Best Uses for Smart Plugs – How to Harness Their Power

creative ways to use smart plugs

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Creative Uses For Smart Plugs:

  • Control Lights

  • Automate Appliances

  • Monitor Energy Usage

  • Boost Home Security

  • Automate Pet Feeders
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Smart plugs can be a useful addition to your smart home setup, as they allow you to control your devices remotely through a mobile app or voice command.

You can quickly and easily manage nearly any household task using smart plugs. Simply inserting one into an outlet and connecting it to a standard electric light or other appliance rendered the socket and the gadget instantly “smart.”

Now you can plan it or check how much electricity it’s using, all from the convenience of your smartphone. As time goes on, smart outlets will become a standard in every house.

Practically limitless applications exist for smart outlets, but we’ve compiled some of the best ones here. But first, let’s define what, exactly, smart plugs are.

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What Are Smart Plugs?

A smart plug enables charging by connecting a gadget to a wall outlet. This function toggles the power on and off for connected gadgets. It serves a valuable purpose as a home automation device.

They’re “smart” because you can control them from your smartphone, or using voice commands through Alexa or Google Home. Smart plug’s app can program smart outlets to turn on and off at specific times and days.

Some smart plugs also monitor the device’s energy use. Eco-conscious buyers will love this.

Smart receptacles link to a command center via your home’s Wi-Fi. The clever gateway sends Wi-Fi info to your phone.

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Best Smart Plugs Uses at Home

Smart plugs provide a simple entry point into the world of smart home automation for anyone who ever dreamt of creating their ideal smart home system. Listed below are some of the best uses we’ve found so far.

Charging Devices

We use our homes as charging stations for our multiple devices daily, usually while we sleep. But we also know that overcharging can be harmful and reduce the life of electronic devices and batteries.

You can avoid the dangers of overcharging and save money on energy by using smart outlets in conjunction with your phone chargers to determine how long they need to charge.

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Wi-Fi Router

IP disputes and warming can cause Wi-Fi devices to fail, interrupting your internet link. Rebooting your modem typically fixes these issues, though it’s irritating. If your network is challenging to reach, a smart plug lets you directly switch it on and off, unlike a Wi-Fi smart plug, which won’t function if your link is down.

Slow cooker/crockpot

Having smart plugs in your smart kitchen could be very useful. The beauty of slow cookers is that you can pack them before leaving the house and come back to a fully prepared dinner. There is much more leeway with a smart plug for those who want to achieve precision in using kitchen appliances. Using a smart plug with a slow cooker allows you to decide when and how long the food cooks without being at home.

Coffee maker and kettle

Are you an early coffee or tea drinker? A smart outlet can start your teapot or coffee maker before you wake up. Fill your teapot or coffee maker the night before and switch them on directly with your smartphone or vocal command in the morning. Setting the smart outlet to switch on at a specific moment automates this. Either way, you get coffee when you need it.

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Waffle Iron

A waffle maker that is hot is the secret to flawlessly made pancakes. That’s why preparing the waffle maker for at least ten minutes before cooking is crucial. A smart plug lets you start your waffle maker without entering the kitchen. Waffle fans can even program the appliance to cook their food at a specific time every day.


Continuous buzzing noise when done heating is irritating. You can turn it off from anywhere with the help of a these devices. One of the largest inactive energy consumers is a microwave. To save money on your energy bill, use a smart plug to automatically switch off your microwave when it’s not in use.

Pet Feeder

You can set a schedule for most automatic pet feeders, but unless it’s a “smart” feeder, you won’t be able to change that schedule from afar. The pet feeder’s power adaptor can be plugged into a smart plug, allowing you to activate or deactivate the device directly every few hours.

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Entertainment Equipment

Smart TVs and other media players, such as DVD players, set-top boxes, or sound systems, can be found in every family home today. In most cases, the electrical connections and tucked away in inconvenient, hard-to-reach outlets.

As a result, there is a strong incentive to keep these gadgets in sleep mode at all times, even when they aren’t in use. It would be simpler to manage multiple devices in this location with a smart power strip.

Air Conditioning

Using a smart plug app to switch on the air conditioner remotely, you can ensure that the house is at a comfortable temperature even on the hottest days. Also, by allowing you to disable the air conditioner from another location in the home, it can help you save bucks.

Christmas Decorations

It can be a hassle to scurry under the tree daily to operate a physical switch to turn the Christmas lights on and off. You can save some work by using smart plugs to control your holiday lights for a few hours.

Using your phone’s geolocation services and an IFTTT application, you could automate turning off the Christmas lights as you exit the home.

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Electric blankets

A warm electric blanket on a chilly winter night is terrific, but you might want to leave it on only part of the time. Use a smart plug to anticipate how long the electric blanket will be on so you won’t be startled awake by the heat.

Hair Straighteners & Curling Irons

Can you recall ever leaving home and second-guessing whether you turned off the curling iron? Because of the potential for electrical fires. By installing smart plugs in your hair straighteners, You can turn them off or check on them from anywhere in the globe.

Pool Pumps

Filtration systems help clean your pool by removing debris and ensuring consistent water quality. A smart plug allows you to control when and for how long a pool pump operates since continuous running is typically unnecessary.

Outdoor Lightings

A garden’s lighting can completely change its function and appearance at night. Outdoor smart plugs allow you to automatically turn lights on and off when necessary or set them to turn on at fixed times, in case you prefer to avoid having them on constantly.

Power conservation

Vampire power, or standby mode, can make up 10% of your energy cost. The giant power hogs are in a sleep state.

Smart plugs for energy-hungry devices can lower your power cost and CO2 pollution. Products like these use little electricity compared to those above. They should pay for themselves in a year through savings.

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Does the use of Bluetooth smart plug result in high energy consumption?

No, smart plugs work to save energy.

Do smart outlets require an internet connection to function?

No, but you will not be able to operate them remotely.

What is the data consumption of smart plugs?

A smart outlet can use up to 50 MB of monthly data depending on the model.

Do smart plugs interfere with Wi-Fi?

No, they only use a tiny fraction of your broadband.

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Conclusion: How to Make the Most out of Your Smart Plugs

Smart plugs and smart power strips provide greater power than ever before for control freaks. Plug in your “Smart Plugs” and let it do all the thinking. So you can focus on more essential things, like checking out the trendy new eatery down the street if you’re looking to cut costs and power usage.

However, smart plugs don’t require a smartphone to control them. You can physically switch on the smart home devices, or smart hub or use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Incorporating multiple outlets into your home is one way to simplify and enhance your daily routine, and I hope you found some of these suggestions helpful.

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