18 Best Smart Baby Monitors – Safe and Sound Sleep

best smart baby monitor

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Also Great

Nanit Pro Camera

Lollipop Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro

Motorola PIP1510

Eufy Video Baby Monitor

  • Wi-Fi Baby monitor

  • Motion and sound alerts

  • 2-Way audio

  • True crying detection

  • Sleep tracking

  • Contactless breathing monitoring

  • Active noise reduction

  • Pan tilt zoom

  • Optical zoom lenses

  • Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom

  • 1080P HD Video

  • Two-way audio

  • 720P HD Resolution

  • Wide-angle lens

  • Night vision

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As technology continues to evolve, baby monitors have also become smarter and more advanced. Smart baby monitors are designed to provide parents with peace of mind and convenience, allowing them to keep a close eye on their baby from a distance. These monitors come equipped with features such as video and audio monitoring, motion and sound sensors, temperature sensors, and even the ability to play lullabies. In this article, we will explore some of the best smart baby monitors available on the market, and discuss the features that make them stand out.

The Best Smart Baby Monitors

Our Most Favorite: Nanit Pro Camera


The Nanit Smart baby monitor is not only one of the best smart baby monitors of 2023, it is also highly recommended by experts. This product is designed for data and tech-obsessed parents who want to observe and know everything about their toddler.

This product has won numerous awards such as the 2018 Times award for being the best invention of the year. This is an over the crib Wi-Fi camera, that not only offers a standard video feed but provides essential data such as sleep metrics through its mobile app.

The camera records HD-quality video and uses a feature known as computer vision to track whether the baby is fussing, sleeping, or awake. You don’t need to wear anything to make this baby monitor work and the device synthesizes data to generate nightly sleep scores and sleep reports.

The Nanit Smart baby monitor will also provide tips on how you can improve your baby sleep. You can also pick up on your baby’s sleep patterns through the Nanit Smart baby monitor and observe if the baby is sleeping comfortably throughout the night or not. You can also watch this on an LG Smart TV.

However, while you don’t necessarily need a wearable device to make this baby monitor work, you can put on a breathing band that tracks the breathing motion of the baby in real-time and without any sensors.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • HD Quality video feed

  • Computer vision feature

  • Easy to Use

  • Remote Access through a mobile app

Slight Drawback

  • Expensive product

  • Customer support is not very helpful

Next Best Option: Lollipop Baby Monitor

Lollipop Baby Monitor

If you want an affordable baby monitor that is packed with smart features, then look no further than the Lollipop baby monitor. This is a popular product because the monitor comes in a bunch of colors and has a cute and modern design. You can also connect this monitor to a smart projector.

This baby monitor is very portable, so you can easily place it near your baby’s crib. Unlike the Nanit baby monitor, you don’t need any mounting hardware to wall mount this baby monitor.

The Lollipop baby monitor comes with a silicon base, so you can easily stick it wherever you feel like it. You can put it on a dresser or wrap the device around the bars of the crib. This is also a Wifi baby monitor, however, the video monitor of this device is fixed in place, so you cannot move it.

This baby monitor is capable of detecting crying and other noises, and can also sense when the baby is trying to leave the crib. You can also purchase a sensor separately and pair it with this baby monitor. This sensor can monitor the air quality, temperature, and humidity in the baby’s room.

Other smart features in this video baby monitor are crystal clear video quality, two-way talk, advanced night vision, and a built-in noise machine.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Good features

  • Handy silicon base

  • HD Video Quality

Slight Drawback

  • The camera is fixed in one position

  • You might need to purchase sensors for advanced capabilities

A Close Runner-Up: Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro

This Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro baby monitor is the latest version of the DXR 8 model, which is extremely popular among parents. This is a local video baby monitor, so it is not a wifi-enabled device.

Instead of wifi, this device uses a radio frequency-based mechanism to transmit data and requires both a parent unit and a camera. Many fans of the DXR 8 baby monitor have stated that this Pro model is a vast improvement from its predecessor.

While the DXR 8 Pro model has all the features of its predecessor, it is just an overall better baby monitor. One of the best things about this baby monitor is the five-inch HD screen, which is larger than the 3.5-inch screen of the DXR 8.

Not only does the DXR 8 Pro offer 720P video quality, it also provides enhanced night vision, so you can easily observe your baby at night. It also has an improved coverage range of over 1000 feet, which is helpful for parents who live in a big house.

The DXR 8 Pro also comes with noise-reduction capabilities, that reduce all the background noises, but since this baby monitor doesn’t work when the sound machine is on, this feature is not that important.

Another important feature of the DXR 8 Pro that sets it apart from other local video baby monitors is the LED soundbar. This audio indicator will enable you to turn off the sound and but you will still be able to observe the sound through LED lights which will flash either green or red.

You can also purchase a wide-angle lens for this baby monitor, and you can pair it with up to four cameras.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • LED Soundbar

  • Enhanced night vision

  • Good noise-reduction capabilities

Slight Drawback

  • This is not a wifi baby monitor

  • Expensive product

Motorola PIP1510 Connect Five-Inch Wifi Video Baby Monitor


If you are looking for a non-fussy and straightforward baby monitor, the Motorola PIP1510 is for you. This baby monitor is a wifi-enabled device, that comes with a parent unit and a mobile app. This product was released last year by Motorola and it has three very important features.

The first is the new and fresh design of this baby monitor. This device is sleeker and more modern looking than other baby monitors on the market and looks great in black and white colors.

The second feature is that the Motorola PIP150 baby monitor is easy to use and very self-intuitive. You can even plug it in without reading any instructions from the guide, and you will still be able to use this product.

The third important feature of this baby monitor is that you can monitor it through the mobile app or the screen. If you are bored and don’t want to set up the mobile app, you can just monitor through the video screen.

You can also carry the parent unit with you to different parts of the house. This smart baby monitor is also equipped with zoom, remote pan tilt, and room-temperature monitoring capabilities.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Sleek and modern design

  • It has a mobile app

  • Very self-intuitive product

Slight Drawback

  • The parent unit lacks clarity

Eufy Video Baby Monitor


The Eufy Video baby monitor is probably the best baby monitor in its price range. This is a slim and lightweight baby monitor and is packed with several advanced features such as night vision, it comes with a wide-angle lens and has a five-inch HD video screen.

This product has an intuitive user interface, and a slimmer design than other baby monitors, so you can easily place it in tight and cramped places. Like with the Infant Optics DXR 8 baby monitor, this one can tilt 110 degrees and pan 330 degrees.

This product also has two-way audio coverage and can cover a range of over 1000 feet. You can connect more than four cameras in this baby monitor, and it is also incredibly easy to switch between the four cameras.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • It can connect to four cameras

  • Night vision capabilities

  • Two-way audio coverage

Slight Drawback

  • Small monitor screen

Chillax Baby Monitor

This is another high-quality wifi baby monitor that comes with a parent unit. This product has several smart features and comes with a mood-light globe that has more than eight colors.

You can even set a sleep and wake schedule in this baby monitor which has a small, but HD-quality screen. The range of this baby monitor is good, as it can extend up to 1200 feet. You can also remotely access this device because it comes with a mobile app.

The most important feature of this baby monitor is the gooseneck camera. You can also easily detach the camera neck and it comes with a USB plug. For enhanced security, you can toggle between local video and wifi through a switch on this baby monitor.

On the wifi mode, you can use both the parent unit and mobile app at the same time. You can also remotely adjust the camera angle, and rotate the camera up to 360 degrees.

You can press a button on this baby monitor and it will automatically track feedings and diapers. This is a two-way audio monitor and comes with preloaded lullabies.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • It has preloaded lullabies

  • Gooseneck camera

  • Good range of 1200 feet

Slight Drawback

  • A little bit on the expensive side

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor


Like the Nanit smart baby monitor, the Miku PRO baby monitor provides breathing patterns and sleeping track data. However, unlike the Nanit baby monitor, you don’t need to wear a breathing band to track the baby’s breathing and sleep patterns.

This product is so good that it can track everything from its camera. This is a huge plus for those mothers that are busy in the kitchen and don’t want to wear anything on their wrists when they are working.

You also don’t need to put anything on the baby, the monitor will do the tracking on its own. In addition to this baby monitor’s tracking capabilities, it also has enhanced night vision, so you can see what your baby is up to at night and whether or not they are sleeping properly.

This product has an ambient-light video monitor, and is paired with custom Ole Wolff speakers, which can play your baby’s favorite lullabies and sleep sounds. This product also has a Crypto chip, which makes this baby monitor more safer and secure than other monitors on the market.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Good tracking capabilities

  • Good night vision

  • Powerful and clear speakers

Slight Drawback

  • The camera is fixed in one position

Wyze Cam V3

Instead of purchasing a monitor that is baby-specific, many parents choose to use a camera from their existing home security system. However, people are now moving away from their nest and ring cameras, and going for baby monitors that run on the wifi network.

The Wyze Cam V3 has been creating a buzz on the market and for all the right reasons. This product is affordable, easy to set up, and offers HD video quality. In addition to the 1080p HD quality, this product also has two-way audio and motion detection capabilities.

You can also quickly move this camera to any room in your house since it is portable and lightweight. This baby monitor offers the option to use an SD card for storage, which will help you feel more secure since you won’t have to keep your personal information on the cloud.

Unlike other baby monitors on this list, this one is compatible with smart home platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can also use voice commands to control this baby monitor.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Good motion detection capabilities

  • HD quality video

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice support

Slight Drawback

  • It lacks the advanced features of other baby monitors

Owlet Dream Duo Smart Baby Monitor

Duo smart

For parents that need additional peace of mind, there can be no better product than the Owlet Dream Duo smart baby monitor. This product can offer you the ability to track the baby’s vitals such as the heart rate and sleep quality.

This baby monitor will also send you alerts if something deviates from the normal level. This baby monitor comes with a mobile app, so there is remote access as well. However, unlike other baby monitors that may charge a subscription fee for using the mobile app, the Owlet Dream Duo baby monitor is 100 % free.

You can also track your baby’s sleep patterns with this baby monitor. This is an excellent feature and will enable you to see whether your child sleeps properly at night or not. You can also access the personalized sleep program of Owlet Dream.

This sleep program can provide you with an adaptable sleep schedule for your baby. You can also use the expert tips that the baby monitor provides to improve your baby’s sleep. However, there are some drawbacks of this product that we must highlight.

The Owlet Dream smart baby monitor doesn’t offer crisp and clear video as other baby monitors and lacks advanced features. However, if you just need a device to view your baby from a separate room, then you shouldn’t hesitate in purchasing this product.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Personalized sleep program

  • It can track sleep patterns

  • Mobile app

Slight Drawback

  • Poor video quality

  • Lacks advanced features

VTech DM 221 Baby Monitor

The most obvious thing that you will notice with the VTech DM 221 is that it lacks a video screen. However, does that mean this product doesn’t deserve to be on this list? Not at all. This is among the best audio-only baby monitors on the market, and if you have a limited budget, and can’t buy expensive video baby monitors, you can purchase this one.

This audio only monitor has solid reviews on Amazon, decent audio quality, and an easy automatic linking setup. You can also use this audio monitor as a backup monitor if your video monitor has stopped working.

This device will light up the moment it detects sound in the room. The best thing about this device is that it can send you vibrating sound alerts, so you won’t have to get up every time to go check on the baby.

Despite its compact size, the VTech DM 221 audio baby monitor can offer a good range of 1100 feet and has a long battery life of over 18 hours. It will even emit a beeping sound if the parent becomes disconnected from the child unit.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Good battery life

  • Compact size

  • Good range of 1100 feet

Slight Drawback

  • No video camera

Google Indoor Nest Security Cam


If you are looking for a video baby monitor that can stand the test of time, then you need to purchase the Google Indoor Nest Security cam. This product is one of the most flexible baby monitors on the market, offering security, durability, and quality with great sound and video.

The Google Indoor Nest Security cam is the perfect option for those individuals looking for great video quality and advanced features. This is a Wifi-enabled video monitor, and has excellent night vision, so you can easily observe your baby even at night.

While you can find better smart baby monitors than the Google Indoor Nest Security cam, the device also offers sound activation and two-way talk. This baby video monitor is compatible with Google Assistant voice support so you can control it with voice commands.

There is also a mobile app for this video monitor, which makes it easy for mothers to remotely observe their child’s room. However, the mobile app won’t work without a Google Account. The video quality of this monitor is second to none as it offers 1080p HDR video, and even if your internet connection goes down, the monitor will save up to one hour of footage.

You can also stream the live video stream on smart projectors or a smart TV that are compatible with Google Assistant.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • High-quality video

  • Sound activation

  • Has a mobile app

Slight Drawback

  • A wired device, with no battery backup

  • No baby-specific features (Nightlight, lullabies, white noise, etc.)

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

The Cubo AI Plus smart baby monitor is a high-quality product and will enable you to constantly keep an eye on your little one. This device can send you alerts in real time and was co-created with the help of pediatricians.

This smart baby monitor is so good that it can detect whether your baby’s nose and mouth are face down or covered. The HD video quality will enable you to view the action, and the advanced night vision will help you observe your baby at night.

This device can also give you sleep analytics, which will help you keep an eye on your baby’s sleep patterns. The analytics will also help you keep track of your baby’s health. This video baby monitor can give a playback of 18 hours and has tags, which will guide you through every event.

This product is built for children between the ages of 0 to 5, and it comes with three stand options: a mobile stand, crib attachment, and floor base. You can connect multiple cameras with one account, and this baby video monitor is compatible with smart home platforms such as Amazon Fire Stick, IOS, and Android phones.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • HD video quality

  • Sleep analytics

  • IOS and Android compatible

Slight Drawback

  • Some features need a subscription

  • Expensive baby monitor

Safety 1st HD Wifi Baby Monitor


The Safety 1st HD Wifi baby monitor comes with motion detection capabilities, which will pick up even the slightest movement in your child’s room. This product is compatible with a smartphone because it has a dedicated mobile app.

You can remotely view your baby from your phone. The camera quality of this video monitor is second to none, as it offers 720p of crystal, clear footage. You can also adjust the motion sensitivity and sound levels from the mobile app.

Unlike other baby monitors, they may ask for a subscription fee for their mobile app, Safety 1st won’t charge you anything. This smart baby monitor offers a 130-degree view, and there is a smart audio unit in the camera which is motion and sound activated.

This product also has enhanced night vision, and you can get over 15 feet of ultra-night vision. This baby monitor also has a long battery life of 12 hours, so it can provide uninterrupted coverage for a long period of time.

The best feature of this video monitor is that it has a security chip. This chip creates a firewall between your home network and the camera, for an added level of security and privacy. You can also record your baby’s special moments through the mobile app and share them with your friends and family members via social media or text.

Lastly, the Safety 1st smart baby video monitor offers encrypted storage for sound and video, and has multi-camera expandability, so you can install more than one camera.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Long battery life

  • Security chip

  • Ultra-night vision

Slight Drawback

  • No sensors

  • No white noise or lullabies

HiPP Baby Monitor


This high-quality smart baby monitor is manufactured by HiPP, a reputable brand in the industry. This baby video monitor is easy to setup, so you won’t have to spend ages in installing this device. This monitor has a five-inch screen, and it offers HD video feed.

This product also has infrared night vision, which means it can give you a remarkably clear view of your baby at night. The battery life of this smart baby monitor is 24 hours, so you will get uninterrupted coverage for a whole day.

This video monitor also has the ability to switch between audio and video-only modes, which is an exciting feature, and one that most baby video monitors lack. This video monitor also has zoom capabilities, and you can get four times closer to the action and closely observe your little one.

You also have the option of installing additional cameras with this baby monitor and connecting them to one handheld device. This will enable you to view the child from different angles or you can even keep an eye on several children in different rooms in the house.

This product also has noise indicator lights, which will flash if your baby or anything in the room makes a noise. There are also up to seven volume levels, so you can set the volume level which you feel comfortable.

The two-way audio feature of this baby video monitor will enable you to soothe your fussy baby or install talk to them with your own voice. You can use the two-way audio feature from anywhere in the house because this monitor offers a good range of around 900 feet.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Two-way audio feature

  • Seven volume levels

  • Long range of 900 feet

Slight Drawback

  • It doesn’t have motion detection capabilities

  • You cannot charge the device with a USB cable

LeapFrog LF930HD Remote Access Smart Video Baby Monitor


LeapFrog has introduced a smart baby monitor in the market that has all the capabilities to give you the peace of mind you need. Unlike previous LeapFrog baby monitors, this one has a 720p HD display, and a large, seven-inch screen. The large screen size will enable you to see and keep an eye on your baby.

This product also has night vision, but unlike other baby monitors, it can provide color even at night. There is also a color night light in this baby video monitor which is a rare feature. This camera can tilt upwards and downwards for 130 degrees, and you can also give it a full spin of 360 degrees.

This baby monitor is equipped with a motion-enabled wakeup feature, so you won’t miss a second of what your little one is up to. The best part about this baby video monitor is that it has a glowing base, and you can alter its color and brightness from the mobile app.

The fully dedicated mobile app of this product will help you easily monitor the baby from any part of the house. There is also the humidity and temperature feature, that will observe the temperature and humidity levels in the room.

This baby monitor offers a good range of around 1000 feet, and it is compatible with both IOS and Android platforms. So, it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you can remotely control this video baby monitor from your phone.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Android and IOS compatible

  • HD video quality

  • Good range of 1000 feet

Slight Drawback

  • Inaccurate temperature ratings

iBaby M8 2K Smart Baby Monitor


This smart baby monitor is manufactured by iBaby, a well-known brand on the market. This smart baby monitor is compatible with both Android and IOS devices and has more than 1000 soothing lullabies, which will put your baby to sleep in no time.

You can also control this smart baby video monitor through a dedicated mobile application. This monitor offers 2K video quality, which is twice times higher than 1080P, enabling you to clearly observe your baby on the screen.

This smart baby monitor can also send safety alerts to your phone. This is a great feature because if your child is trying to crawl out of the crib, you will be notified immediately. iBaby also provides cloud storage for alert videos and images.

You can also share access to this baby monitor with your family members, so if you are busy someone else can keep an eye on the baby. The iBaby video monitor offers a 110-degree tilt and a 355-degree pan, so you can observe the baby from different angles.

This product also has a moonlight projector, which will develop a magical environment in your house, and soothing lullabies and beautiful night sky projections will make the baby comfortable and enable him to sleep.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • An easily accessible smart baby monitor

  • Tilt and pan options

  • Safety alerts

Slight Drawback

  • Only good for outdoor use

Pixsee Smart Video Baby Monitor

This smart baby video monitor has many features that set it apart from other smart baby monitors in the market. This smart device will hide in plain sight from the baby since it looks more like a stuffed toy than a video monitor.

In addition to the camouflage, this baby video monitor also comes with humidity and temperature sensors, which will sense even the slightest change in the environment and alert you. This product has AI, which can detect whether there is a blanket on top of your child’s face or not.

The AI will also give you insights into whether your baby is hungry or sleepy. The best part about this smart video monitor is that it uses AI technology to take pictures of the baby. The device will then display all the baby’s pictures on a Baby Bubble tree through the Pixsee app.

You can also use the Pixsee app to remotely control this device from your bedroom. The picture is a great of knowing how much your baby has grown in a matter of months. This product also comes with a wall mount stand, so if you don’t want to hide it from your child, you can place it near the crib.

The video quality of this product is superb, as you will get 1080P HD quality, so you can watch all the action in HD. The two-way audio feature has digital noise cancellation and is equipped with a dual microphone.

This baby monitor also has dozens of soothing sounds, so if your baby is not sleeping, the device will play the sounds and the child will sleep in no time. This is one of the most secure baby monitors on the market and has advanced cryptoprocessors to protect your files and personal information from cyber threats.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Smart Home support

  • Intuitive mobile app and unique design

  • Image capture and AI detection

Slight Drawback

  • The wall mount is sold separately

  • No battery

UKSUP Baby Monitor

The UKSUP baby monitor is a product that is designed to view every detail and move your baby makes. This product has a 720P, HD quality camera, and a large, five-inch screen. The good camera quality will enable you to view your baby and keep a close eye on them.

Compared to a standard 480P baby video monitor, this product can provide ten times more details. You can also zoom this camera, as it offers 4X digital zoom, and pans 355 degrees, and tilts 115 degrees.

This product doesn’t come without lullaby features and has a two-way audio function, to keep your baby soothed at all times. With this function, you can easily comfort your child whenever you want to.

This smart baby video monitor has a smart battery capacity, which can enable it to offer coverage for a long period. This system also has night vision, so you can observe your baby even at night.

The range of this product is its most impressive feature, as it has a 960 feet range. This means, no matter where you are in your home, you can observe your child. This is a no Wifi baby monitor, which is not a bad thing because it ensures your privacy is maintained.

This is an affordable baby video monitor and comes packed with all the necessary features. The built-in IR LED lights will guarantee you get high-quality pictures. There is also a thermal feature in this video monitor, which will enable you to keep an eye on the room’s temperature and see if there are any changes.

Why we Think it’s Great

  • Good 720P HD video quality

  • Good range

  • Thermal function for temperature

Slight Drawback

  • No Wifi baby monitor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it necessary to purchase a Baby Monitor?

This depends on your home setup, if your setup is good enough, you might not need a baby video monitor. If you and your baby share a comfortable space, then a baby monitor is not required.

However, if you live in a cramped place, or stay outdoors for hours, you may need a baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby. Depending on the type of baby monitor you purchase, you can observe your baby from a very long distance.

What are the different types of Smart Baby Monitors?

Here are the different types of smart baby monitors that you can buy:

Wifi Monitors

This device is great for parents who are busy but want to keep an eye on their baby. With a Wifi monitor, you don’t have to worry about range, you should just have a reliable internet connection. Wifi monitors can connect directly to your smartphone.

Non Wifi Monitors

These monitors feature both visual and audio monitoring and are popular with parents because they send alerts the moment the baby wakes up. These monitors can feature different capabilities such as night vision tilt and remote pan. However, unlike Wifi monitors, these ones have a close range.


In this article, our focus was on the best smart baby monitors that you can buy. We have reviewed plenty of smart baby monitors, so this will give you an idea of which products suit you and which don’t.

While there are many types of baby monitors in the market, we would recommend going for Wifi monitors, since they will enable you to observe your baby from anywhere.

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