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Alexa has been a popular product since it came out a few years ago. However, all good products have flaws because nothing can be 100 % perfect. However, while the ‘Alexa, sorry something went wrong’ issue is common, there are ways you can fix it.

More often than not, Alexa is perfectly fine but is experiencing a technical snag or connectivity issues. In this article, we will give you several solutions that will help you solve this issue.

The Reasons behind Alexa Sorry, something went Wrong Issue?

Unfortunately, most people tend to believe that the Amazon Alexa device can only work with a fast and reliable internet connection. However, Alexa can only do a little without proper internet connectivity. Here are some reasons why your Alexa is experiencing these issues:

·    Alexa has picked up some programming glitches

·    The application has not been able to handle requests

·    The Amazon Echo device is far from a reliable Wi-fi connection

How to fix Alexa Sorry, something went Wrong Issue?


Here are some ways you can fix this issue:

Reset or Power Cycle the Internet Router

The first thing you must do before doing anything with your Amazon Alexa device is to restart your internet router. 

Sometimes, the Wi-fi or internet router becomes unstable, and in such situations, you must unplug the router and wait for sixty seconds before connecting it to a power source. Depending on your internet router, it can take ten seconds to two minutes for the router to start running normally again.

Sometimes, if you are sure that the internet router is creating this issue, you should do a hard reset on the modem and remove all the settings. This way, your internet router will return to the factory settings.

However, you will need to set up a new internet password and manually connect all your devices, such as Alexa.

Reset all the Alexa Hubs

The restart method doesn’t only work with internet routers; it can also work with the Alexa hub and other devices. For instance, when your computer is acting up, you probably restart it first. The same process goes for the Alexa device as well.

The first step you need to take is to disconnect Alexa from the power source and then wait at least a minute, and then start Alexa again. Almost always, this method will solve your problem.

If you have several Alexa hubs, such as Echo dot, Echo, or other Alexa devices, you will need to remove all of them from the power source and restart them after waiting a minute or two.

However, sometimes restarting the device once may not be enough, so try restarting your devices at least two to three times before you try the other solutions in this list.

Check the Alexa App

Alexa app

Are you trying to run a specific skill on the Alexa app? Such as a Spotify account or something else? If that is the case, then this issue can pop up. You can try to fix this issue by opening the Alexa application on your phone and ensuring the following is true:

·    Your skill is in the Alexa app: If the skill is not present in the Alexa app, it won’t run.

·    You have enabled the skill: You need to provide permission for the skill to run. If the skill is not enabled, give it permission from the Alexa app.

·    Logins associated with this skill are linked and correct: If you cannot get your login linked, Alexa will say something has happened or sorry something went wrong.

·    Your Email ID matches your Amazon Email or the Skill: This step is straightforward but can make a world of difference.

Alternatively, if you have an Amazon Alexa device, go to the phone’s settings menu, then go to the apps section, and then finally to manage apps. Find Amazon Alexa and press the force stop function. 

Then, clear the cache or the data; this will delete all the application’s data. Go to the App store, and download the Alexa app again. You can also restart your smartphone and see if that helps.

Check and see if Amazon’s services are Down

While the chances of this happening are low, it can be that Amazon’s servers are down due to a software issue, but there can also be various other reasons. Unfortunately, if this is the root of the cause, there is only little you can do except wait for the servers to return online.

Wait for the Internet Connection to be Set Up

Sometimes, all the Alexa devices are working fine; the main culprit is the internet service provider. Check all the other devices, such as your mobile phone and laptop, to see if they have an internet connection problem.

If all of your devices are facing an internet issue, you should contact your internet service provider. The service provider will come to your place and fix your router.

Factory Reset the Amazon Alexa Device


You can also reset the Alexa device and see if it resolves the issue. There can be a software glitch in the device that’s stopping Alexa from functioning properly and not enabling you to fix and solve the issue. Here is how you can reset the Amazon Alexa device:

Step 1

Go to the Amazon Alexa app and open the settings on your smartphone.

Step 2

In the settings section, open the factory reset option.

Step 3

Once you press the factory reset function, Alexa will inform you that the reset will delete all the data.

Step 4

Accept this prompt and wait for the device to finish the factory reset process.

You can also try a different method and say, ‘Alexa, please open the settings menu,’ and then you can say, ‘Alexa please do a factory reset,’ Your device will do the rest. This is an easier way of performing a factory reset.

Internal Issues

Amazon Alexa is rare to encounter hardware problems. If the Alexa receiver is broken, it will not receive any Wi-fi signals, and your phone will not connect to the broken receiver.

If the wires of your Alexa device are damaged, you will need professional help. You will need to replace the Wi-fi or receiver connector on the device. Only professionals can change the receiver, so you must contact Amazon for help.

You are giving Alexa too many Tasks

Alexa is a smart device, but you can only expect smart home technology to answer some of your questions. You should always ask Alexa questions in order, and if you send a barrage of questions to Alexa, it won’t be able to answer them properly.

The best thing to do is to avoid asking Alexa questions rapidly and to be clear and slow when asking questions. Alexa will process your questions and then answer them. 

Alexa Firmware

The Alexa app on your phone enables you to change the Alexa device’s settings from the phone. However, sometimes, the app on the phone gets bug attacks. These bugs are dangerous and can randomly change the app’s settings.

The wrong settings can force Alexa to say something went wrong. These bugs can also cause the device to lose internet connection. Bugs typically come from firmware glitches, but fortunately, there are ways to fix this issue.

You can try reinstalling the app method and ensuring the app is using the latest software. The Alexa firmware has bug fixes, and regular software updates will prevent the bugs.

Contact Amazon Customer care Service

If the methods mentioned above do not work for you, then you need to contact customer care service at Amazon. There are many ways of communicating with customer care; you can open a live chat, talk with the agents, or send them a detailed email.

You can also call them, but the helpline number varies from one country to another. If the customer care service can fix the Alexa device, then you can have the device back. However, if they were unable to solve the issue, your device is broken, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

However, unless your Amazon Alexa device is subject to unfavorable conditions or reckless usage, it is unlikely your device is broken beyond repair, so there is nothing to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should you replace your Amazon Alexa device after fixing it?

This depends, but the usual answer to this question is No. However, since your device encountered an issue, it is often a sign of things to come in the future. This issue can indicate that your Alexa hub is in constant use.

If your hub has been acting up a lot recently, getting a new Alexa hub might be a good idea.

Why is the Amazon Echo device saying something is wrong?

This issue is also common with Amazon Echo devices, but most users who have reported this issue have stated that the issue generates from the servers. 

Why is the Little Alexa having issues understanding Voice commands?

The ‘I am having issues understanding your commands’ issue occurs when Amazon Alexa cannot connect to the servers to understand and interpret what the user is saying. There is little you can do about this issue since it concerns Amazon servers.


In this article, we focused on solving this issue: Alexa, sorry, something went wrong. We explained why you might encounter this issue and then gave a list of solutions that have worked for users. Try all the methods in this article; contact Amazon support if they don’t work.

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