Top 9 Best Smartwatches Under $200 – Affordable Options for Staying Connected and Fit

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Garmin Vivoactive 4

Keeggiss Military Smart Watch 


SKG Smart Watch for Men and Women

CielosVerdes IP68

  • Stainless Steel 

  • Compatible with Smartphones 

  • Battery Life up to 8 days

  • Rectangular shape

  • Compatible with smartphones

  • LCD Display type

  • Casual Style

  • 1.7 screen size

  • Compatible with iOS phones

  • Modern Style

  • Heart rate monitor

  • Battery life of up to 8 days

  • Modern Style

  • Heart Rate Monitor 

  • Perfect for Adults

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Portzon Brand SmartWatch for Android Wear OS and iOS

Introduction: Best Smartwatches Under 200

Smartwatches have revolutionized the way we stay connected and stay on top of our health and fitness goals. However, the price of some smartwatches can be a major deterrent for those on a budget. Luckily, there are many great options available for those looking for a high-quality smartwatch under $200. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best smartwatches under $200 that offer great features without breaking the bank.

While you might be shopping for a smartwatch on a budget, you should still aim to get good value. There are several features you need to look for in a smartwatch such as sports modes, GPS tracking, ambient light sensors, mobile payments, cellular connectivity to Android phones or iOS devices, having an optical heart rate monitor, or even an AMOLED display.

Of course you must also ensure the basic features of any smartwatch such as having a great battery life, fitness tracking features, sleep tracking, and health tracking features.

Our Top 10 Picks


Best smartwatch with lots of features: Garmin Vivoactive 4

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $199.99

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Color: Black

  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones

  • Item Dimensions: 1.78 x 1.78 x 0.5 Inches

  • Item Model Number: Garmin

  • Weight: 1.3 Ounces

  • Battery Life: 8 days

  • Battery Description: Lithium-Ion

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 can do so many things. It can keep track of your energy levels, pulse OX, respiration, menstrual cycle, sleep through tracking, stress, estimated heart rate, hydration, and more.

You can download songs at ease in the Garmin Vivoactive 4 smartwatch and you can play music from Spotify, Amazon music, or Deezer.

However, using Spotify and other music apps may be a challenge depending on the software update of your Garmin watch.

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 lets you listen to music by connecting your Bluetooth earphones or headphones to the watch itself.

It goes even more contactless as that because Garmin watches have Garmin Pay wherein you can make contactless payments with credit cards or debit cards from major banks.

There are many features for working out as well. These smart features include animated workouts that you can follow through the screen of the watch, 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps and Garmin Coach.

Garmin Coach has free 5K, 10K, and half marathon training plans that are adjustable based on the way you perform in the plan.

The popular apps for sports in a Garmin smartwatch are yoga, running, swimming, and more. There are thousands of apps that can be downloaded in your Garmin watch. Thousands of widgets, and thousands of free watch faces from the connect IQ store.

This smartwatch contains integrated GPS and the built-in GPS is part of Garmin’s safety tracking features which includes incident detection that sends your real time location to emergency contacts.

The watch has good battery life. It lasts up to 8 days in smartwatch mode and up to 6 hours in GPS and music mode.

Lastly and most importantly, this smartwatch gives you smartphone notifications such as phone calls, text messages, calendar reminders and other reminders.


  • Great battery life

  • Health tracking features can give health insurance discount

  • Expensive but worth the price

  • It has helpful software updates


  • Sleep tracker is inaccurate sometimes

  • The stress tracker could be more convincing

  • Display is always on and can be bothering

  • Battery life can diminish throughout time

  • Troubles connecting to WiFi at times

Best smartwatch under $100 for men: Keeggiss Military Smart Watch

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $59.99

  • Style: Military, Outdoor, Sports, Fashion, Vacation, and Office

  • Color: Black

  • Screen Size: 1.8 Inches

  • Shape: Rectangular

  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone

  • Display Type: LCD

  • Product Dimensions: 6.22 x 4.21 x 1.06 Inches

  • Item Weight: 5 Ounces

A military smart watch is best for people who like to go outdoors. The Keeggiss Military smartwatch is shockproof, magnetically-resistant, and water-resistant. Its material makes it one of the toughest and sturdiest watches compared with most smartwatches.

The watch is known for its Bluetooth Call speaker that allows you to dial calls and answer them. It can also control the music player from your phone to the smartwatch. Because of this, you wouldn’t have to hold your phone to your ear.

The smartwatch also contains an all-round fitness tracker that supports 24-hour heart rate tracking through a heart rate monitor and has a sleep monitor too.

In addition to the advanced health features that these affordable smartwatches provide are the multiple exercise modes that the watch has. There are more than a hundred types of exercise modes in this watch.

Other built-in functions include music control, camera control, timer, alarm, and so on. The app has over 100 dials and these dials may be customized.

There is a built-in large battery that has 1.5 hours of full charge battery life for ultra-low power consumption. Once it is full charged, it supports 50 days of standby, 20 days of typical use, and 10 days for heavy use.

This watch, however, has electrical plugs designed for US outlets only. It is advised that you check the compatibility of the plug to your outlets and voltage before buying this product.


  • Resistance to water, dust, and impact

  • Good for construction workers

  • Great fitness trackers

  • Has a longer battery life than other watches

  • Stylish and has a good value because of its price


  • Not inclusive for women

  • Not a lot of watch faces

  • They only come in black and silver

Best smartwatch for women: A-TGTGA Y22 Pro

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $49.99

  • Model name: Y22 Pro

  • Style: Casual

  • Color: Rose Gold

  • Screen Size: 1.7 Inches

  • Shape: Square

  • Age Range: 18 years old and above

  • Compatible Devices: iOS phones and Android phones

  • Display type: LCD

Since this watch is best known for its fitness features and health features, it is a great watch for women. It even tracks a woman’s menstrual cycle. Its design is also particularly for women.

Though it can do many, it is not compatible with PCs, tablets and other Android devices. It has no built-in GPS as well but it can connect with a mobile phone to record your sports routes.

The Y22 Pro is also known for its better case material because it is made out of a high corrosion-resistant zinc alloy with a tough, smooth, and scratch-resistant surface. The material it is made out of is also lightweight.

Like a regular smartwatch, this watch contains sleep tracking for better sleep quality and it tracks your sleep stages as well.

It shows phone notifications, allows you to answer calls, has onboard music storage, and it a heart rate monitor too.

Other features that this watch contains are breathing training and step goals.

You can also connect the “Da fit” app directly to the phone’s camera and it can be used to capture moments by shaking your wrist.

The battery life can last for more than 30 days at standby and 7-10 days when it is used. It is also claimed that it takes 2 hours to charge the smartwatch.

Before purchasing this watch, you have to know what features are important to you. This is because some features overtime may stop working in this watch for it is a budget watch after all, and some of the trackers are inaccurate such as the blood pressure tracker.


  • Great color reproduction with high saturation on the display

  • The screen stays visible even in the sun

  • Steps are accurate

  • The watch is very attractive


  • You get what you pay for

  • The display annoyingly turns on with only little wrist action

Smartwatch for daily use: SKG Smart Watch for Men and Women

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $79.99

  • Model Name: SKG-V7-PRO

  • Style: Modern

  • Color: Black

  • Screen Size: 1.7 Inches

  • Special Feature: Heart rate monitor

  • Age Range: Adult

  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone

  • Battery Life: 8 days

SKG is a brand that is committed to providing customers with smart wearable devices and personal health products. The V7 Pro is known for its multiple functions and the fact that it works with Alexa.

Like any other smartwatch, this smartwatch can be connected to an Android phone or any other smartphone.

You can exercise with more than 60 sports modes to use. You can use voice control to ask questions, receive calls, make calls, and check the news.

The watch has all-round monitoring as well which means it tracks sleep, heart rate, calories burned, steps, blood oxygen, and it monitors stress too.

What makes it an everyday watch is the fact that it has all of those features and it is waterproof too.

Other smartwatches, however, have more features than the SKG V7 Pro. And this watch works best with an Android smartphone rather than any other phone.


  • Easy to set up

  • Battery life works as said

  • Performs as advertised


  • Instructions are confusing

  • Features are just adequate

  • Plastic buckle is flimsy

  • Band is just adequate

Smartwatch with long battery life: CielosVerdes IP68


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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $65.99

  • Style: Modern

  • Color: Black

  • Screen Size: 1.71 Inches

  • Special Feature: Heart Rate Monitor

  • Target Audience: Men, Unisex Adults

  • Age Range: Adult

  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone

  • Band Color: Black

  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

For a good deal and a battery life that lasts long, this watch is what you should choose. It contains a 220mAh Lithium Polymer battery wherein when it is in use, the watch could last for 10 days and in standby, it could last upto 50 days.

Its features are the same with any other smartwatch so the battery span is the only thing that really makes this watch stand out from the other smartwatch choices mentioned. It has Military Standard Verification which means that it resists water.

The CielosVerdes IP68 is extremely vandal resistant. It passed certain tests such as drill, shatter, and hot steam flush tests which means the watch could be used under high heat and pressure.

As a fitness smartwatch, the IP68 can detect blood pressure and monitor your heart rate. It analyzes your sleep too.

Note that there is a downside to cheap smartwatches. They do not promise you the world like the more high-end ones. This can include features not working as advertised.

Be warned that sometimes the trackers are not the most accurate. You can use the information as estimates for what you think your heart rate, blood pressure, or sleep could be.

Lastly, the CielosVerdes IP68 comes with 24 different kinds of sports modes such as running, walking, cycling, hiking, swimming, basketball, soccer, and more. It helps you schedule when to take breaks and when to start being active.


  • Outstanding battery life

  • Comfortable wear

  • You can wear it for days straight

  • Monitors are closest to accurate for their price


  • It is just decent and not exceptional

  • Timer has limited options

  • Instructions are confusing and contradictory to what has been advertised

Best smartwatch with fitness tracking features: Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3 watch

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $149.99

  • Model Name: Fitbit Versa 3 Thistle

  • Style: Modern

  • Screen Size: 1.58 Inches

  • Shape: Square

  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone

A Fitbit has always been known for being a good cheap smartwatch. It’s best known as a fitness tracker. In fact, it is the best cheap smartwatch for tracking fitness.

This model of Fitbit has a GPS that allows you to run, bike, or hike and see your distance too. It is one of the most accurate in tracking heart rate, and it uses Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to let you get the news and get answers to other questions.

What makes this unique is Fitbit pay which lets you make cashless transactions as long as you have Fitbit pay.

You can do so many sports with this quality smartwatch, however, since it is not water-resistant, you cannot swim with it.


  • Worth the money

  • Sturdy watch

  • Best cheap smartwatch for athletes


  • Quality deteriorates as time goes by

  • Is not water-resistant

Another Top Pick: Garmin Lily Rose Gold and Light Tan

Garmin watch in Rose gold and Light Tan

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $199.99

  • Style: Sport

  • Color: Rose Gold and Light Tan

  • Screen Size: 1 Inch

  • Shape: Round

  • Target Audience: Women

  • Age Range: Adult

  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone

  • Product Dimensions: 5.51 x 0.2 x 1.36 inches

  • Item Weight: 0.847 Ounces

Garmin Lily is known for being stylish aside from its smart features. Their prices powered them to become stylish and highly functional as well.

Usually, smart watches come in black, silver, rosegold, and have rectangular or square watch shapes. This one is round and it stands out because it is round.

All you need to do is start with connecting the watch to the Garmin Connect app on your compatible smartphone. The Garmin Connect app is similar to Wear OS and Garmin Lily watches are like Wear OS smartwatches.

Wear OS and Garmin Connect both allow you to do calls, send texts, check your schedule, and find information.

The battery life of this smartwatch lasts up to 5 days. It doesn’t last as long as other smartwatch batteries because of its bright display screen. If you want a watch known for battery life, then this isn’t for you.

Like other smartwatches, this smartwatch has several features that also allow you to track yoga, pilates, cardio, and it has many more health functions. You can even be mindful because the watch has a mindful breathing feature too.

Many people who own a Garmin Lily prefer to swim with it and train for marathons with it.

There are more designs than what is featured above from classic to sport so really, Garmin Lily smartwatches are smartwatches that are one of the the most stylish ones.


  • Perfect for all events (Sports or Casual)

  • Good for smaller wrists too because it is not bulky

  • Good at displaying screen

  • You can swim with it

  • Does not look like a smart watch but functions as one

  • Still a cheap smartwatch despite its elegance


  • Tracks sleep inaccurately

  • The rose gold color fades in a span of time

  • Water that lands on the watch in the shower could accidentally send texts

For Android users: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung gear

Buy Now at Amazon

Specifications and Features

  • Price: $199.00

  • Model Name: Galaxy Watch 4

  • Style: Bluetooth

  • Color: Black

  • Screen Size: 1.2 Inches

  • Shape: Round

  • Age Range: Adult

  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone

The Samsung galaxy watch 4 isn’t exactly the top for cheap when it comes to the best cheap smartwatches, however, it is one of the best cheap smartwatches for Android users.

Samsung gear is known for being associated with Android which is why this smartwatch is perfect for Android smartphones.

The watch allows you to get body composition analysis wherein you can get readings on BMI, body water, and metabolic rate and get your sleep monitored too for better sleep quality.

It works as an extension of your phone mostly wherein phone apps are accessible on your wrist. And you can pay for your coffee through this smartwatch!


  • Exceeds expectations and worth the price

  • Lets users meet their fitness goals

  • Charges quickly


  • Battery drains fast

  • Some tracking features are inaccurate

For iOS users: Amazfit Bip U Pro Smart Watch

Amazfit fitness smartwatch

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Specifications and Features

  • Price: $69.99

  • Model Name: W2008OV3N

  • Color: Green

  • Screen Size: 1.43 Inches

  • Shape: Rectangular

  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone

The Amazfit Bip U Pro smartwatch is the most suitable for iPhone users that is within budget because it is supported by iOS 10.0 and above aside from Android.

The watch also uses Alexa, which allows you to control other smart devices at home too.

The watch is water-resistant, and it contains health trackers as well. Another smartwatch would have around 10-20 sports modes, but this one has 60+ modes and it is great for swimmers too.

Another advantage to this watch is it being lightweight to allow comfort during use.

The battery life, however, isn’t the greatest.


  • You get needed features at a great value

  • Changing straps is easy

  • Apps are for maximum productivity


  • Short battery life

  • Can’t read screen in direct sunlight

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: How do I use my Smartwatch as a phone for smartphone notifications?

Apple watch smart watch incoming call

You have to connect your phone to the watch via Bluetooth. If not Bluetooth, then you may find an app such as Google play store, for instance and make mobile payments for other features.

FAQ #2: Is a Smartwatch different from an Apple Watch?

Apple watch ad with apple watch and iPhone, apple watch series 7

The apple watch series is different in the sense that they are only compatible with apple phones or iPhones. The apple watch is considered as a smartwatch still because it has the same features that any other smartwatch has such as making calls, using a voice assistant, etc.

Despite the apple watch still being considered a smartwatch, the apple watch series stands out from other smartwatches since again, they are inclusive to only iPhones. That is the only way that they differ.

FAQ#3: Do Smartwatches have Corning gorilla glass?

Gorilla glass for smartwatches

No, not all smartwatches come with gorilla glass to protect them. Corning is known for giving phones or other gadget a good experience with touch and protection. You can purchase a screen protector separately if your watch does not feature gorilla glass. 


Finding the best smartwatch under $200 can be a challenging task, but with the options we’ve highlighted in this article, it’s definitely achievable. From fitness tracking to messaging and notifications, the smartwatches we’ve reviewed provide great value for their price point. With so many fantastic options available at an affordable price, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of the many benefits that these smartwatches offer. So go ahead and pick the one that best suits your needs, and enjoy all the features and functionalities that come with these amazing devices!

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