5 Best Smart TVs With Web Browsing Capabilities for Seamless Online Experience

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Samsung QLED smart TV

LG 50-inch Class UQ9000

Hisense A6 Series

Class Neo QLED

  • 4k Resolution 

  • 120Hz  Refresh Rate

  • Home theater experience

  • 85-inch screen size 

  • 4K Resolution

  • 60Hz Refresh Rate

  • 49.5-inch screen size

  • 4K Resolution

  • 50 Hz Refresh Rate

  • 70-inch screen size 

  • Google Assistant Supported 

  • 60 Hz Refresh Rate

  • Disney+ Supported

  • 4K Resolution

  • Eye Comfort Mode

LG OLED TV projecting a glowing tree under a sky full of stars.


Introduction: What’s the Best Smart TV with Web Browsers For A Smart Home?

Smart TVs changed the television business and has given users various fresh choices that were previously inaccessible.

Smart TVs eliminated the need for cable networks by making countless TV episodes and movies available from the world’s most popular online streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more.

How about accessing the web through your Smart TV, though?

Not all Smart TVs include an online web browser, even basic online surfing isn’t included in many well known Smart TVs.

Here we’ll look at some of the best smart TVs available today with internet browsing capabilities. 

5 Top Picks For Best Smart TVs with Web Browsers

Best Smart Tv with High Refresh Rate: LG OLED Smart TV

LG OLED TV projecting a red galaxy on screen

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Specifications and Features:

  • Price: $ 1,549.00

  • Big screen (65 inches screen size)

  • 4k resolution

  • Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube and Google Assistant supported

  • 120 Hz refresh rate

  • Home theater experience

WebOS power the LG OLED Smart TV. Unlike many prevalent Smart TV Operating Systems, WebOS is a web browser built in that allows for hassle-free online surfing.

Under LG Smart TV’s Applications menu, the browser is labeled “Web browser.”

It’s ideal for web browsing, as this LG Smart TV’s Screen refreshes at a rapid 120 hertz.

A higher refresh rate indicates refreshed smart tv more frequently, reducing potential latency and providing a more realistic display.

To have a pleasant viewing experience, the mouse must move as smoothly as feasible. If the refresh rate is higher, the cursor will move more smoothly.

Beyond that, the LG OLED technology smart TV is compatible with Variable Frame Rate (VRR), which is great for players because it ensures smooth action.

Virtual reality realism (VRR) mitigates or removes latency, which is helpful for various online activities, including gameplay. This LG smart TV has a dynamic frame rate, providing a much more fluid viewing experience than standard televisions.

This LG TV comes with built-in A9 gen 5 Intelligence processor. By all accounts, this was cutting-edge technology when LG first unveiled it in 2022.

The CPU incorporates AI to instantly improve watching videos and the sound quality of whatever you’re viewing.

Again, the processor is crucial in avoiding latency, so using this AI-gen 5 processor will make the web browsing experience more accessible and smooth. On top of that, the smart TV functions work seamlessly.

With its powerful processor, this smart TV has an incredibly low input latency of 9.93ms. Therefore, it’s the finest LG TV that can access the internet.

Compared to competing Smart TV manufacturers, this LG again comes out on top.

The acronym “OLED” refers to an emerging light-emitting diode known as “Organic LED.” Increased screen dark levels mean more clarity and a crisper image.

Add to that the fact that it’s an actual 4K display, and you’ll be able to do more than surf the web; you’ll be able to watch TV in 4K videos on this premium LG TV which results in excellent picture quality! Additionally, your kids will enjoy gaming on the high 120Hz refresh rate display.


  • OLED panel generates significant levels of light

  • Image Processing is outstanding

  • Great frame rate (120 Hertz) for playing video games and browsing the web.

  • Strong 5th-generation Processor


  • Expensive

Best Compact Size Smart Tv with Web Browser: Samsung QLED smart TV

Samsung QLED Smart TV

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Specifications and Features:

  • Price: $ 397.99

  • Small Compact Size Smart TV Available in 32 Inches

  • Netflix, Hulu and YouTube supported

  • 4k resolution

  • 60 Hz refresh rate

The Samsung QLED smart TV is the best value in the market today. It’s cheap, has all the features necessary for online surfing, and is readily available (at least in comparison to other smart TVs that can also browse the web).

The “Web” app in the applications area is where you’ll find the web browser, but that’s not the only reason we recommend this Samsung Smart TV.

Many people who own most smart TVs have doubts about the reliability of their smart features.

This Samsung QLED Smart TV’s features are interesting because they are user-friendly.

 A Smart TV with a 60Hz refresh rate is surprising to many (and hence a lower price). However, the lack of noticeable latency makes this Samsung TV with a web browser an excellent buy.

The new Quantum 4k Lite Processor in Samsung smart TVs makes all content look as good as in 4k.

Input lag times are minimal because of the processor’s excellent working capacity.

Samsung smart TVs have the best color reproduction. Many reviews praised the Samsung TVs’ superior color quality as the main reason consumers chose them over competing manufacturers.

Just like this Samsung Q60B Series smart Screen!

The dual LED backlights instantly adjust the brightness and color to suit the on-screen material.

Even if you’re thinking about getting a connected television so you can use it to surf the web, you’re looking for high-quality video and audio to view or stream.

Consequently, buying a new TV that combines the best features of both types is always preferable. 

Users have reported that the Samsung Q60B smart TV has excellent black uniformity, resulting in rich contrast. This feature makes it the finest LED TV for low-light environments.

And thanks to Quantum HDR, you can enjoy a wider color palette and sharper images no matter what you’re watching.

Samsung QLED TV


  • Motion Xcelerator included for more smooth flow.

  • Low Input Lag

  • A multitude of online and streaming content choices

  • Excellent levels of black consistency

  • Excellent value for the money, low-cost choice


  • Slow refresh rate (60Hz)

Best Smart Tv with Web Browser on a Budget: LG 50-inch Class UQ9000

LG 50-inch Class UQ9000 projecting red tress on screen

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Specifications and Features:

  • Price: $ 326.99

  • 49.5 inches screen size

  • Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV , Disney+, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant supported

  • 4k resolution

  • 50 Hz refresh rate

  • voice command operated

  • Built-in game optimizer

This LG TV is an excellent option for smart homeowners that want a high-quality screen for online surfing but have a limited budget.

Users have noted that the LG TV has a relatively quick processing performance. Its online web browser, like the rest of the applications, loads quickly.

Additionally, consumers noted that LG’s 60Hz TVs’ response time was noticeably quicker than earlier versions.

LG’s WebOS (Operating System) has the unique feature of supporting multiple user profiles, which means each family member can have separate accounts on the LG TV.

Since this smart TV supports multiple user profiles per browser, each user can access their unique collection of bookmarks, history, and other preferences.

Similar to the first LG smart TV (LG C2 Series 120 Hz). Its 5th-generation AI processor reduces input lag, making switching between apps and browsing the web smoother and it a strong candidate for the best Smart television with a web browser title.

With this LG TV, you can finally upgrade to the next level of voice control. It supports different voice assistants of multiple major brands, including Google, Amazon, Apple, HomeKit and Airplay.

Amazingly, all it takes to watch your beloved films are voice commands. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, HBO Go, HBO Max, and more than 300 accessible LG networks all offer movie streaming options.

The smart TV’s built-in game optimizer also eliminates jerky frames for a smoother gameplay experience.


  • Voice command generated

  • Excellent selection of streaming apps

  • Boosts lower-resolution media to 4K quality

  • Features impressive processing capacity


  • Low refresh rate

Best Large Smart Tv with Web Browser: Hisense A6 Series

Hisense A6 Series 70-Inch

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Specifications and Features:

  • Price: $ 499.99

  • 70 inches screen size

  • Google Assistant supported

  • 4k resolution

  • 60Hz refresh rate

  • with Sports mode

The newest Hisense A6 Google TVs already have Google Chrome preinstalled—specifically, this Hisense Google Smart TV.

In addition, as a Google TV, you can use the Google play store to download other web browsers, making this the best Hisense TV with a web browser.

Hisense’s AI UHD Upscaler takes almost any source material and transforms it to gorgeous 4K quality, making the Hisense Smart TV a worthy competitor to LG and Samsung.

Even better, it has built-in HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, so the blacks are genuinely dark, and the brights are truly brilliant, resulting in a wide range of hues and a wealth of contrast.

If you want to use your Hisense Smart TV for gameplay, you can reduce input lag further by switching to the TV’s dedicated “Game” mode. If you’re experiencing any lag with your cursor while browsing the web, you can swap to this setting, which will immediately fix the problem (if any).

Additionally, there is a “Sports Mode” available! Please turn it on while watching a sporting event for a silkier video.

Here, motion is rendered less jerky and more smooth.


  • Budget-friendly

  • You can download files and apps from the play store

  • Upscales to 4k resolution


  • High input lag

Best High-End Smart Tv with Browser: SAMSUNG Class Neo QLED

SAMSUNG Class Neo QLED water display on screen

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Specifications and Features:

  • Price: $ 2,3975.99

  • Big screen (85 inches screen size)

  • Disney + supported

  • 4k resolution

  • 120 Hz refresh rate

  • with Eye comfort mode

This Smart TV is ideal if you want the finest smart TV with a complete online browser. The smart Screen has a built-in online browser, just like the Samsung described earlier.

Given its high cost, it naturally includes many features.

The 120Hz panel on this Samsung TV is a key factor in its higher price tag than the previous edition.

A TV’s speed and input lag are greatly affected by its frame rate; This smart TV has speedy response times and very little lag. Additionally, the motion Xceleterator technology improves your web browsing experience of flicks and sports (without lag).

Even though the cheap Samsung TV I stated before was adequate for using the internet and watching Netflix, this television is a noticeable difference.

You should buy this Samsung TV if you have the money for it, but even if you don’t, the cheaper one will do just fine; its 60 Hz frame rate won’t cause any lag.

Only Samsung TVs have this unique feature.

You can enjoy object tracking on your Samsung TV by adjusting the audio to accompany the on-screen activity of the content you’re watching. In addition, it has Titan Dolby speakers.

Samsung’s potent Neo Quantum Engine employs deep learning to upscale all content to 4K quality.

Finally, something sets this Samsung TV apart from the competition.

First, it employs a system of Mini LEDs to attain scintillating brightness even in broad daylight, an excellent option if you plan on using your Smart TV in an outdoor setting (like a storefront or event)!

Second, the Real Depth Enhancer in this premium Samsung Smart TV improves depth perception in a given scene. If you enjoy watching films about animals and the natural world, this is particularly helpful.

Lastly, it has a quantum HDR (High Dynamic Range) display that improves contrast and lets you see more vibrant colors in your photos.

The smart televisions have streaming applications (Netflix, HBO Max, etc.), and the Samsung TV’s built-in web browser support 4K resolution for ultra-smooth video streaming services.

SAMSUNG Class Neo QLED water display on screen


  • Ideal refresh rate

  • Input Lag Is Minimal

  • Features impressive processing power

  • Dolby-powered audio and an object-tracking system


  • Too pricey compared with all the smart TVs listed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What smart tv browser is best for smart TVs?

Google Chrome is a web browser that operates quickly on any operating system. Because of its lightning-fast download speeds, it’s also a top choice for playing online games and viewing videos.

The Puffin TV browser is another top option, as it is compatible with many smart televisions. Allows your Android device to function as a remote control and provides access to all applications on your device from your television.

Another one is the famous Mozilla Firefox.

Can I use Google Chromecast for web browsing?

Yes, Connect your Chromecast to Google Home and start playing media in a browser like Chrome. When prompted, select “Cast to Google Home” and choose your Screen from the drop-down menu.

Google Chromecast can be used in the same manner as other broadcasting choices, such as Apple Airplay.


Smart TVs have come a long way in recent years, and now offer a wealth of features that enhance the viewing experience beyond just traditional TV programming.

With the ability to connect to the internet and browse the web, users can enjoy a seamless online experience from the comfort of their living room. From high-end models with advanced features like voice control and Bluetooth connectivity, to more affordable options with basic browsing capabilities, there is a smart TV with web browsing that fits every budget and preference.

By investing in a smart TV with web browsing, you can enjoy a more integrated and personalized viewing experience that takes advantage of the latest technology.

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