battery power

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to buy the best Z Wave Device?

We are certain that by now you know the market is full of Z Wave devices. However, here are some factors you must consider before purchasing a Z Wave device:


All the Z Wave devices are 100 % dependent on the Z wave controller, and through the controller, they can connect to smart home devices. Therefore, you should check the compatibility of all the Z wave devices before you purchase them.

If you are familiar with the Z Wave network, then you probably own a Z Wave device. If you already own a Z Wave device, you can purchase a controller that is compatible with your device.


There are many factors due to which electronic devices such as Z Wave devices can stop working. The worst part is, you won’t be able to control any of the factors. There is a warranty period listed along every Z Wave device, so read that before purchasing a Z Wave controller or device.

The major difference between Z Wave and Zigbee Devices?

Both varieties use different radio frequencies. The Z Wave uses a frequency of 908.42 Mhz, whereas the Zigbee uses a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz or 915 Mhz.

Is Z Wave compatible with Phones?

Z Wave operates securely and wirelessly, so you can easily control or access a Z Wave device from your smartphone., computer or tablet.


In this article, we discussed a list of the best Z Wave devices on the market. We have given detailed reviews of each product, to provide you with some much-needed clarity. There are many forms of Z Wave devices, and each comes with it’s unique features and specifications.

Toward the end of this article, there is a short FAQ section that answers some burning questions. Hopefully, this guide will help you buy a Z Wave device that suits your requirements.

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