The Best Sliding Door Smart Lock | Review & Buyer’s Guide

Smart lock for sliding doors

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Also Great

The Lockey 2500SCKA Smart Lock

Yale Assure Lock for Andersen Patio Doors

The Autoslide AS01BC Smart Lock

Wyze Smart Lock

Schlage Encode Plus Wi-Fi Smart Lock

  • Satin Chrome

  • Zinc, Alloy Steel

  • Keypad

  • White

  • Nickel Coating

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

  • White

  • Aluminium

  • Wireless push buttons

  • White

  • Metal

  • Keypad and Smart Lock

  • Various Colors

  • Bronze

  • Keypad

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There is no doubt that we all want to ensure our homes are safe from a housebreak or theft. Sliding doors usually have a latch locking mechanism, which thieves can easily crack. However, a solution to this problem is sliding door smart locks.

These smart locks are specifically made for sliding doors and will enable you to control the locks from anywhere in the house. That said, which smart lock is the best? Which one provides remote access? We answer all these questions and more in this article.

The best Sliding door Smart Locks

Our Most Favorite: The Lockey 2500SCKA Smart Lock

The Lockey 2500SCKA Smart Lock


  • Brand: Lockey USA

  • Color: Satin Chrome

  • Material: Zinc, Alloy Steel

  • Lock Type: Keypad

While this smart lock has a simple design and interface, it is good enough to keep your sliding doors locked and your home secure. You can easily mount this smart lock due to its bolt and hook mechanism.

The best part about the Lockey 2500SCKA smart lock is that you don’t need keys to unlock or lock it. This is a keyless sliding door smart lock; you can operate it with a specific code. The process of setting the pin and programming the lock is straightforward.

However, remember to share the code with your friends and family members who regularly access the house. Just because this is a keyless smart lock doesn’t mean it comes without a pair of keys.

Lockey USA sends a pair of keys with this lock, which can be useful if you forget the pin code. This lock has a push-button system and a Nickel coating, which protects this smart lock from elements such as humidity.

Why we think it’s Great

  • No need to carry keys for locking or unlocking this smart lock.

  • Easily programmable smart lock for sliding doors.

  • It is accompanied by two pairs of backup keys for emergencies.

  • The nickel coating makes it resistant to humidity and other elements.

Slight Drawback

  • There is only one pin for this lock, and you must share it with everyone.

Next best Option: Yale Assure Lock for Andersen Patio Doors


  • Brand: Yale

  • Color: White

  • Material: Nickel Coating

  • Lock Type: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The Yale Assure lock for Andersen patio doors is a high-quality smart lock, and Yale is popular worldwide for manufacturing the best home security systems and quality keys.

This Assure lock is the most compatible smart lock for Anderson patio doors, and it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. You can easily access this smart lock through the Yale access app on your phone.

This smart lock is compatible with other smart home devices such as Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. This smart lock offers a hassle-free, one-touch unlocking, and locking system; you don’t need keys. However, you can also operate this smart lock with a pin code.

The lock machinery of this Yale Assure lock has a lifetime warranty, and if you are a fan of aesthetics, then this smart lock should be at the top of your list. In addition to aesthetics, this lock has a Nickel coating, protecting it from humidity.

Why we think it’s Great

  • This smart lock provides keyless entry.

  • This product is compatible with all the top smart home devices.

  • You can remotely access the lock through the Yale access app.

  • This lock has a weather-resistant nickel coating.

Slight Drawback

  • It only works with Anderson patio doors.

  • Tough to set up this lock.

  • Expensive product.

A Close Runner-up: The Autoslide AS01BC Smart Lock


  • Brand: AutoSlide

  • Color: White

  • Material: Aluminium

  • Lock Type: Wireless push buttons

The Autoslide ASO1BC smart lock is designed for sliding doors, and this smart lock eliminates the need for manually opening or closing a sliding patio door. With this high-quality smart lock, you can add automation to the sliding doors.

You can open and close the sliding doors without your hands. This smart lock is fitted with a motion sensor or infrared device that gives it automatic capabilities. The lock comes with a two-year warranty and also has a pet version.

The basic mechanism of this smart lock consists of a small unit for low voltage electric supply, an electronic device for controlling the lock, and a motor. This lock also has a pair of push buttons, which you must mount on a wall.

You should fit the push buttons on both openings of the sliding patio doors. You can also fit motion or infrared sensors with this smart lock, enabling your sliding doors to operate independently.

This entire smart lock system is easy to install, and you can also do it on your own by following the guidelines in the DVD that comes with this lock. In the pet version, you will get a radio frequency identification tag to put around the pet’s body.

Why we think it’s Great

  • This smart sliding door lock provides you with hands-free control.

  • This smart lock also has a pet version.

  • This product is easy to install.

  • This lock is compatible with most sliding doors.

Slight Drawback

  • This smart door lock is not compatible with a sliding glass door.

  • This is an expensive smart lock for sliding doors.

Wyze Smart Lock


  • Brand: Wyze

  • Color: White

  • Material: Metal

  • Lock Type: Keypad and Smart Lock

Wyze continues to impress customers with its wide array of affordable smart home devices. This Wyze smart lock offers impressive features at a reasonable price. The lock will use your existing keyhole and deadbolt, so your door frame will look the same from the outside.

This smart lock has all the smalls in a panel fitted at the side of the sliding door. This means you won’t need to re-key the door lock; however, since it is Wi-Fi enabled, you will need to fit it near a power socket.

There is also an optional mount anywhere keypad, offering numerous pin codes. However, you will need to purchase this keypad separately.

This smart lock is easy to install, has a smooth and responsive mechanism, and has a geofencing feature, which will use your smartphone’s location to unlock the sliding door. You can also share this lock’s access codes with family members or friends.

This smart lock also has an auto-sensing function that can tell whether your sliding doors are ajar or not. This Wyze smart lock will provide you hassle-free control of your sliding doors.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It offers cool features such as virtual keys and geofencing.

  • Affordable smart lock.

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

Slight Drawback

  • It has too many additional components, such as the Wi-Fi brick.

  • Less attractive than other smart locks on the market.

Schlage Encode Plus Wi-Fi Smart Lock


  • Brand: Schlage

  • Color: Various

  • Material: Bronze

  • Lock Type: Keypad

If you have the Apple Homekit at home, this is the best smart lock. This smart lock stands out among other locks by supporting the Apple Home Key, which leverages the Apple Watch and the iPhone for proximity-based unlocking and locking.

You need to hold your Apple iPhone or watch near this smart lock’s keypad, and the deadbolt will slide in or out of the door frame. This smart lock offers a keypad supporting more than 100 custom pin codes.

The best thing about this smart lock is that it is easy to install, and you can also connect it to other smart home devices such as Siri, Google, and Alexa voice assistants. This smart lock is also compatible with Amazon Key. All the physical components of this smart lock come with a lifetime warranty.

Why we think it’s Great

  • It supports Alexa, Google, and Siri Assistant devices.

  • This smart lock is compatible with the Apple Home Kit, Apple key, and Amazon key.

  • Easy to install smart lock.

Slight Drawback

  • Design quirks.

  • No fingerprint access or geofencing.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock



  • Brand: Ultraloq

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Zinc

  • Lock Type: Smart Lock

This is one of the best smart locks available in the market. The Ultraloq U-bolt Pro Wi-Fi smart lock will enable you to control this smart lock from your phone. You also don’t need a Wi-Fi hub to use this door lock.

You can also unlock this smart lock through the numeric keypad, fingerprint reader, mechanical key, the Apple watch, and voice assistant. This product has a compact and attractive design, which is a refreshing change from the clunkier-looking door locks. 

This smart lock is easy to configure and install and has detailed instructions. You can also watch online videos and learn how to install this smart lock. However, please remember that this device only supports 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi networks.

While you can unlock this door lock in many ways, it cannot integrate with the Apple Homekit and Amazon key. However, apart from these devices, this smart lock supports all smart home devices, so you can easily add it to smart home platforms.

This lock delivers in every way that matters and its battery life is not a concern because you will get at least three to four months of operation from the non-rechargeable AA batteries. Despite a few drawbacks, this smart lock is among the best smart locks available.

Why we think it’s Great

  • This smart lock is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

  • It is Wi-Fi enabled.

  • This door lock will provide you with several unlock options.

Slight Drawback

  • This smart lock is not compatible with Amazon Key and Apple Homekit.

  • No dual-band Wi-Fi.

Alfred DB2-B Smart Door Lock Deadbolt Touchscreen Keypad

Alfred DB2-B Smart Door Lock


  • Brand: Alfred

  • Color: Various

  • Material: Chrome

  • Lock Type: Keypad

This smart lock is a relative newcomer in the smart lock market. From the outside, the Alfred DB2-B smart door lock is more attractive than the previous version, and this smart look has a more streamlined and curvy appearance.

Unlike the previous model, the Alfred DB1, the Alfred DB2-B is available in numerous colors, such as gold, chrome, and black. This smart lock is made to replace the traditional the traditional deadbolt, and as a result, it comes with two main components, which are known as Escutcheons.

The outside Escutcheon of this smart lock is a touchscreen keypad, and the inside Escutcheon is a small box that houses the lock’s mechanism and circuit board. This smart lock also has two small light indicators that reveal the lock’s status (Locked or Unlocked).

At the bottom of this smart lock, the outer Escutcheon has a micro USB slot, which acts as an alternate power supply. This port is handy if the smart lock has a low battery and you cannot find the keys.

This Alfred DB2-B smart lock is extremely easy to install, and the only tool you need is a screwdriver. The Alfred DB2-B smart lock also has a mobile app, so you can easily access the lock from your smartphone.

This smart lock also provides flexible pin management; you can create a single-use pin or a pin code that works for a fixed period of time (For instance, 8 Am to 8 Pm). You can also assign a pin code to a user so you know who opens the sliding door and when they do it.

Why we think it’s Great

  • Attractive design.

  • It has several useful features.

  • Reliable and versatile product.

Slight Drawback

  • The Setup maybe be tough for some individuals.

Kwikset Halo Touch Contemporary

Kwikset Halo Touch


  • Brand: Kwikset

  • Color: Various

  • Material: Metal

  • Lock Type: Cylindrical

Many smart locks on the market let you lock or unlock sliding doors through a mobile application. However, only a handful of smart locks offer fingerprint recognition, and the Kwikset Halo touch contemporary is one of them.

This smart lock supports Google and Alexa voice commands and has a mobile app and built-in Wi-Fi. The finger scanner on this smart lock will enable you to unlock the sliding doors with just one touch.

This product is made for sliding doors with a thickness of 1-3/8 to 2 inches. This lock has a stylish appearance and is available in various colors. The Kwikset Halo touch contemporary is a complete lock assembly with exterior and interior Escutcheons, a deadbolt strike and latch, and mounting hardware.

This smart lock also has an LED bar, which will turn green when the door is unlocked, orange when the door is locked, and red when an unsuccessful unlock occurs. The removable back panel of this smart lock will give you access to the batteries.

The mobile application is available on both IOS and Android app stores. A circle with a lock icon will appear on the screen when the smart lock is locked. However, since this smart lock is a complete lock mechanism, installing it may take you more than five minutes.

Why we think it’s Great

  • Fingerprint scanner provides one-touch operation.

  • It is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

  • Wi-Fi-enabled device.

Slight Drawback

  • This smart lock doesn’t have a keypad.

  • It has no location-based features.

Smonet Smart Door Lock

Smart Deadbolt


  • Brand: Smonet

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Zinc

  • Lock Type: Keypad

The SMonet smart door lock is high-quality and perfect for sliding doors. This keyless smart lock can recognize a fingerprint in less than a second.

This product is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but you must purchase a Wi-Fi gateway separately to hook the lock to these devices.

There are many ways you can unlock this smart lock: Mechanical keys, IC Fob, Fingerprint scanner, Keypad, and through a mobile app. Device users can also remotely control this smart lock anywhere in the house.

This smart lock will also allow you to customize management. You will need to log into the mobile app, check the wrong passcode records, and unlock in real time. The code door lock will enable you to generate customized, timed, one-time, or permanent pin codes.

Why we think it’s Great

  • There are many ways of unlocking this smart lock.

  • It is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

  • This is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock.

Slight Drawback

  • You will need to purchase a Wi-Fi gateway.

Proscenic Keyless Smart Lock

Proscenic Keyless Entry Door Lock


  • Brand: Proscenic

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Lock Type: Keyless lock

This Proscenic smart lock will keep your house safe from burglars. This smart lock offers multiple unlock options, such as through a Mechanical key, your smartphone, IC card, pin code, and through the fingerprint scanner on the door lock.

This smart lock also comes with a mobile application enabling you to unlock or lock the sliding doors from anywhere. This product also offers voice control so you can control this smart lock through voice commands.

This smart lock is so good it can recognize your fingerprint in less than 0.3 seconds. This is much faster than finding keys to unlock the door. The keypad of this door lock can lock the door automatically, which gives added security and is a good feature for those people that are always in a hurry.

Why we think it’s Great

  • There are multiple ways you can unlock the door through this lock.

  • It is compatible with voice commands.

  • It can recognize fingerprints in less than half a second.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled device.

Slight Drawback

  • To use Alexa, you must purchase a gateway.

  • You must have a type c cable to charge this smart lock.

Sifely Keyless Smart Lock

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock


  • Brand: Sifely

  • Color: Various

  • Material: Zinc

  • Lock Style: Combination Lock, Biometric

If you are still looking for a reliable door lock, look no further than the Sifely smart keyless door lock. This product has an advanced 5-in-1 key smart door lock, and there are five ways you can open this lock: Key, smartphone app, Fob, code, and fingerprints.

You can also purchase a separate Wi-Fi getaway for this device and pair it with other smart home devices. This product is extremely easy to install; all you need is a screwdriver. This smart door lock also has a mobile application.

You can use the mobile app to access this smart lock anywhere in the house. In the app, you can access real-time logs and set up pin codes remotely.

This smart lock also offers a feature that most smart locks don’t: sharing the pin code with your loved ones.

Why we think it’s Great

  • There are five ways you can unlock the door through this lock.

  • Easy to install the product.

  • It allows you to share the pin code with others.

Slight Drawback

  • You will need to purchase a Wi-Fi getaway for this door lock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to hack a Smart Lock?

Unfortunately, it is possible to hack smart locks like other smart devices. You should always consider cyber security before buying a smart lock, but the product you should never overlook the security features of the product.

However, the chances of someone having the knowledge and motivation to hack a smart lock are low. The burglar will have a better chance of smashing your door windows with a rock or finding spare keys.

The best thing about more smart locks is that they have an automatic lock function, so even if you leave the door unlocked, it will close itself. This eliminates the need to hide spare keys in different places in your house.

While there are a few risks associated with smart locks, it eliminates the major risks and will make your home secure. Lastly, please ensure you have a strong passcode for the door lock.

Is it possible to use a key with a Smart Door Lock?

Digital keypads are perfect when you don’t have to loan a spare key to someone, but you can also lock yourself outside the house. Some smart locks come with geofencing features or fingerprint scanners, allowing you to open the sliding doors.

The good news is that most smart locks, even modern ones, come with a spare key. You can use the key to unlock or lock the door if the smart lock is not working. It is also a good idea to always keep a spare key in the keyring if the smart lock malfunctions and you cannot get it in your house.


This article focused on the best smart door locks for sliding doors. While plenty of smart locks are in the market, quality is important. We have listed 11 high-quality smart locks to help you choose the smart lock that fits your requirements.

In the FAQ section, you will find answers to several common queries that bother most smark lock owners.

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